Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rocky Mountain Novel Heat A Six Pack Ranch Book 1 written by: Vivian Arend

Hello all, to quote a character who is wise and quite awesome and from another series... "Human Mating habits are stupid"... That being said I did enjoy this latest book I finished by Vivian Arend. We are introduced to the beautiful and determined Jaxi. Jaxi practically grew up on the Coleman farm and among the six Coleman brothers. The Coleman brood were all practically Jaxi 's brothers, but she isn't their sister when it comes to reality. Now, Jaxi is all grown up and she has a plan to finally catch Blake Coleman's eye and his heart. Blake Coleman though is old enough to realize giving into one's urges and not thinking things through can cause a whole heck of a lot of trouble. However, when an accident puts Jaxi smack dab into the middle of Blake's life ignoring his natural impulses is becoming quite impossible. In Blake's eyes he is Jaxi's older brother and knows wanting her is just wrong. That being said the friction between the two of these people is about to create quite the fire. But, Blake's other younger brothers are also noticing the beautiful blonde with legs for days woman Jaxi has grown into. These brothers are more than willing to risk a few broken bones to fight for Jaxi. Again, "Human mating habits are stupid." These two clearly want to be together and yet this book is going to torture and tantalize us with their very real courtship. There are some very steamy scenes within this book and not to be cliche but quite a bit of boot knocking too. This is not just a full on erotic tale readers there is family, courtship, love, drama, and alright a whole lot of erotic scenes that will have you gasping. Arend does a magnificent job at setting the stage for future books too. Now, I know what you're asking, do they end up together? Well, you'll have to read and enjoy this book as much as I did. It is book one in the series, after all there are six Coleman brothers, and I cannot wait to read more about these brothers and their lives down on the farm and between the bed sheets, and on the table, and in the barn. Right, good read and well written. Until later fellow readers.