Sunday, March 3, 2013

Consequences (The Guardian Trilogy) Written by: Liz Schulte

Hello everyone, and so another book trilogy comes to a close, and the one question I must ask those of you who are in love, have ever been in love, and are still seeking love... would you be willing to take a world of black and white and force it to be gray? In this last installment of the Guardian Trilogy we have Olivia and Holden once more breaking the boundaries and having serious issues with Heaven, and wondering just what will happen with the hell folks. Their connection their bond it seems is something very unique and at the same time something that does happen, but is their love actually a good thing or is a plot to end the world of both supernatural and natural all together? The story was so full of twist and turns and angst. It was rather frustrating there weren't a lot of laugh moments as it was a serious story but just so much ANGST and it is the end of the world moments. It was actually a little frustrating with how the characters here just needed to communicate and have a little trust, but granted all of the lying that occurred in the last two books it was a tad understanding why no one trusted anyone. Very interesting as there was a lot of telephone going on too, poor Femi and Baker even Quintus are just being pushed and prodded into what needs to be done. It was very interesting with how this story wrapped up I cannot say I loved this series but it was pretty unique and I loved how for once the two main characters just went ya know what, SCREW THE ROMEO AND JULIET B.S., let’s do our own thing…at least that’s the way  I interpreted this. The other side characters were pretty amusing and it seems like the author might just have a few other stories in her in the world she has built, but perhaps she will just let it be? So I did enjoy the Guardian Trilogy it wasn’t very predictable and added its own unique twist to a story that I’ve heard before, but interesting how Heaven, Hell, and everything between interacted so overall an enjoyable read indeed.

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