Saturday, March 30, 2013

Threads That Bind (The Havoc Chronicles) Book 1 Written by: Brant Williams

Hello readers, ah Spring finally feels like it is finally coming around hurrah for seasonal change. And which means a school year for many people is coming to an end and a whole summer for some people to change themselves for a new year of school and possibly move up the social ladder, or some kids simply enjoy their summers because they're  all set on their social status. Madison is just such a girl she's chubby, thick glasses, pimples, and quite uncoordinated, but she's sassy, loyal, and knows who she is. Then summer break comes along and she's 16 about to begin her junior year, and voila! She can suddenly see perfectly, her skin is flawless, she cannot even eat sugar yet alone indulge in junk food, and she's a whole new girl. Turns out though that her new perfection comes at a very high price. In fact, Madison finally gets everything she wants, she's smart, coordinated, her bff Amy and her are moving on up, and oh she finally is dating the crush of her life, but...she almost kills him during their first kiss. Right, that's normal, turns out Madison is what you would call a Berserker and she is one of few gifted and tasked with protecting our world from an evil called Havocs. And, then there's the problem being that one of these Havocs wants Madison's blood in order to free another evil into the world. Talk about a complicated life, oh and to make matters a tad bit more confusing Madison is the first female Beserker like ever. I really enjoyed this book the characters were fun, the flow of the story progressed fast, and it was an interesting supernatural story. However, that being said there is a love triangle going on here, and I cannot begin to state how sick I am of the friggen teenage love triangles... I understand we need to create a conflict but isn't having to deal with being a supernatural being and going to High school enough? You don't see this love triangle so much when there's a boy as the supernatural main character so why always when there's a female lead? Not that the love triangle doesn't add to the story, but why do we need it? It would be refreshing if one guy were enough for our young sixteen year old girls. But, I shall stop ranting, the story was pretty fun it was definitely for young adults and introduced me to some interesting concepts. The twists and take on Beserkers was very creative. I just may have to pick up the second book stat to see what happens to Madison and her new family of Binders and Beserkers. A quick and very amusing read that will put you right back into those awkward teenage years.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Awakened His Eyes: The Awakened: Book One Written by: Jason Tesar

The Awakened book 1 is an interesting fantasy novel, the book starts off in what I think is our world and then quickly jumps into a completely different fantasy world. By the way our world seems to be on the verge of collapse and then BAM! We move on... The story itself is interesting and very vague as the plot pulls off into several threads. The story is not a happy one, and it almost gives us the message that nice guys do finish last. There is this world that seems more like the world of ancient Rome or Greece. There is obviously a bunch of back story and plot that is going to happen,but for this book didn't reveal quite of well anything. The description of this book did draw me to read it, but again there's so much in the description but  it just wasn't in this first book. I did enjoy the main characters and their spirit but for whatever reason I couldn't fall into the story and become part of the authors world. But, the series is quite brutal too there is a prophecy that comes into play concerning a group of boys and an all powerful God. Kael one of the main characters begins this story as just a boy and then grows into a young man having a very different upbringing then was originally intended for him, but his story clearly links to our world and perhaps the fate of his father. Then there is Saba an old man who has been an old man for a very long time, whose memory has been flawless for a time, but somehow pieces are missing. Still, it seems Saba and what happens to Kael are also linked. The empire is all powerful in this book and yet there is another force rising and going to great pains to keep itself concealed until the perfect moment, they worship one God who doesn't seem to be the good guy, but there's a lot of backstabbing and plot missing I cannot quite gauge what is happening. Will I read the second book? Perhaps someday it seems like towards the end of this book the author really caught his stride and history began to move. An interesting story that I haven't quite heard before so that definitely gets bonus points too. A cool read.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side Written by: Beth Fantaskey

