Monday, December 31, 2012

A Fist Full of Charms Written by: Kim Harrison

This is it! 100 Books this year! Ok, so I know I've always said re-reads do not count, but this wasn't a re-read I had never before listened to A fist Full of Charms and since this book listening to was just a tad difficult it is so counting! So my husband hasn't read the Kim Harrison books so we've added it to the audio book list when we go on trips. My gosh I am so glad I read this book years ago and the later books because honestly after having listened to this 4th book in the Hollows series I don't know if I could have gone on reading the books about Rachel Mariana Morgan. Life is peachy now for Rachel she's got a balance going on with her live in vamp roomie, she's dating a hunky living vamp who is her live in roomies ex... oh Jenks is gone as is his family... wait is life peachy? In this latest book an old flame returns to haunt Rachel and being who she is and due to the fact Jenks eldest is also involved Rachel runs off to the rescue with or without asking for Jenks permission. (or she is running away from her current problems who knows with this witch) Perhaps Rachel is doing the right thing by helping Jenks and perhaps twisting some dark curses and taking on a bit more smut onto her soul is for the right reasons is right, right? This trip takes Jenks and Rachel in Kistin's very nice car to the suburban area outside of mainstream Cincinnati where a Witch and Pixie are something to gawk at. You are in for a treat when it comes to Jenks in this book readers if you've never read the Hollows series I suggest you go back and do so. But, make sure you read fast. The only thing I never noticed before was how damn wishy washy  this book was it is all over the place emotionally and if I had to hear Rachel say "Oh God" one more time I think I might have broken a blood vessel or developed a permanent eye tick. This book just kept going over details that have been covered in previous books and covered again in this one more than several times in fact. Sadly, all of the emotional re-hashing distracted quite a bit from the kick ass side of the story involving a whole lot of wares and alphas packing together and now gunning for Rachel. I do not remember this being a long book when I read it, but I think I remember reading those very emo parts fast. For what seemed like such a long book nothing really happens even after having just re-listened I am a little fuzzy on how the book finally concludes which it does just a tad poorly, but  there were some very hilarious and amusing parts to this book too. It seems like more of a jumping point for something bigger to happen in the future. So just an OK read thankfully I have some major insight now as to where Harrison is taking her series and characters. So Happy New Year world!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Do-Over Written by Kathy Dunnehoff

Well almost the new Year huzzah to another year lived. So, this book The Do over was just tip top kick butt fun! I mean there are a lot of serious moments, but the book starts with a suburban mom Jane Mulligan she's been middle of the road do not rock the boat lady her whole life. Her college years were spent giving campus tours in her schools sweatshirt and she met her husband at a Dorm Ice cream party... well she has a half hour one night just one half of an hour to take a bubble bath then she has so much to do and has to go back to her hectic schedule. Well, turns out she is out of her Abundance bubble bath! And of course the sane thing to do is run to the store, but the store doesn't carry it so now what is she to do? Jane then gets the idea from the store clerk to go to where the Bubble bath is made Vancouver Canada, she lives in Seattle Washington.  Well a few bags of junk food and many miles later Jane arrives outside of the store/factory that sells/makes her bubble bath. She is taken in by a welcome of people both ladies and men and her life begins to change big time. This book was very much about being able to be many things and still be you and that maybe erotica reading was a form of self help in itself, and that maybe sitting just to sit is a good thing and hell having cleavage while reading could be down right giddy inducing. Jane also becomes her first name Mara and let's Mara out in full swing and admits that Mara would never buy in two's or bulk that life was more than just warehouse shopping and keeping the facial tissues stocked.  The book also gives us pearls of wisdom that you will just have to discover for yourselves as I simply cannot give away what took me days to read and digest. It is important to live life to do what you want and not become pigeon holed is what I learned from this book, and to perhaps have some great friends, chocolate, and martini's on stand by oh and lots of music and dancing!  Truth be told this past summer I was beginning to feel this way and I am not an approaching mid life suburban mom! Just sometimes life can trap you, and you have to realize you can always change things right? Well Mara has 30 days her son is away with her in-laws and she has the summer off now if only she can survive the choices and changes she is trying to make and will her marriage survive such drastic changes? Her husband Dan is an interesting character too and someone I was not sure I could root for but again felt compelled to because well 15 years of marriage is a lot to just toss aside for a soap maker albeit a gorgeous soap maker but still... again this book empowers women and shows a very silly and serious approach at life, and will make you think do I need a do over? The cast of characters in this book too are just so amazing and you will fall in love with them all from the young 19 year old to the great grandmother aged ones. Loved this book and Kathy Dunnehoff's writing was just easy to read and get completely absorbed into her story. Seriously so much I want to share about this book as it was just fun and so enticing of a read... I'm tempted to go out and buy a bottle of bubble bath now too...

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Home for the Holidays Written by Christine Lynxwiler

Oh my Stars, well first... only two more days until the Winter Holiday and the world didn't end so hurray. It was after all only the sixth? Apocalypses seem to be the norm the past few years huh? So, yes another Christmas story and in all honesty I hated this book. I really tried to enjoy this story it is the classic two kids grow up together being best friends and then one falls in love with the other and the other is looking for their perfect partner not realizing their true love has been there all along. So basically I was reading a Taylor Swift song. The story wouldn't have been too terrible if it wasn't for the the fact free will was ripped out of this tale. Mentioning and thanking God more than once is ok, thanking and mentioning the Christian God over sixty times in what seems like a 70 page book seems just a tad excessive...perhaps I am over exaggerating but the Christian God was mentioned so much I was just becoming annoyed. The cute love story just kept having to take a back burner especially since there is a side story involving a pregnant woman, her son, unborn child, and druggie of a husband who are all saved now because they discovered Jesus. Lauren Forrester is a good Christian woman I know because the book tells me so several times and then there is her best friend Jeff Warren who is also a good Christian man, but is so blind to Lauren's love and how she suffers. The story goes Lauren leaves her happy comfortable dream of a home town in order to put some distance between her and Jeff so maybe she can prevent damaging their friendship. Once in the big city it is descriptions the author gives like this "A bearded man with multiple face piercings bumped into her and kept walking without a word. On his bare right arm, a tattoo of a spider in a bikini belly-danced with the movement of his muscle." The fact that a tattooed and pierced person was perhaps less friendly towards her in the big city just grated on me as it was a stereotype in fact this whole book was one big stereotype and not in a welcoming or overtly friendly way. The book hints heavily at the fact these two main characters are happy only because of God and that the family can only be saved if they become Christians it would've been an ok story but Jesus and God just kept being shoved into each and every page, and then the writing was just predictable and so was the story. Over all not my cup of tea, but a Taylor Swift song non the less.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Someone To Believe In Written by: Kathryn Shay

It is a tough time in the world right now, there is so much happiness at this time of year and yet there is also a lot of misery. Sometimes I find myself wondering why and how so many people find themselves as enemies with no compromises to be made instead blood is shed and lives are ended. In the era of civilized society still we the human race find reasons to kill and they aren't new in fact so many are old I will just never understand the glory and reasoning behind people making enemies. We are all people, even in my country even politicians in my country speak of a war on their own people if it furthers their causes. This book brings that lack of people willing to compromise into the forefront and even brings politicians to the table. Kathryn Shay is a very good writer from what I can tell reading this book it was very detailed and written with much conviction. It is also clear that Shay's own characters that she created got away from her. This book begins 10 years ago Bailey O'Neil went to prison because she wouldn't give up a street gang kid to the police, the man who helped put her away is Clayton Wainwright. Now, ten years later Clayton is a senator and Bailey is still helping troubled gang children. Clayton is a staunch conservative who comes from money and a cold calculating family. Where Bailey is quite liberal and comes from a big warm house hold. These two are both butting heads even now, but now they are thrown together for similar causes and both are unwilling to compromise Clay believes in the system and working within it where Bailey believes working outside of the system to gain these children's trust. In order for them to get anywhere they are going to have to work together but can they? This was a very good novel and really shows just how different people can be even if they are working towards the same goal, and it teaches that people must give a little and take a little in order to get anything done in life. Compromise, say it with me readers... C-O-M-P-R-O-M-I-S-E! But, this book is also quite romantic and are Bailey and Clay willing to put their differences aside and give themselves a chance? Will their worlds they created survive? Will their families support and survive their relationships? A great novel that also brings up some very heavy topics that we are trying to deal with today. This book packs a lot in it but the reading goes quickly.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One Torrid Beginning Written by: Leia Mann

