Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side Written by: Beth Fantaskey

Hiyas readers.. OMG, OMG, OMG! :Swoons: parents met with an untimely death, a life of privilege robbed from her, and an arranged marriage that doesn't come out for years, oh and a hunky European aristocrat who is claiming to be your betrothed and a vampire! :swoon: Yeah, a girl could so get into that, but of course that's just me when you're adopted generally you think about where you came from and who were your parents, of course in my case I never thought mine were vampires or that there was some handsome dark prince..ok maybe the dark prince. Sorry, Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark side was such a fun and quick read, I truly felt like a teenage girl again. (Hence the OMG!) Jessica has been raised by two loving parents a tad eccentric and vegetarians who won't even put in air condition for fear of harming the environment. Jessica is also a fan of logic and math and refused to believe in the impossible after all she's an American Teenager growing up in rural Pennsylvania... and then she catches him watching her, him being the oh so impressive Lucius Vladescu heir to the Vladescu Romanian Royal family. Turns out Jessica's parents have been keeping a very big secret from her, such as oh...she's a full blooded vampire and the last heir to her royal family, and betrothed to Lucius in order to prevents a war, which was both her and Lucius's parents dying wish and compact? Jessica, has other ideas such as enjoying her senior year and enjoying Jake her crush as well as competing in the 4H horse riding vampires, no Princes, and certainly no marrying Lucius. Lucius is a tad over eccentric especially when he speaks like this "In spite of what women's lib teaches you, chivalry does not imply that women are powerless  On the contrary, chivalry is an admission of women's superiority. An acknowledgement of your power over us." (Never mind screw eccentric I swoon) Of course, what happens if her disgust or agitation turns into lust, or even love? Will her feelings be too late, will Lucius move onto someone else? And, if Lucius does move onto someone else what does this mean for the compact and the war between their two families? And, will Jessica ever be given release when it comes to her fangs and vampiric nature? Oh readers, I admit this book has some major cheese to it, and it is totally young adult focused, was so much fun to read! I could not put this down I HAD to HAD to know what the heck was going to happen! Plus, when a man talks about a woman being a size 10 and perfect with her curves and having a presence well.. :swooooon: Absolutely adored this book sure there was so much teen angst and indecision but I believe that was part of this books charm. A good quick read and an interesting take on the whole born vampire concept and the culture of modern vampires. Really enjoyed this book. Ehem forgive me... SWOON!

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