Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas with the Alexanders The Alexanders, Book 3.5 Written by: M. Malone

Hello readers, second book of the Christmas season, and oh how guilty I feel simply because it's not even December yet, but seeing as my parents are here and I don't see them that often and never see them at Christmas time we decide to celebrate out Xmas right after Thanksgiving we're creating a new family tradition just for us especially since my brother is rarely if ever around for the Holidays since his line of work demands him to not be around for the Holidays. So, where am I going with this? Well, I downloaded a Christmas book that I now realize was part of a series, but it was a cute tale all the same. We are introduced to the Alexander family, from what I read of this family they are the perfect example of all that is good and perfect with a family, and Kaylee Wilhelm at some point made a connection to this family. Kaylee wants Elliott Alexander to notice her, but it seems that he doesn't like her much, so she's spending the holidays with her disapproving parents. Some event occurs and Elliott Alexander is finally in the position to come home for good, but for Alexander this means bittersweet memories and the only woman who makes him feel things he isn't ready for. Then readers a bad storm and a lack of diapers causes Kaylee to reach out to Elliott and Elliott finds himself wishing to protect Kaylee. As I said readers I just completely dropped myself into this series and it's clear a whole lot of back story and perhaps some past references, but the the author Malone was really good at keeping me up to speed. This was a charming Christmas tale that showed it is more than gifts it is about those who you love be they family or friends. Not a complex or overly in depth story, but cute all the same, I may try to check out this series from the beginning and continue learning about this new cast of characters, but a good story to keep me on the Christmas season path.

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Christmas Train Written by: David Baldacci

Hello readers, well we're approaching another season, yup that special time of year, granted I love all the seasons and all the holidays, but for a lot of people this is the one, and this is the time of year for a lot of people that talking to that complete stranger isn't such a weird idea. Why not get to know a complete stranger and let them into your life? It's funny reader, when you become familar with an author you grow to know their cadence their style of writing how they will have the words flow how the plot will develop and conclude... I've only read one book by David Baldacci actually I listend and so I borrowed another book from my Father in laws audible library. I didn't even look at the author I just went "Christmas" okay I can trust Bruce it will be good, and well after a few chapters I knew just KNEW this was David Baldacci. Mr. Baldacci must also have a type of person that he likes to read his book because Tim Matheson the narrator of this story had such a similar voice to the other book I listened to by Baldacci. The people who created this audio book did an amazing job with music, sound affects, and background noise. The story itself was something of a story within a story within a story I was very happy to take a journey with every one of these passangers on the trains crossing the United States. We are introduced to the ex war journalist .... whom is looking for something in his life, he's without family and is feeling lost he's not quite sure what he is missing, but he does believe what he has to show for his life is pretty sad. Baldacci does at times become preachy about train travel, but he does share some interesting facts with us. The crazy cast of characters are so fun to be around and the story as a whole is just something that is truly fascinating and awesome in it's grand and fun design. This is a feel good let's get in the Christmas holiday mood, and will have you ready to be with your loved ones and want to perhaps spread some of your own holiday cheer.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Moonlight Mile Written by: Dennis Lehane