Few more days until Christmas and with all that is going on including me catching the annual cold I decided to take a break from knitting and holiday tales to read more with my libido. A friend sent me a book saying I would appreciate this short but steamy novel, not sure what my friend thinks of me after having read this book, but yowza. The writing is a tad predictable but the there is humor here and it makes for a fun and steamy story. Liz is broke just outright penniless living a life of maxed out credit cards, student loans, and just more bills. She is 31 years old and thirty thousand dollars in debt with a degree in anthropology that just isn't working out for her. Her current jobs pays very little and she goes bar hopping for the free food at happy hour. Well it seems Liz's luck just may change at least as far as her hormones are concerned. Liz is one of those bombshells of a woman and with brains she just doesn't have any real direction, and it seems that Max a male prostitute is willing to give Liz a very special discount for his services and not just his but his and his equally sexy friend Joe. This story is just hot and I will never look at peanut butter and jelly quite the same way again not bad if you're in the mood for a quickie.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Silver Bells Written By Sadie Hart

A friend of mine thought this kind of story would be right up my ally, and it sticks to the whole Christmas theme this book reading month. Have any of you watched the Polar Express starring Tom Hanks? Well, if you haven't then there are these bells that fall from Santa's Reindeer's harnesses that it seems only those few special people who truly believe in Santa can hear so mostly children, but overtime the bell with its crisp tinkling sound of happiness vanishes. That is what happens in this story the main character Dash who has a harness of bells that for some reason no longer ring for him. He tends the Merry Go round in a not so nice part of town and this year for some reason he is quite sad the bells will no longer chime for him. It is actually quite sad to read about when Dash obviously find great joy and is somewhat depressed without the joyful sounds the bells made. So he tends to the animals of the Merry Go Round, and then a stranger enters his life and slowly things change just a little at a time. Then when Christmas Eve comes around,  Dash has to leave his new friend for perhaps his last chance to even hold those special bells. This is a story of a different color it is very short, but packs quite a bit of story in these few short pages, and it even made me want to peak behind what was going on to hear more about Dash his world and of course the magic that surrounds him still. So will the bells ring again for him? It is quite a magical twist Sadie Hart has given us.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Gift of Snow Written by Missy Maxim

Hello fellow readers, so...books right throwing myself into them. (that and Knitting both great hobbies for the eyes by the way) This one book came to me and I thought ok A gift of Snow must be Christmas well it was, the beginning is interesting with a person begging their car not to break down in a snowstorm and obviously begging doesn't work. Then we shift gears and this story changes and it hit somewhat close to home. The main character Jennifer Donovan lives in the mountains above L.A. she's widowed 10 months her husband it seems lost touch with life and self destructed, which I really wish people could find a way not to just give up hope, but... yeah. So Jennifer knew something was wrong, but just didn't know how wrong or just what would happen, and so she has been alone widowed for 10 months. It is Christmas eve and her sister and mother cannot come out to visit so now she is all alone and snowed in with no one to celebrate with...or is she? Jennifer finds herself hosting a complete stranger Will who has bleached hair with the roots showing, a guitar case, and a slight British accent is stranded with no winter gear whatsoever.  With both of them being alone on Christmas Eve and only themselves for company it quickly becomes apparent these two strangers just may have a spark of something the story is short, but very cute and happy. There were a few print errors here and there, but I mainly blame that on the editor. The dialogue was so cute too I just kept thinking to myself mmmm... yes that can be a word especially when hot chocolate, Christmas lights, and romance are involved. A Gift of Snow was also pretty clever as you will find out there are two meanings behind that title. The book also had some um well let's just say the snow was not chilling these two as much as it might have had they not met. So a good short read I know I've been saying that a lot lately, but these books are good and short just nice little moments the authors are kind enough to let us share with them before going back to our own busy lives.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bah, Humbug! (A Romantic Comedy) Written by: Heather Horrocks

Hello faithful book review readers... so I said I would be happy right? Well, so far I'm failing, I kept reading this book, not because I wished to, but because I needed to. Sometimes people turn to drink, friends, loved ones etc... I turned to this book because I cannot possibly begin to express my feelings to anyone in the world not even my loving husband. On December 2nd a very dear person to me passed away, he was one in a billion and someone who I knew since we played in the sandbox together, and had many memorable moments that sadly barely anyone around me in my current life knows just how much he meant to me. It is tough this time of year yes, it is a time to celebrate to be joyful and surround yourself with family, but this is the third Christmas I've had someone pass away, so a part of me wishes to say screw it, but I cannot. My friend who passed taught me to be a fighter and a kick butt gal so I'll turn on the old music, look at the old pictures, and lose myself in a book. Please though readers I ask if you have a friend or love one just remember to tell them once in a while just how much they mean to you.

 This book Bah, Humbug! Really was tough for me, but the book itself was also about healing and moving on when death occurs around the Holiday time. I admit this book was very cookie cutter, but it is just something we all need around this time of year. The main character Lexi Anderson is a young mother who is the next upcoming Martha Stewart and has created a very nice life for her and her two children. Only problem is sometimes you need to realize created perfect is no substitution for actual life. Then we have Kyle Miller a famous young adult author who has thrown himself into work 100%. Problem with him is he's a workaholic who cannot be truly bothered to see his family or have anything to do with Christmas not because he's a Grinch, but because he has his own past to deal with. These two meet and it is not romantic at all, in fact it is likely they will murder one another unless Kyle does something fast. The story is generic, the writing too, but the story and how the characters live is just well uplifting and refreshing it was just what I needed to remind myself life goes on, and it was a very nice short Christmas story that would put anyone in the Christmas loving mood so if you're looking for something to curl up with a cup of tea and maybe some gingerbread cookies next to your Christmas tree this would be the book to do it with.

So go out and find your happiness readers it is the time of year to do it, and remember to tell your loved ones that they mean something to you.  Thank you.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Life, Love and A polar Bear Tattoo Written by: Heather Wardell

I had to sleep on this book, I was so conflicted by the main characters plight she is Candice or as some from her past know her as Candy. I know I just said only happy book, but it was in with the Christmas books! This book takes place in Canada in August, and after visiting Canada recently I have to say very nice place indeed. Any who Candice is at a point in her life where according to her Friend Larissa there are some big change coming, and great foreshadowing because yes a great amount of change is going to occur in Candice's life. Last Christmas what was to be a wonderful present from her in-laws turned into a disastrous event that has left a rift between her and her husband Ian. They appear to be in a rut and so she has let her husband go off on a one month project in India. She is home with her cat Ninja crocheting away and reading tons of novels, but then something happens she decides to change her life little by little and they're all pretty good changes and really who isn't the tattoo type?  The only thing is during all of these changes an old flame from her past comes into the picture and this is where I became very conflicted. Ian her husband has been cold, distant, and all together not very kind since Christmas when a very big event that left both him and Candice fragmented. Then there is Kegan  the man who broke Candice's heart but, he's sexy, successful, and above all else wants Candice back. She feels like she's stuck inside of one of her cheap romance novels minus the heaving bosom of course. It was really difficult to root for either guy Ian or Kegan since both have their pluses, and both have their minuses, however Candice is MARRIED to Ian. But, at 31 and married for two years was she really meant to be with Ian, or was he just the first nice man to come along after her heart break from Kegan? So soap opera, but really everyone at some point it seems questions did I make the right choice? But, Marriage is supposed to be worked at and needs both parties to do so, and in this case it doesn't seem like either party is really trying to fix their marriage. But, the book itself was written so fresh and honest I really liked Candice and her work and overall life. The sub characters in this book were a hoot too, but mostly it was all about Candice and what would be her choice? I will admit I was very happy with how this book ended and felt all warm and fuzzy at the end. It was a fun book that brings a lot of life questions into the mix, but in a way that is refresing and all together fun. Cannot give spoilers, it would just ruin the book for you, but must say read this book for a fun time that will take you just draw  you in.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cupid's Christmas Written by: Bette le Crosby

