Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Domain of the Dead Written by: Iain McKinnon,

As I'm reading this book faithful readers all I could do was keep thinking... "huh, I am so screwed if I wore these shoes if there was an outbreak." Domain of the dead is not your typical Zombie story. Of course we all have our plan for the end of the world if Zombies come to pass...yup I know where my bug out bag is, my transportation, my partner, and where the hell I'm going... and I'm not telling any of you. Hahaha... however, there's only one problem with all this, it all doesn't matter if I have no luck. In McKinnon's book luck is a big part of surviving this apocalypse  and unlike other zombie stories the end has already happened. We have a group of people who have managed to survive for years, and are not living the high life, but they're alive and that's a plus right? Maybe not for one of these survivors, in fact though this group has been surviving it appears it is time to make a change. Sometimes you just have to take a chance and pray your gamble pays off. There are some interesting takes and moments in this book and I was traveling while reading the bulk of this book wishing I had my extendable baton tucked into my jacket...even being on the bus with a complete stranger who coughed a little I was going "oh no you best not be zombie sick." (Yes, I have issues.) The characters in this book just show you how good and how bad people can be even when there's barely anyone left in the world humans it seems will still find ways to kill one another over petty jealous moments, then again perhaps that what makes us human? I won't name any of the characters because you really didn't need to name them their personalities were so easy to follow and so typical anyone could have been these people and that my friends really made the book come alive. As, this could very well be ANYONE in this horrible state of reality. I was not bored at all with this book it was very quick, but at the same time it took random pauses that made you as a reader go... wow, that's um.. wow that just sucks. No one is safe in new age horror era. I simply cannot spoil any of this plot, but the introduction by David Moody is fabulous as it really sets you up for a bone chilling read. I will say this is not the end of Iain McKinnon's world of the undead, nope it seems what he brought to us was merely the bones and there is more to flesh out in the world he has created. So, a very scary but enjoyable read all the time.

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