Why hello readers, only one more day until Turkey and I am counting down the hours, I love Turkey absolutely loooove it (at least I do until I eat way too much of it every Thanksgiving)…and it’s the one Holiday I’m never traveling somewhere for, my family comes to me and It’s awesome. It seems readers I randomly stumbled into a sequel, and into an acclaimed authors world. I had the pleasure of listening to Moonlight Mile written by Dennis Lehane. What a setting this author creates I found myself walking down the streets of my town the darkness falling early so I try to walk in the light but in my area there are always shadows, and having this book inside of my head really added some extra ambiance to my experience especially in the windy cold and rain. I admit I really didn’t recognize the name and it wasn’t until after that I realized this was the sequel to Gone, Baby, Gone… oh boy, or that this author wrote Mystic River, The Given Day, or Shutter Island…which I’ve read none of these, but I’ve seen Shutter Island and thought hm..that looks like a book I’d like to read. Okay, so this book…wowza what a fun book…okay if the underbelly and depressing truth about Boston and its suburbs is fun, but in a way Lehane made it so. I was introduced to Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro this is quite the suspenseful book and is an explosive story of vengeance and redemption. Years ago Patrick and Angela turned over a little girl to a highly neglectful mother and quite the depressing environment even though they knew they were returning her to a bad home they did their job. Now though Amanda McCready 16 years old is missing. Patrick and Angela have to work together and put aside old issues and focus on the now and hopefully they won’t have to make another rough decision concerning Amanda’s future and life. The main character and voice of the book Patrick, you just felt for this guy and really like him readers, the guy is savy and a bit slick, and clearly is good at what he does, but he's in a young mans game, and it seems Patrick though good isn't quite so young anymore. I really liked Angela too she's oh so sexy and yet oh so down to earth she can be the bad girl or the computer genius a deadly combination. I loved this book readers! It takes place in my backyard and I go to quite a few of the areas mentioned in this book and the writing was just so real so crisp and sure brings a lot of the city that I loves underbelly into play. It’s also a tale that deals with the problem with the black and white world there’s a whole lot of gray in the world and sometimes doing the right thing isn’t doing the right thing. No one I know lives in a perfectly happy world readers, there’s always something there to remind you that the World has a very dark side a very scary side and it can invade your world no matter how well you live or how good you behave. But, this book also shows that sometimes you can wade into the gray of things and still sleep just fine at night afterwards, because you did do the right thing, maybe on black and white paper it wouldn’t look it, but in your heart you knew it was your only choice. This audio book was voiced by Jonathan Davis and I admit I was put off a little bit by this voice actor, his voice itself was awesome, but his accents were all over the place I mean just all over and sometimes he lost which character he was and had to slip back into the voice he was doing. The slip ups in voice acting didn’t take away from the writing or the story the book was just fabulous and I definitely didn’t see a lot of what was coming in the plot even at the very end this author held just the right amount of mystery in his hands and unleashed it in an electrifying ending that fizzles out with a grace I could really appreciate. I may just have to read those other books I spoke of earlier. Oh also readers forgive me this book takes place right before Christmas, I know! It’s not quite Turkey time, but…I didn’t know! Still Thanksgiving comes into play too so perhaps it was just the right book to make you truly appreciate what you have and could lose.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Than Friends Written by: Aria Grace

Hello readers, well let's jump right in shall we? We find ourselves viewing Ryan Edwards life he has recently become a free man as in no longer attached. Ryan had been until recently in a four year committed relationship, but after three years of trying to juggle a long distance relationship, school and work, it just didn't work out. Now, Paul...Ryan's co-worker who is quite the horn dog is trying to get Ryan back into the dating game or at least the casual hook up game. Ryan is ready to get out of this single funk, more than ready, but he's just not interested in other girls it seems. So one night Ryan thinks perhaps he just might have found a girl to get out of this single funk, but Drea though quite attractive just isn't doing it for him and somehow Ryan finds himself more interested in Zach, Drea's cousin. Drea's Gay cousin as Ryan later learns. Ryan isn't gay, but he is drawn to Zach and finds himself wanting to spend more time with Zach and maybe just maybe something is there? What is Ryan to do? A very hot and exploitative read my fellow readers and oh so sweet. I very much enjoyed this book and you might just find yourself becoming a bit hot and bothered about these romantic and oh so graphic moments.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Shadow Tag Written by: Louise Erdrich