"Watching humans fall in love is the best part of this job. What begins as a wild and passionate tango evolves into a waltz, with two bodies bending and moving together, whirling across the potholed landscape of life. After years of trial and error the waltz becomes a slow fox trot with smaller evenly matches steps and when one partner grows weary, they learn on their mate knowing they will be carried. The last dance may not be as exciting as thee first, but I can assure you there's true beauty in every step." That would be cupid talking... Love, and Christmas, can you think of a more magical time? Well, yes I'm sure we all have our special moments, but I love the winter holiday that predates Christianity and manages to still bring people together. Then throw in love and well I'm a happy girl... of course it could also be the smells of food, pine, and the twinkling of lights and shiny presents... ok sorry folks, but I'm trying to stay happy this month a lot has happened in my life this year, and I've decided December is the month to try and be happier... so happy books should be an ok investment I think. This Cupid's Christmas was just so cheeky! I absolutely adored it. Cupid is the narrator of this tale and let me tell you the Angel of love needs some serious props for what us people put him through. In this particular tale we meet Lindsay Gray, she is young but out of college and living in NYC, and looks for love in all the wrong places. Cupid has been trying for years to find her love match, but the girl just won't cooperate. This is where Cupid takes up an old case Lindsay's father John and his old flame Eleanor they were really into one another back in High school, but fate had other plans, and now here they are and love does conquer all doesn't it? Well, not if Lindsay has anything to say about it, due to a few life changing events Lindsay it seems has to move home and she believes she needs to take care of her poor, elderly, lonely father... the girl is just delusional in the beginning and I honestly cannot stand her in the beginning of the book, but Cupid sets me straight as time goes on. This story was so much fun and even had a few tears fall from my eyes a few times. Cupid has some wonderful statements and describes love so well lovely...he's also got Sass when it comes to us humans. "The problem with humans is they're in love with love. Even worse, they're determined to find it themselves." But, Cupid also loves love, even if the life management departments sometimes ruins even his best of plans. This was a really great read for Christmas time the book just brought a little sparkle to my day and had just so much Sass I loved it!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All I want for Christmas is You Written by: Lisa Mondello

Happy December everyone. Tis the season, and like last year I thought let's get this season started right. So, I found a book named after one of my favorite Christmas songs (forgive me) This is a very Hallmark kind of book. This was a very sweet, very cute, very happy book. Kristen Alexander is six years old and cute as a button, but she's never known a big family and loves her mommy so much. When most little kids at age six are asking for puppies, teddy bears, and bicycles Kristen just wants one thing and it's for her mother. Kristen wants a daddy for Christmas for her mom. Well, Santa of course cannot grant such a wish, or can he? Lauren Alexander and her daughter Kristen have been a duo for seven years and she hasn't had a big family since her daughter was born, and honestly it seems Lauren just might be ready to change that after she learns about her daughters wish. This book introduces us to Kyle Preston who of course since this is a happy go lucky Christmas story... perfect even in a tall viking way. He is a great guy and maybe just the thing Lauren needs this Christmas. There's cookie dough, doll houses, sleigh rides, singing, and family so yeah a very sweet tooth kind of book. It is just a nice happy story that makes you feel all good about Christmas time.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Hooking Up Written by: Jessica L. Degarmo

Well, November is coming to a close, and that means the time of the Scorpio (Well it's been over but I still consider it my month) is over, so why not end November on a steamier note seeing as soon it is all about Christmas and the Holiday rather than some good old fashioned alone time. Granted Xmas can get rather steamy between couples, but whatever I like November. This book Hooking up just had me feeling Zippy! The book was so upbeat and fun even when it was kind of sad and even at times depressing. This is sadly a classic story as in the fact people fall in love as young teenagers they stay in love and then one day POOF! They're not in love, and maybe they were never in love, love, or as the kids say today they just really like, liked one another. This is what happened to our main character Caitlin who is 28 years old and now alone after her boyfriend of ten years and best friend since kids Michael leaves her. At first I was thinking ok this is so going to be a tough book to read mostly because my own fears of my own long term relationship ending came into play (Silly woman that I know I am) but then Caitlin's friends Heidi and Kelly, a bar, and a whole lotta drinking and flirting came into the picture. One of her friends decides Catlin needs to just move on with her life and to use a magazine article to guide her. The article states for a woman to feel powerful, sexy, independent, etc... all she needs to do is have a random Hook up for those of you unfamiliar with this term it means a one night sexual encounter aka the one night stand. Of course Caitlin's other friend says this is ridiculous and Caitlin agrees... at least Caitlin does for a time until what is supposed to be a very romantic night turns into one of depression and finally desperation and sheer force of will makes our main character decide yes, in fact she does need a one night stand. There is only one problem, she's never done this before sure she looks like a knock out, and sure she catches the eye of Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome, and maybe just maybe she does take him to bed and have mind blowing all around amazing sex, the best of her life even, then what? Well, Caitlin is asking herself that very same question as Mr. random hookup whose name is actually Ryan, now won't vanish so easily after having taking him back to her place! Big No no ladies.. and men. So, here's to crazy fun women and the men who desire them. This book is so not typical and is actually a really fun and enlightening read. This book also brings into question of what exactly makes a family? Is it blood and names? I suppose that has a lot to do with it, but really your family are the people who are there for you, who know you, who grow with you, and as you all change in the end still love you. You're there for them and they're there for you, and I love how this book brought into some very serious points about life in such a random and fun way. Hooking up was just silly, zippy, sassy, and plain fun even the serious notes of the book.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dead is the New Black (Fashion Avenue Mystery Book One) Written by: Christine DeMaio-Rice

The fit is everything, and of course that means fashion darlings is everything no? This book takes place in New York City the center of the universe, or so some would have you believe. For Laura Carnegie (No relation to that Carnegie) is inside of the fashion world she works at an prestigious designer studio as a Pattern Maker don't know what that is? That is ok, I wasn't really up to snuff either. But, what she does is quite impressive, and she does is so well. Pity, that she can't live her life nearly as well or learn to keep her mouth shut. This book is about murder, yes murder in the fashion industry a bit cliche but things tend to become cliche because they work oh so well. It is also about desire, love, loss, and betrayal... Dun! Dun! Dun!!! I am being a tad over the top because the characters in this book are slightly over the top even very modest down to Earth Laura is well rather outside of the normal stitching of us normal folks. (If there is such a thing as normal) The book opens with a crime a crime against fashion! Laura is at the heart of this all or at least she puts herself right on the pulse of things (forgive me for the bad jokes I've been awake far too long today) she then turns up and discovers her boss over a dead body! Not just any dead body either the golden goose of their company, and worse Laura loves her boss, but now it seems their love is  likely never to happen as A. he is gay, B. her boss, and C. holding what looks like the murder weapon. This book takes us into the world of fashion from the design and execution teams perspectives we learn quite a bit about the elite fashion world such as..."The perfection of the fit was the most difficult. Fittings for the runway show were another thing entirely. The style didn't need to fit. It needed to look like it fit. How long is this skirt on a giraffe? Can this jacket fit a skeleton? .....This is why the models so often kept their outfits; they only fit the freakishly tall, obscenely skinny girls that walked the runway." Laura as a character is ok she's clearly figuring out her life still and who exactly she is and of course she has issues one being her taller, thinner, prettier? Sister Ruby. She has trouble being honest about how she feels and yet she just cannot keep her mouth shut, girl just goes on auto pilot more than half the time. Granted Laura also wants to have fun, and fun she does with her friends and even her sister and mother. The characters in this book are fairly basic even in their unique ways, but they do develop as the story continues. And, it seems this is book one so the author may be trying to slowly give us small doses and let us learn more about them as we go. I laughed a lot at this book granted some scenes were a bit jarring and jumbled, but for the most part it was a smooth read and really allowed me to have fun reading about the fashion elite world while not having to spend the money or dress up in a Marc Jacobs outfit to pretend I was one of them. A very fun read indeed, and I don't know if I believe Laura is a murder mystery solver in the making, but it was fun to see how she stumbled and attempted to solve mysteries as she did. A good read indeed.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Walking Dead, Vol. 11: Fear The Hunters Written by: Robert Kirkman

