Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Side Jobs, Aftermath. Written by: Jim Butcher

Aftermath... I am not sure what to say here... I said in my last post that Jim Butcher is a genius, but evil... this was the final story in Side takes place after Changes about only two hours. I was just ready to bawl my eyes out. The emotions I felt at the end of Changes just brought all those raw feelings back... You need to read up to changes in order to finish this story otherwise you are just going to be completely lost, and wondering is it true? What the hell happened? Murphy finally ends up teaming up with Will the werewolf, and though the pack has grown smaller Will is no less fierce. Gentlemen Johnny Marcone is also a bit player in this book and provides Murph with some much needed information. This was a great short story, and it is actually quite lengthy it is a classic story guy needs to find the girl, and rescue her and many others.....but that's where the classic tale ends, and Murph and Will need to dredge up all the information and knowledge Harry has put into them over the years if they are to survive, and have a chance of carrying on. It was great to finally hear Karen Murphy's internal thoughts and truly be reminded of just how bad ass this petite babe is. (don't tell her I called her babe) Also, wondering why so many side Gard stories in this book, and her semi bigger roles as of late in the main series, what is going on here? That and the weird villains who grace this short stories pages, opens up a whole other bag of questions... Thanks Jim Butcher I needed more questions. Chicago is changing and needs its Justice League otherwise who knows what will happen? So cannot wait to read the next Dresden book, I need to know what happens!

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