Friday, December 6, 2013

Kissing Santa Written by: Aithne Jarretta

Who doesn’t know someone at Christmas time that is estranged from a family member or thinks about that lost love the one that got away? During this holiday season you run into a lot of this, these people can be happy and perfectly fine, but a few of them sometimes well sometimes they want a little more. Maybe they want to make up with that family member who they went gaga crazy with over an epic game of scategories. Or, maybe they want to see their high school crush and finally confess how much they love them and have missed them… whatever it is readers, this time of year just seems to make people want to confess, indulge, and create magic. In this short and I mean short tale Lily Johnson has been estranged from her family for quite a few years over the issue of a certain love interest. This though, could be the Christmas she finally reunites with them and a certain old flame. Chrisopher Crin known by friends as “Cringle” has been waiting for Lily it seems all this time, but will the storm of the century prevent him from reuniting with this true love? Readers, this was short and there was some odd plot put into this story a few moments where you were like huh? Magic? Wait, what? Huh? Okay, guess we aren’t going to touch upon what you the writer just presented us with. I actually thought perhaps I had downloaded the preview of this story and not the actual story when I began reading, but it’s amateur in this story, but cute none the less. If you want a quick before bedtime tale to tell the kiddies or yourself this isn’t a bad little tale to go to bed with.

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