Friday, March 29, 2013

Awakened His Eyes: The Awakened: Book One Written by: Jason Tesar

The Awakened book 1 is an interesting fantasy novel, the book starts off in what I think is our world and then quickly jumps into a completely different fantasy world. By the way our world seems to be on the verge of collapse and then BAM! We move on... The story itself is interesting and very vague as the plot pulls off into several threads. The story is not a happy one, and it almost gives us the message that nice guys do finish last. There is this world that seems more like the world of ancient Rome or Greece. There is obviously a bunch of back story and plot that is going to happen,but for this book didn't reveal quite of well anything. The description of this book did draw me to read it, but again there's so much in the description but  it just wasn't in this first book. I did enjoy the main characters and their spirit but for whatever reason I couldn't fall into the story and become part of the authors world. But, the series is quite brutal too there is a prophecy that comes into play concerning a group of boys and an all powerful God. Kael one of the main characters begins this story as just a boy and then grows into a young man having a very different upbringing then was originally intended for him, but his story clearly links to our world and perhaps the fate of his father. Then there is Saba an old man who has been an old man for a very long time, whose memory has been flawless for a time, but somehow pieces are missing. Still, it seems Saba and what happens to Kael are also linked. The empire is all powerful in this book and yet there is another force rising and going to great pains to keep itself concealed until the perfect moment, they worship one God who doesn't seem to be the good guy, but there's a lot of backstabbing and plot missing I cannot quite gauge what is happening. Will I read the second book? Perhaps someday it seems like towards the end of this book the author really caught his stride and history began to move. An interesting story that I haven't quite heard before so that definitely gets bonus points too. A cool read.

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