Monday, March 31, 2014

Skinny Dip Written by: Carl Hiassen

Why hello there readers, phew, well, my apologies, I've been so crazy busy lately that I just decided to take a break from reading. Right, a lot of people go on vacation to enjoy reading I went on vacation and read comics and just let my mind zen out, and it was amazing! I had the pleasure of going to St. John with a few awesome family members and of course my husband. A lot of people upon our travels at the airport and people I spoke to before I left were talking about going to Florida.....and :shiver: readers after listening to another Carl Hiassen book, well... I don't think I could ever vacation in FL, not that St. John didn't have its own issues, but Florida just seems like that special kind of crazy and sleazy. And, from what I've seen on the news the past few years, just not for me, but hey that's just me many make FL their home, so who am I to judge? So, in this latest book I had the pleasure of listening to by Hiassen of course left me wishing to take a shower after and save a patch of wildlife. We are introduced to marine "biologist" Chaz Perrone whom can't even tell the difference between salt water and fresh water... and when he throws his beautiful wife, Joey, off a cruise liner, he really should have known better. An expert swimmer, Joey makes her way to a floating bale of Jamaican pot, and then to an island inhabited by an ex-cop names Mick Stranahan. (recognize the name readers?) Now, Joey wants to get revenge on Chaz and Mick's happyt help her. But, in sswampy South Florida, to seperate truthes from lies versus brilliance and utter stupidity isn't exactly either. There's an odd ensamble of people here readers and not all of them are exactly sleazy, but they're not exactly model citizens either... and then there's Chaz who's bad at murder, great at fraud, obsessed with himself in bed, and just terrible at getting caught. Readers, I absolutely loathed the Chaz character and after I adapted to Stephen Hoye's voice acting I realized his voice was best to give Chaz that extra bit of slime to it, and yet he made Joey sound relatable, strong, and quite intelligent. The world Hiassen creates is so tangible and even though I always want to shower and avoid Florida after reading his books I really enjoy how his stories come together and wrap up, that being said, so much is true in this book about the environmental disasters happening in FL I cannot help but feel a bit sad this time too, a good read indeed readers, especially if you've come back from Tropical paradise and need something to make you appreciate your wet, cold, and dreary New England home.

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