Hello readers, have you ever heard a tune and knew just knew this song will not have a happy ending? That is how Shadow Tag the audio version begins. We begin on a day in November, Irene America is a mother of three children two boys and a girl and she is quite the descriptive woman. Irene is the wife of an successful artist whom is handsome and she is beautiful they have a wonderful home and live an artist life. But, it seems readers looks can be quite deceiving, what appears to be a loving marriage filled with passion it seems is without trust. Irene has discovered that her husband Gil, has been reading her diary, and to Irene this is the last straw the break in her trust, she is Gil’s muse his subject matter in all of his art she bares her body, soul, and life to the world through Gil’s paintings. And yet, Gil wants more he wants to be inside of his wife’s  very mind, and to prove she’s keeping a secret affair from him. So, Irene begins to keep a secret Blue Notebook, she has stashed this book safely in a safe-deposit box. There Irene records the truth about her life and marriage. But, Irene continues to write inside of her Red Diary where she knows Gil will find it and turns this Diary into a manipulative piece of work. Both Irene and Gil are trying to keep up appearances for their three children, but their home is becoming a place of increasing violence and the children are noticing these events more and more. Irene it seems is turning more and more to alcohol and it seems is bent on her own destruction. This readers is a sad tale, it’s written quite poetically but it is just sad when you see these stories over and over again. Both Gil and Irene are clearly lost individuals and need help, but it appears they don’t know how to even admit that to themselves, there is a lot of blame going on and a lot of denial and a whole lot of lies. This story was so frustrating too readers, the relationship Gil and Irene has is almost text book in the abuse and failed attempts to heal a broken relationship. This book also brings a bit of the Native American culture and questions of identity into the mix as well as the struggle with coming from a rough background and trying to realize that it is okay now we can be happy now we can move on… So many people I know readers never realize when it is okay to just be to just accept the good when you have had a life full of so much disappointment and so much pain it becomes a part of you. So, when that pain is gone when it’s not part of the now, how do you separate it from you? That pain, that life before the one you created for yourself is who made you whom you are today, so how does someone survive that and just leave it all behind? Perhaps you don’t have physical scars from these events and perhaps you don’t share them with the world, but they’re there and they were you at one point, and sometimes we pass that pain on. We’re following Irene, but this muse, this wife, this mother has a lot to overcome and yet she can’t let go of Gil and Gil refuses to let go of her after all he loves her. Narrated by Coleen Marlo whom really brought this story to life and gave Irene such a real voice and all the characters a life of their own...I especially loved her becoming unhinged Irene voice. Not exactly the tale of family one usually wishes to read before the Thanksgiving Holiday, but it does put some things in life into perspective readers. Erdrich really created a good and uneasy read that was quite graphic and hits a lot of issues right on the head.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Stranger in Wynnedower Written by: Grace Greene

Hello readers, brr it’s getting brisk in this area, and I absolutely love all the wonderful small and crisp smells. I tell you I have the pleasure of passing a shop that has fresh baked break in the morning that combined with the aromas of people’s coffees and teas from their respective coffee shops is just so tantalizing. The smells and crisp cool winds just make me want to walk on by my office and loop my walk and keep on walking. Have you guessed yet that I adore this season? So, I decided with this time of year when the flowers are fading, the days becoming shorter, and the shadows lengthening perhaps it was time to read a tale with mystery involved. A Stranger In Wynnedower was the most recent book I had the pleasure of reading, though readers this was an interesting book in the fact yes it was a mystery, but it was also a bit of a love story. I found myself reading about Rachel Sevier, a thirty two year old inventory specialist with the most striking golden brown eyes and a no nonsense haircut who has a jack of all trades knack for life. Rachel my dear readers is looking to change her life, she’s hoping to surprise her brother at the Southern Gothic estate called Wynnendower in Virginia, but before she visits her brother he stops returning her calls. Rachel is perplexed and quite worried and upon arrival Rachel discovers her brother Jeremy has vanished and now she finds Jack Wynne the mansion’s bad tempered and short spoken owner. Jack is not at all happy to have Rachel at his home and is angry with her brother for taking off from his care taker responsibilities without a word. Jack Wynne is a large man who is quite grisly in his nature and demeanor but there’s a certain attractiveness in his form, and Jack has his own plans concerning his life. Jack is tired of being responsible for everyone and everything, and he wants to be free of those obligations.  Now, he has this woman Rachel snooping around searching for her irresponsible brother, but Jack allows Rachel to stay and wait for Jeremy. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and even though Rachel has a knack for taking inventory and organizing things it appears there is quite a bit she’s not being told about Wynnedower. It’s a cute read my fellow book readers, there’s some interesting things going on in the background, but the author leaves so much for us to imagine and keep the air of mystery thick that some of the plot seems to have been lacking where some detail and dramatic moments could have been added, and for as hard Greene tried to keep the truth from surfacing I figured out what was going on pretty darn quick but maybe some of you will or would take longer to discover the secrets Wynnedower has to share? A wonderful read to pass these beautiful fall mornings, afternoons, and evenings readers.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Twelve Book 2 in the Passage Trilogy written by: Justin Cronin

