Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cold Days. The Dresden Files book 14 Written by: Jim Butcher

Happy Birthday Harry Dresden... He died doing the right thing. Well, at least he was only mostly dead which means he was just a tiny bit alive, and in this most recent Jim Butcher Book Harry Dresden learns that maybe being dead wasn't really all that hard compared to what he is forced to face in Cold Days. This recent book was just a jolt to my system, the opening of the book was quite expected in the fact that Harry is now the winter knight to the Queen of Air and Darkness, and she's throwing Harry quite the coming out extravaganza complete with a Winter lady with certain beauty treatment, a beautiful escort, and very deadly entity to help him with becoming acclimated to Winter Court.  Things in this book never stall, slow, or even take a breath. Think of a final Fantasy Game when you're leveling up and just fighting battle after battle... well then make all of those battles mini to large boss battles and you're out of Phoenix Downs. Poor Harry is losing clothing, blood, and his sense of trust left and right, but he's also gaining enemies, power, and problems. He is the Winter Knight after all and with that mantel comes a bit of responsibility to Mab and Mab has given Harry a task which makes previous tasks seem like a standard walk in the park. Thankfully for as much as Harry has lost he's still that wacky, sarcastic, rag tag Wizard and though things have changed so many things will always stay the same. Cold Days introduced quite a bit of questions and though it revealed many answers ( I mean BIG answers) it also didn't answer everything but Butcher is leading us further into his Noir world and it looks like everything has a purpose in previous books leading up to now. Even small to large characters come into this book so the gang a bit battered and weary are back into the fray, but can Harry Trust them, and in turn can they trust him? There are so many emotional and physical wars going on and a straight answer appears to be impossible to come by. But, it's all in a day’s work for Harry and his Merry Band of folk to take on the world and save it right? A few of these arguments are a tad old, but are relationships ever not complicated? The action that goes on is still friggen AWESOME! I mean c'mon when an event like this and Hallows Eve brings together you're Winter Knight average yellow page Wizard, a Jolly guy, a leader of a hunt, Freddie Mercury, Magic, bad guys, and protectors from all areas both mortal and immortal, and we're on the outside looking in how could this not be just AWESOME! SO, here is Harry Copperfield Blackstone Dresden and he did Die doing the right thing and he's going to keep on going and trying to do the right thing, but will the Winter Mantel and Mab make that possible? Read for yourselves readers and beware Jim Butcher does not hold back his punches and will really make you think to the very end of this book.

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