Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santas Little Helper Written by: Lacey Kane

Hello readers, wow, just um...wowzer this a book that will cause all types of blushing and moments of pause. This author does not write romance, absolutely doesn't, as she states in the back of this book. To quote "There is nothing even remotely romantic about my stories. What you will find in the pages of my work is BDSM, smut, often consists of dubious consent, and is sometimes rather harsh." This book readers even has a disclaimer stating you might be offended with the story and all that it entails. So, it's Christmas time, you're working as an elf and will be spending your Holiday single since your jerk boyfriend and you have called it quits. So, now Santa also known as the gorgeous toned Josh gets word that one of his poker buddies has just backed out and asks Tara also known as Santa's little helper to come and fill in. Sure, why not? After all Josh is hot and you've got no plans so why not? So, it all sounds great until when Tara arrives and four men begin undressing her literally... does she want what they're offering? It isn't poker, but it does involve the table, and a bunch of other toys, locations, and did I mention four men? This is quite the short tale, I mean wow, usually erotic tales like this are but a single scene and the big finale and nothing more, this though had a beginning to lull us in and then things quickly escalated and just when you think okay that's done, phew...wowzer, it continues, and continues and continues....phew. Your toes will curl you may bite your lip and you'll probably leave with quite a few ideas and maybe be a little surprised at yourself but damn. This is not a romantic tale readers it's really just about sex and heavy kink like wow... I was a little afraid at times. Still, if you want a very kinky BDSM tale with a not so Christmas theme...then by all means check this tale out. Phew... I say...phew.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

All She Wants 4 Christmas Written by: Jessica Lee

Evening readers, so, what would you do if all your darkest desires or not even all of your desires, but just the darkest one came true on Christmas Eve? What if instead of the classic night with loved ones, baked cookies, Santa's elves, and the Big guy who laughs like he has a bowl full of jelly...what if instead of having that for your Christmas eve you had lace, blindfolds, teddy's, handcuffs, and sheer bliss? For Monica Sims she wants all that as she has been wishing that once just once her fiance would just step outside of his comfort zone. Monica loves her fiance but she wants more, and one night she took a risk and shares with him her darkest fantasy..Domination. Submission. Surrendering to the will of more than one man. But, Monica believes perhaps her confession was a bit too much for her fiance. But, Dane knows exactly what he wants in bed....vanilla sex is all he ever needed, but then he saw something something that made him realize something. Dane is now determined to unleash his fiance's control and he wants to take her to very special place a very special fetish club, and they won't be alone. This was quite the tale indeed and it will definitely get your blood pumping and the imagination stirring. Not a bad way to enjoy Christmas Eve eh? This a short tale but quite enjoyable.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Live by Night: A Novel Written by: Dennis Lehane

Why hello readers, here we are at book 101! Broke my record from last year J Phew, I was actually a little worried because it’s tough to read this many books! So, 101 , and a few short weeks from the Big “C” day. I’m excited, but even I can only take so much holiday books, music, movies, etc… needed something a bit different again and so I went a hunting and had the pleasure of listening to another one of Dennis Lehane’s books! Yes! I looooved this book  fellow book readers. It was awesome! The narrator Jim Frangione really did an amazing job with his voices, accents, and voice intonations his voice reminded me so much of the actor Alan Alda that I had a tough time not picturing him! This book had a lot of history, a lot, the scene is set it’s the roaring 1920’s and a time to be a young outlaw with nothing but your wits, street smarts and connections to make it big. Even though Prohibition is enforced American’s know what they want and they want liquor, beer, wines, and they love Rum, and where’s there’s a market and a buyer there’s a market even if it’s got to be illegal, which makes it even more desirable because readers we all want what we can’t have no? This may seem like an old story that’s been done before, but with the meticulous research done by Lehane you can’t help but feel like you are witnessing history first hand as he pulls you into this world of prohibition, gangsters, and the emerging power families and groups. We have a young Irish guy with plenty of swagger and desire to live by the nights rules. Joe Coughlin is the main character in this tale and Lehane has us follow Joe throughout Boston’s underbelly and continues to educate us about this time period and world from within the walls of Charlestown Prison all the way to the sweltering Tampa Waterfront. There’s something different about Joe from other outlaw and gangsters he’s all about the bottom line and making a profit, but where other’s would solve most of their problems with a bullet Joe doesn’t seem to want to do this and of course there’s a dame, there’s always a dame readers, and of course this dame is Trouble with a capital T. If you want a bit of historic insight even if it’s fiction there’s a lot that was quite accurate in this telling and just how fast the world can change year by year, day by day, and second by second… one minute you can be alive and the next well the next you might not be. I’m sad to say this is the second book in a trilogy!  GAH! This is the second time I have done this with a Lehane book, but readers I don’t think I suffered at all as the story was so good and the cast of characters seemed to come and go to the point that is stands alone just fine.  It’s quite amazing just how Joe Coughlin lives his life and the rules he chooses to obey and the ones he breaks. There’s a lot of life questions that comes into play a lot of soul searching and you might find yourself wondering if you should like Joe, I honestly found myself cheering the guy on. A masterful read that totally lives up to his other book I had the pleasure of reading recently.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Secret Santa A Bluegrass Series Novel Written by: Kathleen Brooks