We’ve gone round in a circle…well more like a figure eight well more like a figure eight on acid.  What is life worth to you fellow readers? How much would you fight for a better life? Would you join your enemy? Would you fight them at the cost of your life of the ones you love life’s? Would you just shut all the bad away and escape within your mind? What would you do?  It seems that after everything the end of the world was only the beginning and we’ll have to live in past, present, and future. In Justin Cronin’s The Twelve, book two in the Passage Trilogy. Every character readers will be important every event will interlock and become part of this world’s both old and new story. In the present day we are following a woman called Lila who is an expectant mother who is so shattered by the spread of the government made infection and violence that she ignores reality to a degree of constantly painting and prepping for her unborn baby. There are others readers an ex solider whom will be known as “Last Stand in Denver.” Will also be warped into this new reality and become someone he never planned to be. Then there’s April a teenager is fighting to protect her little brother and all three will realize something that should bring comfort they are not fully abandoned they are not alone, but what If what’s coming for them isn’t the salvation they need? What if their salvation will bring about more darkness?  Then we morph to the future a hundred years to be precise, and we are faced with Amy, after the last book I thought readers maybe things would be better for this poor girl? It seems that way, but there are always the Twelve and Zero. Amy and the others fight on for humankind’s salvation, but even they can’t realize the enemy has changed the rules. The monsters are evolving and humans are losing hope some are even joining the monsters for just a promise of more life. This readers is where the ultimate sacrifice will be made as the future that the Twelve are trying to make for the world is more horrifying than man’s extinction. If these Twelve man made monsters are to be vanquished then someone or some people will need to make even more sacrifices. This book was absolutely thrilling readers, I had to pay extra close even though Scott Brick the reader was so crisp and clear in his dialogue truly an excellent narrator, but the words Cronin uses the sheer detail and interlocking plots are just so vast that you need to really pay attention.  My mind felt like it was floating at times readers living in multiple times and through multiple people and at times the same people Cronin does a wonderful job at evolving his characters and the plot, but sometimes things became just a tad jumbled especially towards the end, what the heck was that all about? What is going on? What exactly happened? I am not sure readers, but I absolutely cannot wait to find out.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sandman Overture by: Neil Gaiman & J.H. Williams III

Hello readers, so, this is what I was given...."Discover the events leading up to Morpheus’ capture at the beginning of the SANDMAN series with this prequel limited series by the legendary Neil Gaiman and award-winning artist J.H. Williams III." Yup, that's it, and yet I knew just KNEW I HAD TO READ THIS COMIC! Thanks to my friend for given this to me for my knows me so well. I never review individual comics readers, I usually wait for the trade paperback or the hardcover containing many of the trade paperbacks to review a comic series, but this is a special case indeed, because this is Morepheus! Dream! And all of the other endless! I fell in love with this author Neil Gaiman through his comic series many years ago, it was just so different from anything else I had ever read from the comic universe just so dark, dreamy, disjointed, and yet soooo fascinating. And, though it's been many years since the Sandman series ended Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III has brought us back into their universe(s) Let us not forget the other artists, letterers, editors, etc... either Dave McKean, Dave Stewart, Todd Klein, Gregory Lockard, Karen Berger, Shelly Bond, and the other two original creators Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg. For those of you who have been waiting to see more of the Sandman's story or rather "Dream's" story you won't be disapointed by this revival and though the comic itself raises maaaaaany new questions it also is creating a wonderful set up. I absolutely enjoyed stepping back into this radical world full of color and yet devoid of it at times too the artists have each page changing never quite allowing us to get our footing, and the story does the same too. It I believe readers will be quite the adventure, and I so look forward to seeing where we will end up will it be the beginning or end?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