So, tis the season again. There is snow or was snow falling now it is just rain, but it looked nice for a minute, and then it just went all bleh that is how The Walking Dead made me feel this time... only without the whole things looked ok. This last volume just wow what a soul crushing story. I thought we had hit rock bottom after we lost the last round of characters but this one wow... a great person is lost in this most recent book and I am glad they were able to die with a shred of their humanity left. I know in my last post I was all scared of how these kids in the story are going to grow up, but I hate being right... I mean wowzer the world that is in existence is just depressing. I feel like we really have hit rock bottom and what is left of these people is just shambling along and fraying a little bit each day filling them with something a bit less human each day. Oh, and if you guys were a bit queasy about Soil and Green (classic movie do watch) You might just want to stop with the last book before reading this one, I mean yuck. I am running out of things to say about The Walking Dead without giving away any plot, but this is t best time of year to read a zombie story. Why? Because it's cold and Zombies in most if not all stories freeze so I feel a tad less paranoid about a shambling Zombie coming after me in this weather unlike the summer time. Ok rambling here now as I've been saying amazing comic a must read, but do have a cute puppy or crowbar to keep you safe and happy. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Walking Dead Volume 10 What We Become Written by: Robert Kirkman

What we become... a very poetic title for Volume 10. I haven't had much time to pick up a novel these past few days what with my family visiting and getting into the holiday spirit, and what better way to remember just how lucky I really am then reading a Walking Dead comic? Seriously when you read about how much these characters have lost and keep losing it really puts life into perspective. Robert Kirkman, charlie Adlard, and Cliff Ra Thburn have just lured me in and are keeping me in their horror filled world. This latest volume new bonds are created through loss and past grievances and it seems old bonds formed in blood and past grievances are fraying. Our characters seem to really be having a tough time continuing on when you think someone has gotten a grip another person snaps just a bit, it is damn scary, but humans are all unique no? I am a little dissapointed in Dale as he has become darker and more stubborn as time goes on. I understand where he as a man is coming from, but sometimes you have to realize you cannot go backwards you just cannot. I am also becoming very scared about what will happen to the kids in this story at least the adults have memories and a lifetime to draw upon for a moral compass, or to ignore their past. Where the children have very little in ways of how horrible the world can be and were thrown head first into this terrible world with no real explanation and still the adults tried to shield them and not talk to them.. it may have been in the adults best interest to try and explain the new order and world to these kids instead of then having to force them to see all the horrors whenever they occurred. What will they children grow up to become if they survive? It is a terrible world this land covered by the Walking Dead, but are the dead the evil ones or are the survivors? It is scary to see just how desperate and savage people become if the Dead rising doesn't band humans together then what will? Seriously are we all really this nuts? Great addition to the series volume 10, but it invokes such heavy thoughts.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The walking Dead Volume 9 Here We Remain: Written by Robert Kirkman

I am a glutton for punishment, or so it seems since I was crying after reading the last Walking Dead book created by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn. This book follows those two special survivors from the last book and we see just how dark a child can become when innocence is lost, and the world proves just how cruel it truly can be. It is just depressing with how you know, you just KNOW you are not safe in the world being consumed by the dead. It is even worse for the parent who knows they cannot keep their child and loved ones safe too.. this comic is just so good! The art is just stunning and does a great job of still instilling fear every time there is a shadow or unknown area the characters walk into. It is like when you're a little kid and you work up the nerve to finally look under the bed to make sure nothing is there and as you breath a sigh of relief is when your brother or sister jumps up to scare the hell out of you. Or, if any of you have seen the movie Ernest Scared Stupid or Poltergeist 1 then you can also know the feeling of pure fear mixed with adrenaline. Everyone it seems is going a bit crazy now and finding it harder to cope with reality, but each character is dealing with their losses in their own way better to deal with it then just give up like so many others have. This comic though brings something very new to the table and something very old... is that hope our characters may be feeling after so much bad things have happened to them? The dead it seems are a big threat again and of course strangers. I don't know if there is any hope, but I am so ready to pick up volume 10.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Walking Dead Book Four a continuing story of survival horror. Written by: Robert Kirkman

Wowzer, so... I thought to myself and just ouch! I read this book last night after a very happy Turkey Coma finally passed, and thought well this is an easy read so might as well pick this up and get a little horror on this major shopping day (Which to me is a horror story all in itself, yup I avoid all the crazy that befalls my fellow humans on this day) I was so very wrong about the easy read. The writers, artists, inkers, and entire creative staff behind this 4th collection did not pull any punches this time. Instead they kicked me in the head and curb stomped my emotions and continued to do so up until the very end. The group of survivors are all here... what is left of them, and surprise more will die. My poor mind was just assaulted after wave after wave of horrific moments. To those of you who watch the show based on this comic I am not sure you can really call them the same the stories each have the characters and locations, but it as if they are parallel universes where the same cast of characters made different choices and thus created a different world for all of them entirely. The cast of survivors are still so clueless and making very tough decisions in ways I am not sure I agree with at all. It is amazing how quickly people can turn both good and bad and forget to use their brains. I cannot really say anything plot wise due to spoilers, but have a box of tissues, crow bar handy, and your loved ones in sight because you're going to need it. I hated this book not because it was not good, but because of how raw and terrifying it was as the previous three have been... so now what?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bouquet Toss (Love of my Life #1) Melissa Brown

Happy American Turkey Day all, I'm taking a break from the Turkey, Pies, Casseroles, and other tasty foods to write this review. (I'm hosting again 4th year yum!) This book was well... I am not sure how to feel about this book as a woman who once pretended to not want to catch the bridal bouquet, but secretly wanted to I can relate to this book a bit. The main character Daphne is a good person or as she is called quite a few times "A nice girl", but she is oh so messed up, a guy really did a number on her when she was in college, and I am sure all of us have experienced this once in our life at least...where we have that special someone, or friend, or who we think is our special someone and best bud only to have the relationship be mostly one sided, and only really special to them when it is in their best interest...oh yeah am I speaking from experience here, I could write a book on a few of those relationships, but the important thing is to recognize when this is happening to us and to move on. In Daphne's case she is having quite a bit of trouble with this, and then when she finally does think she can move on, you guessed it Mr. takes her for granted comes into her life once more, at a very awkward time too. This book has some interesting and special moments and is very current time wise to this day and age. This was not exactly an award winning story I had real trouble connecting to Daphne and would rather have read about her friends more... she comes off a tad selfish even though she is a doormat to a certain someone. But, with how much her friends love her you realize she is pretty spiffy, but it is tough to not want to smack some sense itno this girl. Love should be easy and being with your significant other should be like breathing eventually you should feel comfortable with them not always feeling like you're on eggshells and you're going to screw up, not saying let all the mystery and to stop trying in your relationship, but to always feel like they will dump your ass the second they know the real you, well.. that should be a friggen red sign no? Oh well, love is blind no? The book itself was cute, at times just too cute, I mean I love a good romantic comedy, and I love a good romance, but this was like giving me cavities making me a little ill at times cute. Still I enjoyed it and it was a happy tale after you got through all of the crap this poor girl had to go through. An okay read only. But, maybe you would enjoy this more?