Why hello there readers, the countdown continues J I’ve been addressing Christmas cards, wrapping presents, and prepping for my hubbies and mines annual Friends’ Holiday potluck party. I love creating traditions with my hubby and being able to spend the holiday with both friends and family. And, I love present shopping, why? Well it’s fun to just look around and know just know that’s so your friend sure most of my gifts are goofy, but it’s fun and it’s a gift.  Ah, so as I’m reading this most recent book I couldn’t help but think to myself …do places like this really exist? I mean really? Maybe it’s because since I’ve been 20 I’ve never lived anywhere for more than two years and I’m a renter without kids, but do communities like Keeneston really exist? This book was part of a larger series, but I couldn’t help reading it because the Christmas book in long series tends to be oh so cute and answer questions in the series that other readers have been dying to know, and I get to know it without having read this series…mwahahahahahaha! So, Keeneston is a lovely town and I was introduced to quite a large cast of characters for those of you who possibly read this series I’ll give you a quick peek at the books jacket description. “Kenna’s court docket is full, Dani’s hiding from her in-laws, Paige and Annie are about to burst from pregnancy, and Marshall is breaking up fights at the PTA Christmas Concert. The Sweet potato casserole is made, the ham and biscuits are on the table, and men are losing their shirts, and not because of bets placed with the Rose Sisters! All the while, the entire town is wondering one thing: who is the Secret Santa that showed up with special gifts for everyone?” Whew, right, I got to meet these delightful cast of characters for a brief moment. Quite the happy close knit community and oh so precious was each of these stories. I could relate to a few too, so it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, well… for a few moments and then it was but it’s nice to read a story that’s happy and sweet and makes you believe that towns with close communities could be this good. A delightful read that will leave you feeling a bit like you’ve been transported to  the inside of a Hallmark card.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chill Factor Written by: Sandra Brown

Hello readers, well though it feels like spring or early fall here in New England I thought let’s read something with a little chill and Terror to offset all of that gooey happy Christmas Spirit..I keep reading all the sweet stuff I’ve been reading my soul is going to gain a cavity…okay that was lame, but I’m going to leave what I wrote and that’s all there is to it. Can you tell I’m uber excited? No? Well I am! I just finished listening to, yes listening, it’s so much easier to listen to a book while I walk to my office and home, and then while I run…why didn’t I realize audio books were so convenient before? I even listen to book at my office while I’m working, of course I listen to my news and podcasts first, but ahhh books! Okay, in this recent book Sandra Brown created quite the twisty, suspenseful, and scary tale. Five women have gone missing readers in a very unexpected place this sleepy mountain town in North Carolina called Cleary. And readers, if that wasn’t chilling enough there is a blue ribbon left near where each woman was last seen, and the police have no leads, and it’s been two years this has been going on for. Enter Lilly Martin whom has returned to Clearly to close the sale on her cabin, but an accident occurs and she strikes a man with her car… that man is Ben Tierney whom oddly emerges from the woods right before a blizzard. These two have no choice but to wait out a brutal blizzard in the previously mentioned cabin, and as the hours of confinement tick by Lily wonders if the greater threat to her safety isn’t the storm, but perhaps Tierney besides her? This readers had it all, this book had mystery, horror, love, drama, secrets, adventure, loss, bigotry, hypocrisy, and action! I mean wowza, some of the characters in this book were so unlikeable I was falling in love with this town, to think such a beautiful little town would be so debased behind closed doors. There are three characters in particular I just wanted to punch and scream at, if I were to ever meet these men in the real world you bet your fanny’s readers I’d kick there’s, just ugh so gross, and nauseating these characters Brown has created and introduced to us. The narrator Stephen Lang was quite good too, I didn’t overly care for his female voices, but that happens a lot, his talent in creating the core of the characters was amazing though, I really wanted to hate each character individually because he gave them such a distinct quality in their pitch, tone, voice. So Good job Mr. LangThe plot of the story is so much fun to follow from the beginning to the middle to the very end I was trying to get a fix on what exactly was going on and how exactly this was going to end, why didn’t these pieces fit right? Also, as it happens quite often I visually saw myself flapping my arms and trying to get the characters to listen to me and pay attention, but even had they been able to hear me, I was wrong a few times too readers. This author definitely kept me guessing, I love that! The clues Brown withholds and gives us are just too good to ignore, speculation is a dangerous thing my fellow readers and so is gossip… circumstantial that’s what it is. Chill Factor had me pulling my scarf tighter around my neck and me practicing drawing my individual knives on my person for practice and for comfort because you never know when there’s someone waiting for you or watching you… of course thankfully this was only a story and this couldn’t really happen, but that’s where it’s genius because this does happen! Quite terrifying in its realism and band of characters acting out this mysteriously terrifying tale. A must read definitely.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas With My Grinch Written by: Blmorticia

