Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Always... Written by: Carol Rose

Hello happy readers, well I thought let's have a go at this book shall we? I was looking for something with a bit of spice to it, and well... I found this book, and it was just a dash of spice, but that's ok. In Always we have the 28 year old Elinor Prescott, she was raised in a not so rich environment, but comes from a rich background. Her family's grand estate is falling into ruin and her only surviving relative is approaching death. She's a hard working lady in Bayville Louisiana. Then we have the handsome Cole Whittier newly millionaire returning home after years away making his fortune. Well, when these two first meet it is simply electric, but of course Eli cannot fall for this rich man as it is rich men who wanted power and wealth that caused her families problems, and Cole cannot help but want the beautiful Eli... even though he has a secret that might just make her hate him. The story itself is... cute, and enjoyable. You take the classic charismatic man who has a good boy smile and piercing blue eyes, and the lovely prim hard working gal and mix um all up and BOOM! Instant romantic setting... there wasn't a lot to this book it was a romance novel for sure and had a few cute momemnts and you basically knew what was going to happen, but it was interesting how the ending came to be. An enjoyable not too tough thinking book with nothing supernatural about it, unless of course you can call two people finding one another and possibly creating a life together supernatural... then again maybe Love is. Ok, I'm being sappy and going on, but it was really a cute tale. :Smile:

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