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Personal Shopper: Annie Valentine Written by: Aiden James

Tis the season, I read a book about food and now it was time to read a book about one of my favorite hobbies.. Shopping, please no eye rolls hear me out. Once upon a time I cringed at the thought of even entering a store yet alone trying on items that to me said "leave you're not meant to wear these!" But, then I had a friend explain to me about body types, colors, fits, tailors! This person opened my eyes and I finally realized there was nothing wrong with me it was simply that designers can only focus on so many types of bodies, and once you find your  color and what works for you well, you will be just fine. Just some of of us need help. I only wish I had been able to have a personal shopper like Annie Valentine when I was crying in dressing rooms trying to find an 8th grade dinner dance dress (braces, curves, not big boobed, broad shoulders, and petite= screwed in Juniors department dresses) This book takes us into the world of Chanel, Valentino, Mui Mui Chloe, Pucci, M&S, MaxMara... translation expensive! This is Annie's world she lives to shop and to help others shop to look their very best, and she always has a lipstick ready to work through the day. She is a single mother with two very unique children at a very interesting age. She has some fabulous friends and family, and she feels she just may be ready for love and in Annie's experience.. Men... "They had to be seduced, cajoled, reassured: in short, hunted down." And her best advice that I already follow in life.."dress for how you want to feel again. Because then it will happen more quickly." Annie also has a dragon, wait no that is mean to dragons, a rather very unpleasant boss who it seems feels threatened by Annie's sales expertise. There's one big flaw with Annie, she loves to shop and look great, I mean LOVES to SHOP, and I don't know if any of you have ever shopped at Runway Fashion discount stores they're still very pricey, and when you're a single mother with two kids going to a private school, a flat, and budding business well yeah... credit cards are scary! A fun read I just could not put this book down and I enjoyed the chapter beginnings with designers and costs and I loved how delightful each character in this book was. I will let you discover Annie and her cast of friends in their world across the pond in England. I only wish we all could have a personal shopper as patient and caring as Annie.  So good luck readers with your shopping season.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Beauty and the Feast Written by: Julia Barrett

Delicious! This book started with a giggle and ended with full blown laughter and a smile... Julia Barrett really knew how to create a realistic relationship, her main characters Eva and Gabe though somewhat exceptional themselves really showed how once you have that chemistry, that spark nothing can really stop love. At least that is what I believe. I believe in love at first sight, and I fell in love with my own husband via his words so the way these two came together was very relate able to me. Eva leads a simple life she is in the catering/home care business, but by choice not because she cannot compete with the best of the chefs in the world, the way she talks about food and how much detail the author put into her characters dishes just made me want both food and sex! This was clearly a book for both men and women I say this because if you love well love then this is for you. I am simply smitten by this book it was just cute. Gabe is a man who came from nothing and through some help from a good Father, no really, he's a priest. By having some help and guidance he was able to come into his own and now is able to help others. He is of course gorgeous and a bit of a player, but maybe just maybe all this will change with the lovely, foul mouthed, tough, amazing chef Eva. This book I thought was going to be the typical Romance novel, but it surprised me quite a few times and the sex scenes were so... vivid. A very romantic book, and I just may have to read this again.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hidden Written by: Derick Parsons

Ok, well... new month November, another year older for this blogger and reader... so I thought let's read something a bit more emotional and serious. This book focuses on main character Kate Bennett she has a very tragic past, and even a tragic current life. This book took me to Ireland precisely Trinity College Dublin. Kate is trying to move on with her life to cut ties to an old flame and be an independent woman. Kate is deeply troubled I felt bad for her past, but could not help how she at times was just plain mean to those who cared about her and how she was consciously self destructive, and it felt like she couldn't help being the permanent victim, but she was very human. Instead of the main character with super powers she was just a woman very brilliant in her field of psychology, but flawed everywhere else in her life. She is even having trouble filling the role as professor, and passing on her passion for her chosen field in life. Kate then gets a call and is asked to treat a patient that is so messed up it awakens the passion she had for healing, but this is where things begin to get weird and scary. It seems someone else has taken a very big interest in Kate's treatment of Grainne daughter of Ireland's very prestigious politician Michael Riordan. This book was written quite interesting the flow and way the dialogue was written was so unique I wonder if it is due to the location and was meant to be read as if the characters had Irish accents, which I tried to give them while reading and that helped the words flow better even musically. The topics of the book were of course very dishearten and disturbing very heavy topics... I will never understand how people can hurt children. I really got into this book and read it slowly trying to really get into the book, the ending too was unique in that the epilogue takes place so soon after the last page of the book, and how Derick Parsons fades in and out of certain chapters and then will rehash certain events. Quite interesting this book and scary, but if you like a more serious, non supernatural heavy read then Hidden is for you.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tag Team Written by: Nicola Marsh

Ok, was feeling a tad sad after the last story I read and thought, ok Erotika, that will make a gal feel better no? But, then I thought well, it is Halloween so let's see what we can do to keep with Halloween and Erotica, but instead I was given this tale of horror... May I ask, who can get hot and bothered when a terrorist group is using a poison that is similar to Ebola to hopefully infect people? Not so sure I would be in the mood if that was going around, but hey this is not me... Coralee Keaton Lee as she insists on being called, is Australian Defense Force, she's brave, brilliant, resourceful, and sexy as all D cups included. Then there's Garcia Diaz-Fox to anyone who wanted to walk out of his office without a permanent limp. He's part of the Victoria Police Special Operations group and oh yeah sexy in an oh so masculine way. Of course they have to work together and have a pissing contest 24/7, but they need to work together lives depend on it. This was ok the actual sex scene was so so, but the action was well also so so, but a good quick story if that's what you are looking for, seems like a bad movie plot, but sometimes that is ok. This book had the elements, but somehow it wasn't mixed quite right... but again it was ok.

Side Jobs, Aftermath. Written by: Jim Butcher

Aftermath... I am not sure what to say here... I said in my last post that Jim Butcher is a genius, but evil... this was the final story in Side takes place after Changes about only two hours. I was just ready to bawl my eyes out. The emotions I felt at the end of Changes just brought all those raw feelings back... You need to read up to changes in order to finish this story otherwise you are just going to be completely lost, and wondering is it true? What the hell happened? Murphy finally ends up teaming up with Will the werewolf, and though the pack has grown smaller Will is no less fierce. Gentlemen Johnny Marcone is also a bit player in this book and provides Murph with some much needed information. This was a great short story, and it is actually quite lengthy it is a classic story guy needs to find the girl, and rescue her and many others.....but that's where the classic tale ends, and Murph and Will need to dredge up all the information and knowledge Harry has put into them over the years if they are to survive, and have a chance of carrying on. It was great to finally hear Karen Murphy's internal thoughts and truly be reminded of just how bad ass this petite babe is. (don't tell her I called her babe) Also, wondering why so many side Gard stories in this book, and her semi bigger roles as of late in the main series, what is going on here? That and the weird villains who grace this short stories pages, opens up a whole other bag of questions... Thanks Jim Butcher I needed more questions. Chicago is changing and needs its Justice League otherwise who knows what will happen? So cannot wait to read the next Dresden book, I need to know what happens!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Death of a Serpent (A Serafine Florio Mystery) Written by: Susan Russo Anderson a murder mystery about Fallen Women (The book's words not mine) being murdered one by one and apparently the only one who can bring their killer to justice is a Midwife. She is a very good midwife, and also known as a wizard to a few of her friends. Sounds like a fun story huh? Keeping with the whole scary book theme. Well, it was disjointed at first... I was just thrown into a book and the story made it hard to grasp anything about the characters. There were words but the substance seemed to be lacking. A very slow start, and it was hard not to be insulted over the death of "working women" especially since their deaths are ignored since they are considered lesser creatures. The book just didn't go anywhere it just kept getting more awkward and less fluid. Plus, I really could not stand the main character... Serafina she's a wonderful midwife, but a not so good mother, and an even worse narrator her voice is just so...ugh! I had to force myself to finish this book praying somehow this book would get better and even the ending was pretty obvious and lacking in any real excitement. I will give credit to the author in this book had its own voice, but the voice was weak and just left me wanting to get over with it so I could move on. I wouldn't consider reading her other works as this one was just so bland and well boring.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Changes book #12 Written by: Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher, you are a cruel and oh so devious writer, but I must say you are also brilliant and quite amusing.  This book truly is about change and it is quite terrifying in how many things change in this book. This is a tough book to write about since there is so much that is revealed and so many characters come into play. To go forward though, sometimes we must go back no? I heard that somewhere I am sure of it... so the stage lights come on and in comes Susan Rodriguez, Harry's once upon a time lover and girl friend. Susan's love even saved Harry a few times in the past. She is back, and she has need of a bad-ass Wizard who has dealt with the Red court before. Susan brings with her news that is simply soul crushing and will end any chance of her and Harry's love rekindling or surviving; she made sure of that 8 years ago. This story brings the White council, Gray Council, Red Court, Chicago's finest, The three Swords and two new bearers of them, The Winter Queen, Molly, Murphy, Thomas, Mouse, Butters, Fei Folk, Father Forthill, Odin, Bob the Skull, and of course Harry. Now, do these groups all work together?  Not quite, but they all are going to come into play in significant ways and I warn you now, have a box of tissues handy. There are choices Harry has to make and they are choices no one should have to make, but make them he must. The question is, will the life of Chicago's only Wizard in the yellow pages survive this story? And, if Harry Copperfield Blackstone Dresden does survive will he ever be able to go back, or even want to? Will we find Harry robed in his leather coat, Mouse and Mister asleep on the floor, Molly at her work station, Bob being a lech, the fire crackling above in Harry's Hearth, the blue Beetle parked outside awaiting to be the semi perfect getaway car, or a ride to the next game night, or for a Beer at Mac's with Murphy and friends... will these familiar scenes be found? We shall see readers... we shall see. End scene.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Walking Dead Book Three a continuing Story of Survival horror. Written by: Robert Kirkman and others

