Friday, August 29, 2014

Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins: Part Two: Desired by the Deep Written by: Lyra Fawn

Compromise readers, they say in a compromise both sides lose no? Well, Mona is trying really hard in this second book to figure out a way to make her two Princes compromise both in culture and in their romantic lives, book two readers! I really couldn't wait to see what happens, so if you haven't read the first book in this series I warn you now, read no further! Mona is being annoyed and torn by constant rivalry between the Herakli and the Atlanti Pods, and it is clear both sides firmly believe the other side is right. Dario and Lucan are also torn as throughout the years of traveling together they've formed a bond of trust and dare I say, friendship? There's a reason why these two Dolphinae princes decided to unite and put their issues aside in the first place, the Mordentes. The Mordentes are enemies of the Dolphanie and they are organizing and becoming even more deadly. Mona is forced to flee with her princes and danger is escalating and it seems that even the Dolphanie high powered organizations might not be enough to keep her safe. Now, back to the compromise, Mona has an idea and it might just be brilliant and be the solution to cause the least bloodshed and maximum results. Mona believes that with her body and the bodies of her princes she can bridge the gap between the two pods and perhaps get what she really wants the unification of their hearts. This book was a bit more steamy indeed and the story is proving quite interesting and the way it ends, well, just what does Lyra Fawn have up her sleeves? I really don't know, but I am waiting for the third book and cannot wait to see what will happen in this paranormal erotic series.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Claimed By The Alpha Dolphins Part One; Bound to the Sea Written by: Lyra Fawn

It is summer time readers, and as we've seen for three summers straight that means erotic book reading! Okay, I read erotic books all year long, but the summer just works so well with them too, especially oceanic set erotic tales. So, we have two, yes two brawny surfers from a foreign realm complete with exotic accents. These two delicious Adonis look alike have a secret, but they might just share it with you, if you're someone special. What counts as special? Well, seems you have to be what's known as a 'Descendant of Neptune'. Mona our heroine finds herself on a beach in California one day attempting to not get her fair skinned burned, and when a horrible attack occurs she witnesses something truly fascinating. Soon Mona is at the center of a centuries old conflict between two rival pods of dolphin shifters known as the Dolphinae. Half of the pair notices her beautiful curves and red hair, but Lucan a dark and handsome prince does not completely catch Mona's notice she is fascinated by Lucan's partner a blonde regal looking fellow; Dario who is also a prince. So, not only is Mona in the middle of a long standing conflict now she is the center of a rivalry between men. But, wait there's more, it seems there is also another danger that lurks on both land and in sea... can Mona bridge the two Alpha Dolphinae and their clans and manage to not well drown? There's some steamy scenes in this book readers, and the disclaimer of the book says for 18 plus, but as far as erotic tales go, this one was pretty relaxed and not that out there compared to other series I have read, the shifter aspect was quite interesting and I really fell into the story and I am wondering what will happen to Mona and the two princes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy(ish) Written by Cara Trautman

Three book readers! That's right three books one month, ah the addiction is back with a vengeance! My morning commute has been way more enjoyable and my home commute even more so with these books in my life again, and this book was a real gem readers, I mean it was hands down awesome! So, how does a 35 year old woman residing in Michigan end up reluctantly dressed as a squirrel in the name of love? Well, author Cara Trautman plops us into the life of Jane Pearson who is single, an avid chooser of wrong men to sleep with, terrible at doing any type of house work, and kind of well a loser, but a lovable loser. Jane has a lot going on in her life, she has to deal with; vibrators that set on fire, a crazy demanding mother, eccentric friends, peculiar co-workers, a twenty four year old goldfish, a crazy off beat family, and oh she's looking for love. Jane has developed some odd quirks in life and it seems now is the time for life to teach her some lessons and of course she has to do this dressed as a squirrel, because... why not? I did find myself wanting to strangle Jane, because at 35 I would hope this woman would realize that maybe her current path and actions are not exactly working for her, but this lady has some serious blinders on. The cast of characters in this book had me laughing out loud in public quite often, I think a few people even sat elsewhere because I laughed... cackled a bit too much. There is a lot going on in this plot and it blends together in such a fun way that I absolutely adored it. A very fun read indeed.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