After Dead, What came next in The World Of Sookie Stackhouse Written by: Charlaine Harris

It's funny readers I was so ready to put this series to bed to just let go and be happy the world of Sookie was over. But, then...Charlaine Harris brought this book into the picture my gosh. Sooooo this isn't a novel readers not one little bit, but it does put quite a few peoples stories to rest from A to Z literally. It was interesting and a little weird reading about characters and their lives and how many of theirs continued or ended. What took Charlaine 13 books to flesh out and give us only took her a few sentences to end. I've seen Japanese/Korean/etc... manga do this type of book so it wasn't completely alien to me, but it was different for a novella series. Still, for this being the "Final End" Harris gave us a few clues to us readers that maybe just maybe she's not done with the universe she created, and maybe just maybe we will be seeing more of this world and a few characters we're familiar with perhaps? This is an incredibly fast read, but it is interesting just how Harris chose to do this and answer questions about second, third, even fourth primary characters. A delightful look indeed and another way to say goodbye for now to this delightful world.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dark Lover A Novel of The Black Dagger Brotherhood Written by: J.R. Ward

Allo readers, my well, talk about reading two books where the authors have completely different interpretations of a classic supernatural being. After having read a certain dark book I though, hm... well what else do I have here? So I picked up a book one of my gf's lent me, she didn't tell me it was part of a series or that it was so...spicy. Granted, looking at the cover of this book and the title I could only assume there was going to be some face fanning while reading this book. Oh my :insert silly giggling girl smile: In Caldwell NY there's a battle going on that's spanned the centuries since a race was born from the Scribe Virgin a race known as Vampires, but readers there's a new twist here, there's magic, birth, loyalty, oaths, and all around mystic to this special race separate from humans. These are not the sexy vampires whom drink the blood of humans to survive...well okay they're pretty damn sexy, but these vampires can only survive by drinking the blood of their own kind, and not kill them, just a sip and you're good to go. However, these vampires are being hunted by soulless creatures whom only want them dead just because they exist. Which brings us to Wrath the only purebred vampire left on the planet, and he has a score to settle with these slayers who murdered his parents centuries ago. But, even the mighty Wrath has to stand by as one of his bravest brothers is killed orphaning a half-breed daughter unaware of her heritage or her fate. Now, Wrath must take this beautiful female into this world of his this world of fighting and blood shed. Beth, she is racked by a restlessness in her body and has always been alone, but Beth Randall is now forced to no longer be alone. Now Beth is helpless against the dangerously sexy man who comes to her at night with shadows in his eyes she has to deal with these new emotions and the possibility of a new life. There's a lot of information for an entire race and their culture that is transposed over our own world. Plus some serious chemistry going on between this fierce ancient warrior and strong independent journalist. I very much enjoyed this book and had to fan my face a few times to keep my blush from creeping up after all it always comes down to a lover doesn't it readers? Some serious dark shit going on here too, so for those of you who like a little pain, action, explosions, and danger total buzz there too. And so I see I've possibly started yet again another series, but seriously cool take on the Vamp world.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Passage Written by: Justin Cronin