Hiyas readers.. OMG, OMG, OMG! :Swoons: parents met with an untimely death, a life of privilege robbed from her, and an arranged marriage that doesn't come out for years, oh and a hunky European aristocrat who is claiming to be your betrothed and a vampire! :swoon: Yeah, a girl could so get into that, but of course that's just me when you're adopted generally you think about where you came from and who were your parents, of course in my case I never thought mine were vampires or that there was some handsome dark prince..ok maybe the dark prince. Sorry, Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark side was such a fun and quick read, I truly felt like a teenage girl again. (Hence the OMG!) Jessica has been raised by two loving parents a tad eccentric and vegetarians who won't even put in air condition for fear of harming the environment. Jessica is also a fan of logic and math and refused to believe in the impossible after all she's an American Teenager growing up in rural Pennsylvania... and then she catches him watching her, him being the oh so impressive Lucius Vladescu heir to the Vladescu Romanian Royal family. Turns out Jessica's parents have been keeping a very big secret from her, such as oh...she's a full blooded vampire and the last heir to her royal family, and betrothed to Lucius in order to prevents a war, which was both her and Lucius's parents dying wish and compact? Jessica, has other ideas such as enjoying her senior year and enjoying Jake her crush as well as competing in the 4H horse riding vampires, no Princes, and certainly no marrying Lucius. Lucius is a tad over eccentric especially when he speaks like this "In spite of what women's lib teaches you, chivalry does not imply that women are powerless  On the contrary, chivalry is an admission of women's superiority. An acknowledgement of your power over us." (Never mind screw eccentric I swoon) Of course, what happens if her disgust or agitation turns into lust, or even love? Will her feelings be too late, will Lucius move onto someone else? And, if Lucius does move onto someone else what does this mean for the compact and the war between their two families? And, will Jessica ever be given release when it comes to her fangs and vampiric nature? Oh readers, I admit this book has some major cheese to it, and it is totally young adult focused, was so much fun to read! I could not put this down I HAD to HAD to know what the heck was going to happen! Plus, when a man talks about a woman being a size 10 and perfect with her curves and having a presence well.. :swooooon: Absolutely adored this book sure there was so much teen angst and indecision but I believe that was part of this books charm. A good quick read and an interesting take on the whole born vampire concept and the culture of modern vampires. Really enjoyed this book. Ehem forgive me... SWOON!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elly In Bloom Written by: Colleen Oakes

Hello fellow book lovers. Ah, spring is... well not actually anywhere near me at the moment, but it was a heck of a winter. Now, picture this readers you're in love, you're happily married, and you decide to go home and surprise your darling hubby or significant other....and instead of walking in on him napping or working you find yourself faced with a very slim, bouncing, gorgeous red head riding your husband while his face is in absolute rapture. Well, I'd probably do something I'd later regret... probably... at least I think I'd regret it. Any who  what do you do!? Well, Elly Jordan retreats she runs away with anything she can grab including her wedding dress, and just drives until she stops in Clayton Missouri. This book was rather amusing as Elly the main character is quite charming. Elly is a 30 plus year old woman blonde, and quite curvaceous as in a size 16-18 (she make this known A LOT) she loves to eat, and flowers are something that has and is bringing her back to herself. (Again, she mentions these about herself a lot!) Her sense of self deprecation is also charming to a point. She's a curvaceous woman who loves to make things beautiful after having experienced something so ugly. It has been a few books since I fell so in love with an entire cast of characters. Snarky Teenager is a super treat as is Elly's best friend and mentor Kim. They're a delightful duo who provide much needed support and guidance to our darling Elly. Then there's her faithful dog Cadbury and her neighbor Keith both faithful and lovable in a charming loyal way. I wish the main character would have a bit more confidence throughout the book in herself but it's clear she needs something to fill all those cracks in her life. The story begins quite dramatically and continues to build before it tapers off into flower shop and business chaos. Throw into the mix a sexy new neighbor who may just consider Elly his muse and things are changing for Elly Jordan, but are they for the best? Elly after all still sees herself as "the cute chubby friend, who was probably really nice and very funny. she was the sidekick." Not exactly the healthiest outlook about herself. There are some valuable lessons in this book and some very I mean very amusing moments. I did become bored at times because it felt like the book could have moved a tad quicker, but with how Elly is in life somehow the pace worked for the book, I was just impatient to know what the heck was going to happen! After all the past has a way of coming back to bite you at the most inconvenient times doesn't it? A happy Read and perfect if you love flowers, food, friends, and curves.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Domain of the Dead Written by: Iain McKinnon,