You're The One a Bistro La Bohème Written by Alix Nichols

Hola readers, wow, two books read in a short amount of time, starting to feel more like myself huzzah! Reading on the train for 80 minutes a day sure goes a long way. I missed reading, and honestly readers though I love school and my classmates I just sometimes, okay most of the time cannot resist the pull of a book to just dive into another world. This book was an absolute treat, in fact it was so sweet I felt like I was curled up in my favorite comfortable pair of jeans and sweater in my book room enjoying a delightfuly warm cup of tea overlooking my neighborhood on a crisp morning. This was just one of those books that left you sighing and giggling in delight. The author introduces us to nursery school teacher Natalie who absolutely adores children and aches for a child of her own, but her longtime boyfriend declares pretty forcefully his career comes first. Natalie respects her boyfriend's decision and blames herself for his refusal that is until she learns the truth. Next, we are introduced to Adrien a professional chess player who divides his time by spending time in his favorite cafe analyzing chess moves and competing internationally. Chess is Adrien's passion and yet it is not enough to make him happy. So how are these two characters a nursery school teacher and a professional chess player connected? Well, I cannot say! That would spoil the whole story, and this a novella and so it is short to begin with, but still this little book packs a punch. I very much enjoyed this short story and if you want a little shot of romance right into the blood stream this just might be the book for you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Death By Honeymoon Book 1 In the Caribbean Murder Series Written by Jaden Skye

Hello Readers! My, my, my, it has been a long time! I do apologize for not reading as many books this summer as previous years, and for not updating more often. Alright, so, life on this end has been pretty spectacular following my dream is proving to be quite rewarding, of course I'm a wee ball of explosive emotions consisting of both happiness and strife, but it's rewarding strife. But, I am happy and being genuinely happy has caused me to realize how unhappy I was in the corporate world of accounting. Alright, so book, finally, after six weeks of not reading, yeah six weeks! I finally had time to pick up a book (while commuting to and from school) and read! Since it is still summer I picked this book that Book Bub recommended. We are introduced to the happily recently married couple Cindy and Clint, and these two are so in love and it appears quite happy to declare it to the world and begin their life as one together. It is the couples honeymoon you see and they are happily celebrating their union on the rugged, wild, eastern shore of Barbados, but it seems happily ever is not to be for this couple. Cindy rushes to the shore to find her love, but instead of his handsome smile she is greeted with nothing. Soon Cindy realizes her beloved has been taken from her, drowned in a freak accident in the ocean. Clint's death is soon declared an accident by the local police and so Cindy must fly home alone a widow after a few days of marriage to the man she thought would be by her side til they were old and grey. Once home readers Cindy is brought to her knees by other events beyond her control and her already emotional state is frayed further, but there is a thought growing inside of her; the thought that Clint's death wasn't an accident but MURDER!  But, why would Cindy think this and what proof does she have? Where can a grieving wife go with her suspicions and be taken seriously? The story itself takes a bit to get going as it is mostly consisting of how depressed Cindy is and her mourning the loss of her life with her dearly departed husband. Once the book does begin steam rolling though readers it does not stop and plows right ahead and before we know it the book is wrapped up and the brave Cindy is also it seems at the end of her journey. I won't say this was a great book, but it had some interesting character writing and the mystery was well mysterious. The beginning of the book could have been drawn out further, but I think the author knew once she began to unravel the murder mystery in her book the secrets would start pouring out and be hard to keep us the readers in the dark. Still, it's been weeks since I've been able to just kick back and enjoy a book, and I did enjoy this book, but being away from reading so long perhaps I just was hoping for a bit more.