Monday, March 31, 2014

Skinny Dip Written by: Carl Hiassen

Why hello there readers, phew, well, my apologies, I've been so crazy busy lately that I just decided to take a break from reading. Right, a lot of people go on vacation to enjoy reading I went on vacation and read comics and just let my mind zen out, and it was amazing! I had the pleasure of going to St. John with a few awesome family members and of course my husband. A lot of people upon our travels at the airport and people I spoke to before I left were talking about going to Florida.....and :shiver: readers after listening to another Carl Hiassen book, well... I don't think I could ever vacation in FL, not that St. John didn't have its own issues, but Florida just seems like that special kind of crazy and sleazy. And, from what I've seen on the news the past few years, just not for me, but hey that's just me many make FL their home, so who am I to judge? So, in this latest book I had the pleasure of listening to by Hiassen of course left me wishing to take a shower after and save a patch of wildlife. We are introduced to marine "biologist" Chaz Perrone whom can't even tell the difference between salt water and fresh water... and when he throws his beautiful wife, Joey, off a cruise liner, he really should have known better. An expert swimmer, Joey makes her way to a floating bale of Jamaican pot, and then to an island inhabited by an ex-cop names Mick Stranahan. (recognize the name readers?) Now, Joey wants to get revenge on Chaz and Mick's happyt help her. But, in sswampy South Florida, to seperate truthes from lies versus brilliance and utter stupidity isn't exactly either. There's an odd ensamble of people here readers and not all of them are exactly sleazy, but they're not exactly model citizens either... and then there's Chaz who's bad at murder, great at fraud, obsessed with himself in bed, and just terrible at getting caught. Readers, I absolutely loathed the Chaz character and after I adapted to Stephen Hoye's voice acting I realized his voice was best to give Chaz that extra bit of slime to it, and yet he made Joey sound relatable, strong, and quite intelligent. The world Hiassen creates is so tangible and even though I always want to shower and avoid Florida after reading his books I really enjoy how his stories come together and wrap up, that being said, so much is true in this book about the environmental disasters happening in FL I cannot help but feel a bit sad this time too, a good read indeed readers, especially if you've come back from Tropical paradise and need something to make you appreciate your wet, cold, and dreary New England home.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Skin Tight Written by: Carl Hiaasen

Right, Carl Hiaasen, this is the second book I've listened to written by him, and yet again I feel like I need to shower and go clean something. His book just left me feeling all grubby again. This latest book I read by him also left me for some odd reason thinking about Hamlet, but this story was not really anything like Hamlet. Except perhaps for the rather large body count... The book opens with the murder of a pistol-packing intruder, and not with a baseball bat, crowbar, or even gun, but with the aid of a stuffed Marlin head, right here you know this is going to be insane... Mick Stranahan realizes a bit later on that he can't deny that someone is out to get him. The now deceased by home decor intruder carries no I.D., and Mick being a former Florida state investigator knows there are plenty of people out there who would potentially love to bring his life to an abrupt end. The list of potential suspects include an off point hit man, a personal injury lawyer, a notoriously irritating TV journalist, perhaps one of his five ex-wives, and a fumbling plastic surgeon... just to name a few. Hiaasen  has a wonderful way with writing about Florida, it just makes me never want to visit this state... but I am quite fascinated with how such a tropical paradise could be so... slimy. Aided by the vocal talents of George Wilson once more, Hiaasen's characters take on an even more sleazy dialect and you can feel the oil just oozing from these characters because of Wilson's pitch and intonations. Though, I still don't like how Wilson gives his females such high nasal voices or low congested voices, but somehow it works. There's a whole lot of wheeling and dealing going on here readers; money, sex, favors, and promises will exchange hands multiple times and people will be stabbed in the back more than a few times, a rather tricky game indeed. Hiaasen serves us up some crazy action with a lot of comedic help as well as some cringe worthy moments. Seriously there's one scene I am so glad I was sitting and not running, because I almost past out it was so graphic... So, if Stranahan wants to keep living into his golden years he has no choice but to come out of retirement and attempt to close one last case that will take him back through the past as well as to multiple states and dealing with some rather colorful and oh so shady characters. This book was awesome readers, and everyone it seems is destined to have their just deserts one way or another Hiaasen will strike at everyone with his pen and not in an elegant stroke but with a slash that would make Jack The Ripper proud.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wild Card Down & Dirty Book One Written by: Moira Rogers

Why hello there readers, yawn, pardon the lack of blog posts, this year I certainly started off strong, but things they are a changing and I decided to take some free online classes, but yeesh, I can read a good book for hours, but ask me to read scientific journals and watch video lectures, and my brain goes.. nap time? So, thought my brain might like a little pick me up, and so I read this little gem. This book is about a world that has turned its back on science after the human population went crazy with it and caused a major population decline so great that now werewolves can live among humans relatively safe. So, big machines and technology has been reset to the early 1900's and Jack Owens just happens to be Alpha of the Lonely River Pack, and as Alpha that makes him in charge of and protector to all the areas werewolves even if said wolves want nothing to do with him or the pack even if that wolf were named Ginny Howard. Ginny has been a bit of a thorn to Jack since she took over her families business a few years ago, but lately it has gotten even worse because you see readers, both Jack the man and Jack the wolf desire and admire Ginny. But, Jack is an excellent hunter, and he knows how to bide his time and knows not to push himself upon Ginny. Ginny, however, is quite aware of Jack and she is fighting fiercely to keep her independence and freedom from Jack. Ginny is one tough cookie and fights both men and werewolf men off alike as they do not take kindly to having a female out business them or out power them, but Ginny believes that is their problem and to hell with them. A romantic and quite erotic tale set in a very interesting landscape readers, it is a short tale, but there are some steamy moments and quite an interesting base this author has created in which she can build up their series if they so desire. I was delightfully distracted from reality and want to know more about this new world Rogers has introduced me to.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Consenting Adults Five Short Stories Written by: J. Lea Lopez

