Saturday, March 1, 2014

Shadow Fires Written by: Dean Koontz

Why hello there readers, and here we are another new month and the possibilities endless. But, so long as you are still among the living correct? Granted, I have read a book where cadavers actually have quite a fascinating life after death, but those are our shells only correct? But, what if death was not the end? Readers, science is breaking new ground everyday and exploring possibilities that in the past were absolute works of fiction and devices and medical advancements we have today would seem wholly alien and impossible  to our ancestors... so, I picked up this book from a certain Father in Law's library (I mean c'mon Dean Koontz how could I resist?) So, we have our heroine Rachel Leben and her soon to be Ex husband Eric... but soon after a heated argument Eric ends up dead...and no readers Rachel did not kill Eric, if anything Rachel is perfect in her behavior and has quite the classy character. So, after seven years of marriage one of which included Rachel leaving her husband she is free, or is she? Rachel appears paranoid and not upset by Eric's death, and then his body vanishes from the morgue, and other bodies are discovered, murdered in quite a horrific manner. Just what is going on? That is what Ben Shadway, Rachel's beau wishes to know, but Rachel has a secret too terrible to share with anyone, and too terrible for anyone to believe. The couple soon find themselves being followed in a rather hostel manner by forces who wish to silence and kill them. Ben is a very classic kind of guy readers, at first I thought he was absolutely naive and delusional mostly because I cannot understand people who idealize eras in the world and act like they were perfect... but I get off track, Ben is quite the nut to crack and he is full of pleasant surprises. Can Rachel trust him though, and can she finally admit just how much she loves him? These are of course not the only cast of characters if you have read a Dean Koontz novel before readers, you will know this guy likes to have multiple plots that will converge with the main one perhaps even multiple times. This was an audio book and I had the pleasure of listening to Sandra Burr with her talented voice, I have listened to multiple books narrated by her and I absolutely love her male voices and the special effects she brings to the plot. She blends her voice perfectly with Koontz plot, building up the climactic moments at all the right times sheer brilliance. The plot is never slow, but keeps you guessing and making assumptions about just what the hell is going on? The way Koontz also scares and tortures his characters is oh so terrifying as he does not pull his punches on anyone be they small or large players in this game. Koontz also in what I have come to see as his classic fashion brings up some very disturbing topics and how those flaws and perpetrators of these disturbing behaviors can flourish. Even as these people terrorize those around them they are given passes it seems and Koontz reveals how they can be in positions of power with even more control over their victims. Quite fascinating indeed. When you come to the end readers ask yourself.... would you have done what he did? There is a lot here readers and it is indeed a horror novel,  do keep listening after the book is over as Koontz just might make an appearance that will have you laughing rather than cowering with a blanket after having experienced his creation.

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