Allo fellow book readers. So, what to say about this short story? Well, Bahambug! Nathan Ellerby hates Christmas! His lover, retired LT. Bryant Duncan is however all about Christmas and everything that goes with it, and he is ready to celebrate. However, Nathan has other ideas of how he wants to spend his well deserved time off for the Holidays. So, this was an erotic tale indeed readers, but though it had a lot of crass talk and a few sexy moments this wasn't really all that good. The story had a bit of promise and the scenes set well enough but the actual execution was fairly poor and read more like a bunch of updates on someone's social network page...just was missing a bit of content and just felt a bit flat. Still, if you're looking for two handsome men whom are madly in love with one another and a few minutes to spare then sure pick this up for a fast five minutes.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Kissing Santa Written by: Aithne Jarretta

Who doesn’t know someone at Christmas time that is estranged from a family member or thinks about that lost love the one that got away? During this holiday season you run into a lot of this, these people can be happy and perfectly fine, but a few of them sometimes well sometimes they want a little more. Maybe they want to make up with that family member who they went gaga crazy with over an epic game of scategories. Or, maybe they want to see their high school crush and finally confess how much they love them and have missed them… whatever it is readers, this time of year just seems to make people want to confess, indulge, and create magic. In this short and I mean short tale Lily Johnson has been estranged from her family for quite a few years over the issue of a certain love interest. This though, could be the Christmas she finally reunites with them and a certain old flame. Chrisopher Crin known by friends as “Cringle” has been waiting for Lily it seems all this time, but will the storm of the century prevent him from reuniting with this true love? Readers, this was short and there was some odd plot put into this story a few moments where you were like huh? Magic? Wait, what? Huh? Okay, guess we aren’t going to touch upon what you the writer just presented us with. I actually thought perhaps I had downloaded the preview of this story and not the actual story when I began reading, but it’s amateur in this story, but cute none the less. If you want a quick before bedtime tale to tell the kiddies or yourself this isn’t a bad little tale to go to bed with.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Naughty But Nice A short Story Written by: Kenny Wright

Allo there readers, okay, after having taken a little detour I decided to go back to the Christmas Theme in my reading, this tale was oh so amusing. Elf ears...a kink, who knew? For Dan the photographer at the Santa display in the mall Tolkien ladies are sexy. Dan is really good at what he does and creates wonderful photographs, but lately he just can't get this feeling of wanting more than just capturing other peoples' happy moments. And then she walked into his shop...Dan has been having a fantasy involving elf ears, Santa's chair, and a gorgeous woman and it seems that might just happen for him readers. This is a sweet story with only the slightest bit of kink, but sometimes it's about location, location, location folks. An entertaining and memorable encounter and fantasy for those of you who may be just a bit frazzled by the lines at the mall Santa's photo shop and need to drift off for a moment and ease some of that holiday tension.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Shack Written by Paul Young

Hello readers, wow, I feel like a mean lean reading machine, bring on the books! I’ve got to say… I found this book painful to listen to it was almost too much to finish, this just wasn’t my kind of book, I thought it was the description sounded creative and a bit playful, in a murderous kind of way. But, I was led to a book that just isn’t me. Mackenzie Allen Phillips’s youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during her family vacation, and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Four years later, in the midst of his great sadness, Mack receives a suspicious note, apparently from God, inviting him back to that shack for a weekend. Against his better judgment he arrives at the shack on wintry afternoon and walks back into his darkest nightmare. What he finds there will change his life forever. Okay, so I have to admit the beginning of this book had me hooked it’s about this gentlemen whose nobody of real importance he had a hard lot in life and was given a really short stick and made the most of what he had…even if that put red in his ledger. Still, okay it’s a pleasant/unpleasant enough tale and this could be anyone you’re reading about readers because “Mac” is just an average guy. Then things begin to change readers…this was a really heavy on the religion book. I mean wowza, I get the message the author is going for really I do, and a lot of it I can respect, but what took so many hours to tell and go through could have been done in such a shorter time I get Mac has to make this journey to find his way, but the message is just spouted over and over again…sure I’m not one for organized religion or religion in general, but I’m all for people being good to one another, but this was just OKAY I GOT IT, can we please move on now? I was absolutely ready to write this book off the middle to end was just a repeat of Macs thoughts, feelings, and him getting the message given to him, but then something happened. I continued listening to the audio book which the actual book was read by Roger Mueller not a bad reader, but not overly great either, his crying scenes didn’t touch me so much as agitate me at times, he just wasn’t convincing to me in his anguish, but not a bad narrator. So, after the book ends the author comes on and talks, he’s definitely a religious man and stands by his writing and beliefs. I can respect that, but this book wasn’t really meant for me, if you’re religious though in the Christian sense and enjoy a good philosophical book with a message of love and community then this is a book for you. For me not so much.  