Consent, it is a powerful thing in the world my fellow readers, especially when two (or more) people consent to give themselves to one another in a sexual way. Consent, a powerful force indeed. In this book there are five tales that deal specifically with consent. The first story "Consenting adults" deals with the exploration of eroticism between two lovers and a whole lot of "YES!" between lovers. Who hasn't had an office crush or wanted to get a little freaky withtheir attractive co-workers? Quite the steamy introduction. Not a bad opening to this collection, the second story "The Haricot Verts" gives us  peek in on a tense moment between a couple where one half of this couple is having trouble with communicating what exactly is on her mind. What can I say about this second story? I honestly do not know, perhaps one of you can explain to me just what the heck was going on? I am puzzled. The third story...Two words readers....Shower Scene. The third tale "The reluctant Exhibitionist" takes us in the world of a young couple who are learning to open up and share their fantasies without embarrassment. Very kinky and romantic, and seriously who has not had an embarrasing moment or two or three... when they wanted to share an intimate secret or create one with their partner?  The fourth tale "The Adventures of Sasquatch" is kind of a frustrating tale involving a pretty awesome single mom, and her big feet, and how she is determined to reclaim her inner curb stomping awesome princess self. I liked this tale, it was cute and a tad funny and who does not have something about themselves that they think at times holds them back? The last and final tale is something many people face it is titled "Between the Lines" this tale shows us what happens when long-hidden desires, but are they really hidden? No, that is for sure, these two people know what they want, and they are willing to show and share with one another just what they desire. Phew, hormones are running wild all over this book, and without being overly crude this is a collection of fun, romantic, erotic, and okay a little bit of raunchy tales. Not a bad read if you want to curl up for a minute or two to just take a breather and peak into other people's lives.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Shadow Fires Written by: Dean Koontz

Why hello there readers, and here we are another new month and the possibilities endless. But, so long as you are still among the living correct? Granted, I have read a book where cadavers actually have quite a fascinating life after death, but those are our shells only correct? But, what if death was not the end? Readers, science is breaking new ground everyday and exploring possibilities that in the past were absolute works of fiction and devices and medical advancements we have today would seem wholly alien and impossible  to our ancestors... so, I picked up this book from a certain Father in Law's library (I mean c'mon Dean Koontz how could I resist?) So, we have our heroine Rachel Leben and her soon to be Ex husband Eric... but soon after a heated argument Eric ends up dead...and no readers Rachel did not kill Eric, if anything Rachel is perfect in her behavior and has quite the classy character. So, after seven years of marriage one of which included Rachel leaving her husband she is free, or is she? Rachel appears paranoid and not upset by Eric's death, and then his body vanishes from the morgue, and other bodies are discovered, murdered in quite a horrific manner. Just what is going on? That is what Ben Shadway, Rachel's beau wishes to know, but Rachel has a secret too terrible to share with anyone, and too terrible for anyone to believe. The couple soon find themselves being followed in a rather hostel manner by forces who wish to silence and kill them. Ben is a very classic kind of guy readers, at first I thought he was absolutely naive and delusional mostly because I cannot understand people who idealize eras in the world and act like they were perfect... but I get off track, Ben is quite the nut to crack and he is full of pleasant surprises. Can Rachel trust him though, and can she finally admit just how much she loves him? These are of course not the only cast of characters if you have read a Dean Koontz novel before readers, you will know this guy likes to have multiple plots that will converge with the main one perhaps even multiple times. This was an audio book and I had the pleasure of listening to Sandra Burr with her talented voice, I have listened to multiple books narrated by her and I absolutely love her male voices and the special effects she brings to the plot. She blends her voice perfectly with Koontz plot, building up the climactic moments at all the right times sheer brilliance. The plot is never slow, but keeps you guessing and making assumptions about just what the hell is going on? The way Koontz also scares and tortures his characters is oh so terrifying as he does not pull his punches on anyone be they small or large players in this game. Koontz also in what I have come to see as his classic fashion brings up some very disturbing topics and how those flaws and perpetrators of these disturbing behaviors can flourish. Even as these people terrorize those around them they are given passes it seems and Koontz reveals how they can be in positions of power with even more control over their victims. Quite fascinating indeed. When you come to the end readers ask yourself.... would you have done what he did? There is a lot here readers and it is indeed a horror novel,  do keep listening after the book is over as Koontz just might make an appearance that will have you laughing rather than cowering with a blanket after having experienced his creation.