Right, Halloween still coming up so let's keep the them going...scary, scary, scary... This book is Written by: Robert Kirkman; Charlies Adlard the penciler, inker, cover; Cliff Rathburn the gray tones; Rus Wooton the letterer; Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn original Series cover artists. I don't know what to make of this recent The Walking Dead... there was one happy moment in this entire book, just one...the rest of the comic ok, yes Zombies are scary as all hell and if I ever see a person coming at me in makeup I may freak out a little, but the zombies appear to be the lesser of the evil in this new world. It hasn't even been a full year yet, and the world has just fallen apart. There's so many screwed up things in this book, and the characters are all losing it. I do not know what to make of this series anymore it just keeps getting darker, and darker, and of course more dead people...basically evil, evil, evil, zombie, evil, evil, evil, zombie, evil, evil, holy shit that is fucked up,evil, evil, zombie... do I enjoy the comics still? Yes, I will continue to read and see if humanity will ever get its act together, or if this will end with a nuke because well yeah... that seems to always be the trump card in end of the world books as if Zombies weren't enough. Basically people suck...and zombies does not help make them suck any less.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

With This Kiss Written by: Victoria Lynne

"I asked for all things in order that I might enjoy life. I was given life in order that I might enjoy all things." Such a lovely quote, from this Victoria Lynne book, this story is not a wholly unique one, but when you read a lot of books with love or even reluctant love there's only so much a writer can do to try and create their own tale. In this story we have the beautiful, luscious, and over all do well lady Julia. She is a lady who has fallen on hard times due to poor family choices, and seeks to make the world of London a better place even while she is being oppressed. Then we have Morgan St. James a former top Rake in London who himself suffered at another hands that has left him both physically and emotionally traumatized. Morgan is now known as "The Beast" he has secluded himself off from life and fears he will die young and childless but he refuses to venture out after having lost so much. This story was enjoyable if not predictable the classic damaged man and the good lady who wishes to draw him back from the shadows and into her loving embrace, but the witty banter this couple shares is endearing, and timeless as who doesn't enjoy a little challenge in their love life? My only real gripe with this story was how much Julia demanded her husband worked to not be snobbish and care for the common man be he poor or down trodden, and yet that vanishes after some chapter just poof! No more let's fix the world, instead it is mostly love and trying to defeat the foe who ruined Morgan's life and is threatening Julia's. This was a only slightly dark this tale the true horror was highlighted somewhat, but glossed over by the relationship in the book. If you like romance with only a little danger this was a decent book, and Victoria Lynne's dialogue is quite fun to read.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Walking Dead Book Two. A continuing story of survival horror Written by: Robert Kirkman and others

It is becoming close to that time of year all Hallows eve when the land of the dead and living can almost bleed into one another... or, so they say. So, let's add a big dash of paranoia with a tale of Zombies. This book is lettered, created, and written by Robert Kirkman. The Penciler, inker, and cover is by Charlie Adlard. The gray tones by Cliff Rathburnn. The letterer of chapter 4 is Rus Wooton. Original series cover by Tony Moore. This second book of stories did make my head spin. The main characters have changed quite a bit and madness is beginning to seep deeper into the bones of each of them. Quite a few deaths and quite a few new characters are joining the fray. This book didn't scare me like the first comics seeing as this is basically post apocalyptic and the civilized world has ended.  That doesn't mean these comics weren't greatly disturbing and I just couldn't stop reading even though things just kept getting worse and worse as time went on. The pictures and shadowing really bring the horror to life and then there's the big revelation "We're all just dead people walking. We are the walking dead." Also, Zombies on leashes... and yet with all the horrors people still want to murder one another.. just tacky. Friendships are broken and loved ones are lost and a leader is falling, and there is a new place these few remaining people are trying to carve out for themselves.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Doctor's Orders: The Exam (#1) Written by: Chloe Cox

My, my, my...this was rather intense this book. I was in Montreal for a few days :) Lovely people by the way, and saw this book and since there were so many adult entertainment stores I thought, well I might as well indulge a little. So, imagine you're a young woman just stuck in life, you're a temp and still looking for work, and just stuck living with your parents, who by the way won't even support your dreams in life. Claire is such a girl and she is trapped, but she doesn't really understand that she is. She receives a black appointment card and  this is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to her, but she does not know what she is in for. This Dr. is not a regular Dr. and this is by no means a regular exam. Claire must trust her Dr. and if she doesn't she may never get another appointment again. Trust, being bound and well, I'll let you read... This was a tad hard to swallow... again if this was a safe and happy world this wouldn't be so scary, but I guess that's what occurs when you have an erotic tale.  This was a short story, but it was intense and wow it will get you into the mood, if your tastes run to unconventional tastes.  I am interested to see just where this story is going and will look up the complete collection, but this story is not for those who are looking for love and equality this is pure someone is the boss, someone must listen, and just sex.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brain Droppings Written by: George Carlin

Wow, just wow... I wish I smoked or did recreational drugs, because after having read this book I just went through the mind of a crazy person. I loved George Carlin ever since my parents first introduced me to this Verbal genius I felt like my eyes were opened a bit when his voice assaulted my ears. Brain Droppings just touched upon a bit of everything and kept on flowing in every direction barely contained by these pages. I felt my head becoming exhausted by this book simply because there was so much! And, there was a lot of huh, yeah I think that too, or huh! I never thought of it that way, ha! That makes perfect sense! Just pure crazy in a sane and insane way. I only wish this man was still alive today so I could enjoy his perspective on the world today, granted reading this book shows not too much has changed. Like when he talks about how people think at some point in time life may have been better and maybe with effort we could set them right again. And then he goes on to say "They're talentend and funny people, but they're nothing more than cheerleaders attached to a specific, wishes-for outcome." I especially loved his gripe about people with walkmans and how they're "too good to participate in daily life." When we're all attached to our smart phones, Mp3 Players, and blue tooth sets now and rarely do you see people walking alone who aren't linked to something enclosing themself in their own world while walking in the vast world, wonder what his take would be on this... granted he didn't die that long ago. Still this book covered politics, the human condition, religion, to base ball/ sports, parenting, crime, etc... just pure madness and I loved it! I heard George Carlin's voice in my mind and remembered how he used to pause and breath, and move it was a real treat, not for the light of heart, but still for those of you who can take a joke and laugh at the world this was a real good book.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Georgiana Darcy's Diary: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice continued Written by: Anna Elliott

Well this was a right and proper book, it left me feeling very light and whimsical yes, whimsical just flowery even. I love the story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. The year is now 1814 and it is springtime at Pemberley. Elizabeth and Darcy have married, but now a new little romance is creeping up. This book does not replace or even copy Jane Austen's tale so much as grasp a piece of it and spin off on its own while still holding true to the original tale. This book doesn't even try to mimic Austen's writing instead she takes the voice of Georgiana Darcy and writes this tale in diary format. I find it very clever and brings me right back to that world Jane Austen created. Shy, Georgiana Darcy is content so it seems to be unmarried happily living with her brother and his new wife both of whom she adores, but is she? It seems Georgiana is in love secretly with one man whom she is convinced will never love her in return. Then you throw in all of the other classic secondary characters and some new even, and it becomes a grand ball of a time. This book was just agreeable a very pleasant treat and as I was reading I kept thinking to myself.. "wow imagine when women could easily go "I need this hemmed, taken in, mended etc..." And, could do it themselves in a day! I really liked Anna Elliott's book and her very successful attempt at continuing a story that on its own stands perfect, but with her book it allows us again to visit some old friends, and see how they've been doing.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

'Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy Written by: Leslie Langtry