As I'm reading this book faithful readers all I could do was keep thinking... "huh, I am so screwed if I wore these shoes if there was an outbreak." Domain of the dead is not your typical Zombie story. Of course we all have our plan for the end of the world if Zombies come to pass...yup I know where my bug out bag is, my transportation, my partner, and where the hell I'm going... and I'm not telling any of you. Hahaha... however, there's only one problem with all this, it all doesn't matter if I have no luck. In McKinnon's book luck is a big part of surviving this apocalypse  and unlike other zombie stories the end has already happened. We have a group of people who have managed to survive for years, and are not living the high life, but they're alive and that's a plus right? Maybe not for one of these survivors, in fact though this group has been surviving it appears it is time to make a change. Sometimes you just have to take a chance and pray your gamble pays off. There are some interesting takes and moments in this book and I was traveling while reading the bulk of this book wishing I had my extendable baton tucked into my jacket...even being on the bus with a complete stranger who coughed a little I was going "oh no you best not be zombie sick." (Yes, I have issues.) The characters in this book just show you how good and how bad people can be even when there's barely anyone left in the world humans it seems will still find ways to kill one another over petty jealous moments, then again perhaps that what makes us human? I won't name any of the characters because you really didn't need to name them their personalities were so easy to follow and so typical anyone could have been these people and that my friends really made the book come alive. As, this could very well be ANYONE in this horrible state of reality. I was not bored at all with this book it was very quick, but at the same time it took random pauses that made you as a reader go... wow, that's um.. wow that just sucks. No one is safe in new age horror era. I simply cannot spoil any of this plot, but the introduction by David Moody is fabulous as it really sets you up for a bone chilling read. I will say this is not the end of Iain McKinnon's world of the undead, nope it seems what he brought to us was merely the bones and there is more to flesh out in the world he has created. So, a very scary but enjoyable read all the time.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Always... Written by: Carol Rose

Hello happy readers, well I thought let's have a go at this book shall we? I was looking for something with a bit of spice to it, and well... I found this book, and it was just a dash of spice, but that's ok. In Always we have the 28 year old Elinor Prescott, she was raised in a not so rich environment, but comes from a rich background. Her family's grand estate is falling into ruin and her only surviving relative is approaching death. She's a hard working lady in Bayville Louisiana. Then we have the handsome Cole Whittier newly millionaire returning home after years away making his fortune. Well, when these two first meet it is simply electric, but of course Eli cannot fall for this rich man as it is rich men who wanted power and wealth that caused her families problems, and Cole cannot help but want the beautiful Eli... even though he has a secret that might just make her hate him. The story itself is... cute, and enjoyable. You take the classic charismatic man who has a good boy smile and piercing blue eyes, and the lovely prim hard working gal and mix um all up and BOOM! Instant romantic setting... there wasn't a lot to this book it was a romance novel for sure and had a few cute momemnts and you basically knew what was going to happen, but it was interesting how the ending came to be. An enjoyable not too tough thinking book with nothing supernatural about it, unless of course you can call two people finding one another and possibly creating a life together supernatural... then again maybe Love is. Ok, I'm being sappy and going on, but it was really a cute tale. :Smile:

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Consequences (The Guardian Trilogy) Written by: Liz Schulte

Hello everyone, and so another book trilogy comes to a close, and the one question I must ask those of you who are in love, have ever been in love, and are still seeking love... would you be willing to take a world of black and white and force it to be gray? In this last installment of the Guardian Trilogy we have Olivia and Holden once more breaking the boundaries and having serious issues with Heaven, and wondering just what will happen with the hell folks. Their connection their bond it seems is something very unique and at the same time something that does happen, but is their love actually a good thing or is a plot to end the world of both supernatural and natural all together? The story was so full of twist and turns and angst. It was rather frustrating there weren't a lot of laugh moments as it was a serious story but just so much ANGST and it is the end of the world moments. It was actually a little frustrating with how the characters here just needed to communicate and have a little trust, but granted all of the lying that occurred in the last two books it was a tad understanding why no one trusted anyone. Very interesting as there was a lot of telephone going on too, poor Femi and Baker even Quintus are just being pushed and prodded into what needs to be done. It was very interesting with how this story wrapped up I cannot say I loved this series but it was pretty unique and I loved how for once the two main characters just went ya know what, SCREW THE ROMEO AND JULIET B.S., let’s do our own thing…at least that’s the way  I interpreted this. The other side characters were pretty amusing and it seems like the author might just have a few other stories in her in the world she has built, but perhaps she will just let it be? So I did enjoy the Guardian Trilogy it wasn’t very predictable and added its own unique twist to a story that I’ve heard before, but interesting how Heaven, Hell, and everything between interacted so overall an enjoyable read indeed.