Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wild Card Down & Dirty Book One Written by: Moira Rogers

Why hello there readers, yawn, pardon the lack of blog posts, this year I certainly started off strong, but things they are a changing and I decided to take some free online classes, but yeesh, I can read a good book for hours, but ask me to read scientific journals and watch video lectures, and my brain goes.. nap time? So, thought my brain might like a little pick me up, and so I read this little gem. This book is about a world that has turned its back on science after the human population went crazy with it and caused a major population decline so great that now werewolves can live among humans relatively safe. So, big machines and technology has been reset to the early 1900's and Jack Owens just happens to be Alpha of the Lonely River Pack, and as Alpha that makes him in charge of and protector to all the areas werewolves even if said wolves want nothing to do with him or the pack even if that wolf were named Ginny Howard. Ginny has been a bit of a thorn to Jack since she took over her families business a few years ago, but lately it has gotten even worse because you see readers, both Jack the man and Jack the wolf desire and admire Ginny. But, Jack is an excellent hunter, and he knows how to bide his time and knows not to push himself upon Ginny. Ginny, however, is quite aware of Jack and she is fighting fiercely to keep her independence and freedom from Jack. Ginny is one tough cookie and fights both men and werewolf men off alike as they do not take kindly to having a female out business them or out power them, but Ginny believes that is their problem and to hell with them. A romantic and quite erotic tale set in a very interesting landscape readers, it is a short tale, but there are some steamy moments and quite an interesting base this author has created in which she can build up their series if they so desire. I was delightfully distracted from reality and want to know more about this new world Rogers has introduced me to.

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