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Running with Scissors a memoir Written by: Augusten Burroughs

Well readers, much as I love this holiday season I would not be me without a little sarcasm and bitterness at that. This readers is Burroughs first memoir I've read three of his so far and his first novel, but I finally picked up the one that started it all. This book left me feeling a bit grimy like Burrough's life sloshed off on me a little, where previous books I read had some resolutions and a resolve to the issues of Burrough's life this book his first one was quite educational. This book is the true story of a boy whose delusional poet mother gave him away to be raised by her unorthodox psychiatrist who bore a striking resemblance to Santa Clause. You really can't make this up readers...again I don't know how much of this is true, but if it is all true then creepy and even if a fraction is true ahh! So Burroughs finds himself among a very unconventional family a Doctors family living in squalor and befriends himself a pedophile who is only allowed to live in the backyards shed... this is a life of true freedom readers where rules and restrictions do not exist where one is expected to not be repressed and to be a free spirit. Augusten also has a brother whom is the complete opposite where Augusten dreams of grandeur, titles, and perfect hair his brother according to his mother's doctor was so mentally ill he couldn't help him.... Augusten's brother's response "Huh, I feel okay." It seems that the lack of structure and the over amount of available freedom bestowed upon Augusten left him with a lack of actual freedom. This was just wow, it was so twisted and either you laughed readers or wanted to scream. I can't say that I really enjoyed this book more like I digested it and kept looking away mouthing WTF? The writing is clever and the life of Augusten Burroughs was just completely off the rails to the point I am just in awe of this man's life even after having read two other books about him

Monday, December 2, 2013

Perfect Written by: Autumn Jordan

Hello fellow readers, I hope you’re all enjoying your first few days of December, I must admit this is a mixed time for me, I’ve lost a few people over the years to December, but it is also a wonderful time of year full of great memories and sometimes I find it hard to not get caught up in the holiday cheer. To me Christmas is a time of family and friends and merry making, granted I do that a lot in general, but at this time of year I get to have bright lights, lots of red, and spiked eggnog…so yeah. It is also a season of reflection, last year I lost one of my best friends since my sandbox day, he was truly a wonderful person and I believe I will always feel his loss as will all those who knew him will, but he was a person who taught me to embrace things including myself. Believe it or not readers there was a period of time I used to read even more and get lost in books rather than face reality, he, my friend taught me that even the mundane could be fun again. So, I found this little holiday book to bring my morose and contemplating self back to the happy side of things Perfect, was just that, perfect. Dylan Kincaid a bachelor whom is now the caretaker of his two young nieces while his brother and sister in law are off serving their country royally screwed up Thanksgiving, but is determined to make Christmas better. This guy ladies and gentlemen is just wowza, he’s handsome, artistic, rugged, friendly, and oh so much more. Then there’s Darcy Witherspoon whom is down on her luck, but a successful restaurant owner/chef and oh so gorgeous and quite fun. Both of these two are looking to have a happy Holiday and so meeting up in Black Moose, VT they team up to make a perfect Christmas, but due to life’s circumstances neither is interested in an affair, but readers perhaps the magic of Christmas has something more for these two? Just read this book next to a picturesque window by the light of a fire and the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree with the wrapped presents reflecting everything. This was just one of those happy and enjoyable story. Sure, there’s a little hiccup here or there but every character and every scene is just so friendly so magical it’s what everyone dreams of when they think of Christmas to just be happy and surrounded by those whom you care about and whom care about you. Sure, Christmas now of days doesn’t just happen it needs a little help, but you don’t need the biggest and flashiest decorations and gifts to make it special traditions are nice, but sometimes new traditions need to be made. The writing itself was okay there were quite a few editing mistakes but these hiccups didn’t take away or ruin the book for me. This is a book filled with maple syrup, fine food, decorations, cookies, and a whole lot of love in this small secluded town in VT. If you want to get into the Christmas spirit and have some fun then this is definitely a holiday read for you. This story with all its cavity inducing sweetness but down to earth attitude really helped me remember a lot of good about my friend and the holidays. I miss him, but there’s a lot of good memories with him including silly Christmas events. So, December is here and we begin the countdown readers.