Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Doctor's Orders: The Exam (#1) Written by: Chloe Cox

My, my, my...this was rather intense this book. I was in Montreal for a few days :) Lovely people by the way, and saw this book and since there were so many adult entertainment stores I thought, well I might as well indulge a little. So, imagine you're a young woman just stuck in life, you're a temp and still looking for work, and just stuck living with your parents, who by the way won't even support your dreams in life. Claire is such a girl and she is trapped, but she doesn't really understand that she is. She receives a black appointment card and  this is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to her, but she does not know what she is in for. This Dr. is not a regular Dr. and this is by no means a regular exam. Claire must trust her Dr. and if she doesn't she may never get another appointment again. Trust, being bound and well, I'll let you read... This was a tad hard to swallow... again if this was a safe and happy world this wouldn't be so scary, but I guess that's what occurs when you have an erotic tale.  This was a short story, but it was intense and wow it will get you into the mood, if your tastes run to unconventional tastes.  I am interested to see just where this story is going and will look up the complete collection, but this story is not for those who are looking for love and equality this is pure someone is the boss, someone must listen, and just sex.

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