It's that time again readers, the time when the Earth begins to sleep, well at least those areas that are subject to such seasons, still for my region this works. We have our safety from the darkness we have our lights, our walls, our heat, our modern creations against most illness and can hold back death for so much longer now when a 100 years ago many of us would likely perish. But, what happens when the lights don't protect us? When we are no longer safe from the dark? What happens when someone decides...yes.. I can do this because I can. I just had the pleasure of listening to The Passage written by Justin Cronin, and what a listen readers! The narrators of this book were Scott Brick, Adenrele Ojo, and Abby Craden top notch indeed. They really brought this story to me and kept me glued to my headphones for days straight. This book was lacking absolutely nada it was just so packed with detail and story after gripping story. This readers is a book about a catastrophe and then survival. This is a story about a girl...but isn't it always? Before she was a 1,000 years old she was just a little girl she was just Amy.. of course there was a middle name and even last name, but as time goes on no one remembers these or wants them to be remembered. Amy is a six year old girl abandoned by her mother, but there's a story there too readers and it's so sad and sadly so common. The story jumps in the beginning readers so much that I wasn't quite sure what I was listening to or where this was going, but right off the bat my heart was pumping and preparing for me to run to follow these characters in this terrifying tale. The world is just so normal it's a bit more in the future, but still we can all totally relate to this world Cronin is introducing us to. It's amazing how out of love true horror can be born from good intentions... the road to hell is paved with good intentions and all that. There is something very shady going on and some shadowy figures are looking to bring Amy to them to be part of a very special experiment. She's nobody so what does it matter? And, what does it matter that you feel that tickling in your throat that feverish chill and pain in your stomach? What does it matter, cause after all you're not sick you're absolutely fine right? This experiment this program brings upon the apocalypse and even though a Special Agent Brad Wolgast tries to save Amy, well...things don't work out the way we think they will. Ofcourse the end of the world as we know it occurs, wouldn't be much of a plot if that didn't happen. This book was like two or three in one... and how quickly society falls apart how quickly we forget... we just want to survive to live... but it seems like in that survival in that forgetfulness we are always forced to live it again. Even with a little piece of salvation how quickly we turn on our own and are ready for more blood shed when there are so few to spill it.  The odd thing is readers it seems like for all the horror man has created there's some invisible force something that is left behind to help humanity to help the world, but why? Who or what is helping these people? I use help veeeeery loosely cause this cast of characters have no picnic whatsoever if there's a moment of happiness readers just gets worse.  Amy is forced to walk alone across the world across time, and as a little girl she is burdened with a terrible knowledge that only she has the power to save the ruined world. There are several narrative voices throughout this story, and each of them were just so normal. I won't spoil this book for you it's a fabulous end of the world story and there's so many layers you won't be bored.... you might want to stay in the sun, have a blade, a gun, and pray the sickness doesn't come to you.

Friday, November 1, 2013

It's Not Enough (The Clover Leaf Café, Book 1) Written by Melissa F. Hart

Well, keeping with the sign of Scorpio readers let’s start this fall month off with a little saucy read… The one night stand, no strings, the successful business person who uses everyone to satisfy their carnal appetites, but that’s okay because people expect that of them, and sometimes you just need to itch that scratch. Who hasn’t at one point or another just wanted to be wanted and to have their desires met and then go on with their merry lives? Some may say that cheapens sex and the act of it, but that’s some people for others it’s just what you need sometimes. Jeff Masterson is such a man he’s a very blessed man indeed extremely successful, extremely handsome, and extremely good in bed. Jeff is a man who has a reputation for never taking the same woman to his bed twice, and still women go to him. That is except for Lisa Smith a local waitress in the town Jeff lives whom never flirts with Jeff if anything she appears to be hostile towards his teasing and flirtation nature. Lisa is leggy, intelligent, sassy, and oh so sexy, and until recently she had a steady relationship, but now that’s all over. Lisa is feeling less than herself and rejected and then she thinks she knows just what can help her feel better to make her feel desirable. Lisa has decided a one night stand with no strings is exactly what she needs what she need is Jeff. There’s more to this story than just good non emotionally messy sex readers. This tale has some deeper issues below the surface that both characters portray, of course the erotic scenes are quite enjoyable, but the fact these two are actually real people and not quite so fantasy and otherworldly makes it just a bit more raw and interesting. So, what’s going to happen with the one stand be enough? Or, are these two very normal people going to have to face what a lot of people have to face? Feelings.