The Stage is set, the story has been going on for a while and yet we get plopped right in the middle of Ginny Bombay's strange, but awesome life. Ginny is 39 years old a single mother widowed a few years back, (no she and her family didn't kill him, well she's pretty sure no one in her family killed him.) and a member of an Elite family of Assassins. That's right a house wife and assassin and poisons are her specialty. This book was just kick butt cool! I mean think of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and add quirky and smart ass remarks left and right. Ginny is just such a cool person, there were a few times where I wanted to go "Oh Honey c'mon you can do it!" The plot of this book begins with Ginny searching for a Bombay RSVP card because if she doesn't she will be hunted down by someone in her family and killed. These Bombay family reunions are mandatory no exceptions. Everyone that is blood in the Bombay family are trained from age 5 and make their first kill at age 15. They're a rather colorful bunch, but mostly they appear as just your average family folk. This Reunion however is five years early, and no one knows what is up, and then there's having to bake a few dozen Halloween cookies, lead a Daisy troop, and oh try to not drag a gorgeous man that has walked into Ginny's life right into her bed cave woman style. Not to mention Ginny has to kill a mark before the reunion as well, what is a mother to do? Then there's the darker parts of the book that occur which I simply cannot give away to you. I really loved this book the humor had me laughing non stop and dying to know what was going to happen, and each chapter had an very cool quote from similar movies and books relating to the assassin world. Oh, and apparently Leslie Langtry has even more books on the Bombay family!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dangerous Attractions Written by: Gwyneth Atlee

Well folks, summer is over for this East Coast person, but why not punish myself a bit more... The Florida Keys Florida from 1840 to 1857 this book in the beginning was rather topsy turvy, and difficult to follow. Mostly because it jumps from two of the main characters perspectives from past to present, and then back again almost at random. This is a romance thriller really, you have the first blooms of love severed by tragedy 17 years ago and turned to confusion and even hatred, and then some storm throws these now young adults back into one another’s lives. Genna a dark beauty that most men would not think to notice, but she is pretty. Sadly, she has been scared by the past and is but a shadow of her young self.  Then there is strong, successful, and yes handome; Eli, adopted by a prominent Wrecker (person who salavages and tries to save ships cargo/people) and saved all those years ago when Eli learned to hate Genna. Both have a terrible past from a night they shared together as children, and both are working through current problems, but they cannot fight the attraction and love coming to life between them. Eli is promised to his foster sister Abbie a beautiful and golden young lady, and Genna is fleeing from a family member who got way too fresh with her. The setting of this book is quite beautiful when the author takes the time to describe the ships and beautiful Island. There are quite a few mysteries and stories going on all at once and quite a few prejudices to get over. It becomes almost Soap Opera climactic towards the ends with mysteries being brought to light and love being declared left and right, it was almost absurd, but it was a good book. A nice read over all and tale that makes you think well love can sure as hell make a difference if you let it both in good and bad.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eleven on Top A Stephanie Plum Novel Written by: Janet Evanovich

Book 11...bald spots, new Job & career options, Cello hell...oh let’s not forget blown up cars, people, places of business, wale brides, and food everywhere! Stephanie cannot get a break, and I must admit it is not because the Universe hates her, she creates more than half of her problems. The last book left me disappointed, but this book just frustrated me! It had a lot of amazing moments though that is for damn sure. And, it seemed like Stephanie's life would perhaps improve, granted I know there are 18 books so far in this series, so obviously it cannot improve yet, but still! Her family is getting even more bizarre as time goes on, her mother is all but lost it, and can you blame the poor women? This book brought back a lot of old characters even some from the dead, which was pretty clever, but makes you realize you just cannot trust anyone. And Stephanie's love life...I L-I-K-E You!?! Oh my...just stick a fork in this girl she's done. I feel so bad for Morelli and Ranger this love triangle thing is also a tad odd... If I were either man I would dump Stephanie's sugar eating, Italian/Hungarian, nosey self. Then there is the ending, which ends very abruptly it works, but it leaves quite a bit unresolved, so we shall see where this series goes, but as a person I am not a big fan of Stephanie or Lula for that matter they just make problems.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ten Big Ones A Stephanie Plum Novel Written by: Janet Evanovich

This book was well...awkward I am not sure where Janet is taking the Stephanie Plum series but, this one was a tad awkward. The series has always been comedic in the characters exploits and dialogue which keeps the serious undertones of the book from being too scary and dark, but this book that comedy only made me frustrated. I know some people have to smile or laugh to keep themselves from going insane, but sometimes you have to face reality and not be a complete moron. Don't get me wrong I still love the series, but there seems to be some new ingredients in this latest book that isn't mixing quite right. We have the usual nutty antics by not only Stephanie, but Lula, Connie, and of course Stephanie's family and future brother in-law Albert K-L-O-U-G-H-N (Pronounced Clown) Then there's a character whom I fell in love with the second they appeared in the series and was sad to not have seen them....Sally! You just cannot help loving this cross dressing, cussing, rock star. So, we have the usual FTAs and Stephanie is doing what she can to stay afloat even though she's living with Morelli rent free, but then enters the darker side of crime the dangerous side, not that the Mob wasn't dangerous, but these street gang thugs are just terrifying they're wild and out for blood, and don't play by the rules we are used to. NJ just goes from being nuts to just plain dark and dangerous it seems, and the bodies are stacking up in a very unnerving way. And, to top that off Stephanie is still eating like she's about to die and her body is catching up and she still can't keep hold of a pair of handcuffs! I liked this book some rather interesting relationships are developing and changing, but for the most part I was just plain anxious over how clueless Stephanie and her friends remain.

Friday, September 14, 2012

To The Nines a Stephanie Plum Novel Written by: Janet Evanovich

I couldn't resist I just had to read another Stephanie novel, the world of NJ is just so fascinating from her point of view, this latest book did not disappoint, perhaps it was the fact I took a break for a few weeks and can again appreciate how much fun this world Janet has created can be. I this latest Novel Stephanie is bringing in a low of FTAs and doing actually not too bad of a job, but then a big FTA occurs and everyone has to stop what they're doing and focus on this one case. One problem, bodies are beginning to pile up and Stephanie is receiving death love notes... The rest of her life is rather nuts too. Her love life is well, up and down but not from lack of intimacy just she's got to stop this crazy flirting and then there's her line of work, I really wish Miss Plum would get her butt in gear so her bf wouldn't have a heart attach when it came to what followed her home... Then there's the whole Plum family it is just absolutely a wreck how many people can you have living in a Duplex? The rat pack side kicks are back too, Lula and Connie make for some entertaining moments, but really c'mon ladies between the three of these characters I would think by now they would not be so... Abbot & Costello? A trip to Vegas will prove my point. Then throw in Morelli's family....and the fact Joe's Grandmother keeps seeing Stephanie either dead or pregnant and then dead is so not helping her and Morelli's relationship. Though, we shall see what happens. This book let go of some of the stereotypes of the past books, kept a few, and brought in some new patterns, I think Ranger got even sexier in this book too by the way... I cannot wait to see what happens next in the Stephanie Universe.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Phantom of Valletta Written by: Vicki Hopkins

Bravo! Stupendous! The Phantom of Valletta has brought me great joy in its reading. I could not wait to finish reading this book, but at the same time I got that old feeling of be patient and digest this slowly because it will be over all too soon. The Phantom of Valletta is a sequel to the classic tale of The Phantom of the Opera, and perhaps some of you die hard traditional fans may be a bit shocked over this, but in all frankness whatever, this sequel was so beautifully written and flowed into the original tale so well I fell in love with our Opera Ghost all over again. There are of course some classic characters who also grace these pages and have their very classic and distinct voices. From the ashes shall he rise again no? I could see the sets, and hear the haunting voices of so many and of course the music imbued with so much emotion. Perhaps I am a tad crazy, but the words painted such a haunted picture in my mind. I just cannot give anything away about this book because one should really enjoy this sequel totally blind. My only qualms was about a certain servant all but vanishing from the plot, but even that can be forgiven in how this book progressed and its characters interacted and were forced to interact, mend, and grow up after all these years of being slaves to the same performance over and over again. Will this book be the Angel of Music’s undoing? Will it be his death? I certainly won't tell you. So great job Vicki Hopkins I loved your book.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Daughter of the Sea written by: Mira Zamin

This read was a last attempt at keeping summer near, so what better way than to imagine white beaches, Oceans, and beautiful sunshine. We go back to the time of ruler Augustus Caesar in a land called Terronensis right by the sea far from Rome, but its citizens are Roman and Calista our main character daughter of the ruler of Terronensis her family also includes her beautiful Dark Mother Olympia and her young brother Pyp. The story is something like that of a classic Greek Tragedy there are the Gods always meddling, Star crossed lovers, a family in peril, an incestuous relationship, and of course tragedy. Poor Calista a beautiful golden maiden is being forced into marriage by her parents, though they are a loving pair and only wants what best for their daughter they know it is not a match of love. The story goes on well enough and Calista can be a likable character, but there were a few times I had to remember she was just 16 and was subject to not being able to handle everything that came her way. There's a mysterious past behind Calista's parentage and perhaps she may not be quite wholly human. The book continues steadily and draws you in, but then it continues going in circles and does not really develop any of the other characters having random people enter and leave just as abruptly barely putting flesh on this stories bones. Before you know it the end of the book comes and so many questions are unanswered and makes me wonder if she grew bored with her book or planned on writing a sequel. This was just OK of a book.

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Faerie Fated Forever Written by: Mary Anne Graham

And they all lived happily Ever after... that's how Faerie tales should be right? What they don't tell you is that the fair folk like to keep playing with their investments. Nial Maclee is Laird of his Scottish clan, and has a fairy curse upon his family placed upon him by the King of the Faeries himself. Ian Maclee, Nial's Great Grandfather man times removed, fell in love with the daughter of the Faerie King who disapproved of their love, but the King gave into his daughters tearful pleas. But, the king decreed his daughter had to leave her beloved after a year and day passed, even though 9 months lady a bairn appeared. And so it goes on and on, and ends with Nial's family ending up with a Faerie flag that the clan laird can use, but the flag can only be used three times in total to summon Faerie help. Something occurs to earn the Maclee men a curse that every laird of the CLan Maclee shall be more handsome and more irresistible to the lasses than the one before him. Ladies shall chase him and try to trap him but he must not fall prey to their wiles, for he shall fall in love only once. His faerie fated love shall set the claws of passion to his manhood, the need to possess to his soul, and the magic of love to his heart. If he marries another he will live a wretched existence beset by unsatisfied desire for the love he cannot have and cannot forget for all of his mortal days. Well, Nial certainly is gallant in how he only beds widows and won't allow any to possess him since he's so desperately looking for his Faerie Fated love. He is even willing to not consider an ideal match between Clan MacIver's Heather aka Heather The Hag, her dowry and joining of the clans would mean prosperity for both clans, but Nial is convinced Heather the Hag though a Nice girl is anything but is Fated love. This book is long, I mean just long, there's so much excess chapters, plots, and twists that really do not need to be here, from the very beginning I had this figured out, and even though the author tries to empower her female character Heather with a London cousin guiding her it really does insult the female here and there with how men can behave and women cannot...or how nuts these people are, then again the Faerie folk are messing with them no? This book takes us from Scotland to London and back. There were some very risky scenes and pretty racy, I am not sure if this was going for erotic, but it border-lined on it quite often.  It was ok, nothing really great, but the concept was cute but infuriating with how nuts people can be, but I guess that's what love does eh?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Doll Written by: J.C. Martin

Dolls...:shiver: Ever since I was five years old and saw Chucky I just could never look at Dolls quite the same way...I mean they're little people but have lifeless smiling eyes, and for those of you who have seen The Littles or read Gulliver's Travels sometimes little people can be trouble. Plus what Porcelain Dolls used to be made of Human Teeth and hair, ew! Teddy Bears all the way for me thank you. Dolls are especially creepy if they are imbued with a dead serial Killer like in Chucky's case. The Doll was a short book, that brought into play the practices of Santeria a mixture of traditions: African, Roman, Catholic, and Native American. It according to the book occurred when African Slaves were brought to South America by Catholic Masters. Joyce a mother and her daughter Taylor travel to an Island off of Mexico which is just covered in Dolls. OK, right here I would not get off the boat, we are not talking nice in the packaging dolls, but decaying missing limbs and eyes, dolls hanging from trees. No thank you! Add in a ghost story about a drowned little girl who has drowned a man with her haunting restless spirit, and well...yeah screw that I have enough sense to not go looking for trouble. I don't know how children now of days are not cautious because when I was Taylor's age I would just have about been frozen with fear from all of those decaying eyes, I don't know what posses such a child to go ahead and think this Island is cool. Nope, not a clue. It is not a fully unique story, but it is a tale of caution I would think to both parents and children alike.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Dark Kiss of Rapture Written by: Sylvia Day A Renegade Angels Novella

Happy 1st of September Readers, have we already reached the ending of summer? Seems like it flew by. So, I downloaded this book for my E-reader as a suggestion by Book Bub wonderful site. Any who. Have you ever felt like you began talking to someone and felt like you had fallen into the middle of the conversation rather than the beginning? This is what A Dark Kiss of Rapture was, it was a good book on its on the writing was good not great, but simple and flowed well enough. The story I have read quite  few times loner supernatural never has known love and then suddenly BAM! There's their soul mate and now there are obstacles, but Sylvia Day put her own little spin on her supernatural world where there are the following groups in this book; The Fallen were previously Watchers fallen from Grace they are now basically Vampires. Lycans a subgroup of the Fallen who were spared Vampirism by agreeing to serve the Sentinels and were transfused with demon blood...they are mortal and can shape-shift and procreate, but are mortal. Minion, a mortal who has been changed into a vampire by one of the Fallen doesn't really go over well for them. Sentinels, an elite special ops unit of the Seraphim tasked with enforcing the punishment of the Fallen. I am not sure where A Dark Kiss of Rapture falls in the Renegade Angels series, but I enjoyed it once you got past the typical supernatural names everyone always seems to pick for themselves. Then again Charlie the Vampire doesn't really sound mysterious or dangerous does it? (Stolen from Fright Night the Movie that line) This particular story Follows Raze a Fallen who never has loved and is oh so sexy and is so typical loner guy it almost hurts, but when a stereotype works why break it? He's had a body dumped on his doorstep and a scary plot involving followers of a put down Fallen are creating problems in Chicago. Then enters Kim so not his type even though she's you guessed it, Gorgeous and she wants him to go to bed with her, both need to heal some inner issues, and what better way then multiple orgasms? I will let you the reader follow up on what happens here, it is no great mystery, but a fun short read, I hope to read more of these books to get a better picture of where Sylvia Day is taking her world and cast of characters.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Furies of Calderon Written by: Jim Butcher

Imagine a world where the world is still green, still wild, and imagine that spirits of nature are at your call, really your companion for life. Nothing of our reality is overtly present, of course there are humans and some similar ways of life if we go back to the middle ages, other than that Jim Butcher has created a magical world where people can call upon the elemental spirits called Furies. This book takes place in the Aleran Empire, which contains "crafters", the people who control the elements: water, air, earth, fire, wood, and metal, through a person's bond with an element's fury. If you are fans of the television series The Last Air Bender you may be able to draw some similarities and understanding how these crafters live and work. I can see similarities and Jim Butchers other writing and how his characters are being flushed out in this book. So much detail and so unique is each character it is classic Butcher for sure. The world is quite amazing in how the Aleran's are a strong folk in Bernard Holt, and even though they are strong women are seen as those to be mothers, healers, protected, Ick! You see several female characters who break that mold and prove they can be just as strong and brave as any man. Classic Butcher again. Then Butcher introduces us to the "Savages" the Murat who appear to bond with their animals and mimic traits of their particular clans. Horse, Wolf, Gargant, and Herdbanes a type of giant bird. These Savage folk have no furies to call upon. There are a great many twisty plots and side plots going on here, as if Jim Butcher has a much bigger plan in store for this world and at the heart of it is the boy with no Fury to call Tavi a smallish boy for his age of 15, and who is as brave as any legion warrior and as Kind as his Aunt and Uncle. I really enjoyed this book thought it felt like so much happened and like I was only given a very small piece of the puzzle of what is to come. I have some theories, but it should be interesting to see what happens to the people, spirits, and the whole of this world Mr. Butcher has crafted with ink and paper.