Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Friday Night Knitting Club Written by: Kate Jacobs

Good evening readers, it has been quite some time since I was sent on such a roller coaster of highs and more highs and then...like all fun roller coasters the ride must come to and end...and that's when I was brought back to Earth from this amazing tale that had me dancing in the clouds with my knitting needles...and on my way down my needles made their way into my heart and I just bawled my eyes out...Kate Jacobs really created quite an amazing story that made me very proud to be a woman and a knitter. Once a week, an eclectic group of women comes together at a New York City yarn shop to work on their latest projects and it seems almost over night something happens these band of loosely connected women begin to share in their life stories and become more than just passing acquaintances they become family. The yarn shop that has brought these women together is Walker and Daughter the daughter being the young 12 year old Dakota Walker and her mother the center of this group Georgia.Georgia is quite the special woman she is not only the shops owner, but she is overwhelmed with juggling the store, raising a daughter by herself, and being the rock for her friends. The other wonderful cast of characters to grace these pages are just so fascinating and special in their own way. There's just such a complex array of different tales for each of these women and yet somehow they all work as they overlap with one another from the classy and overworked film worker Lucie, to Anita the wise and spunky who gave Georgia her start, Darwin an anti knitter whose just a tad too harsh, K.C. a sassy unemployed woman trying to find her new calling, Peri a young student and part time worker at Walker and Daughter who is just falling for her place of employment while working on her own plans. It would be quite impossible to share what this tale is exactly about it seems like it could speak to any woman both young, middle aged and seasoned...so what will this book mean to you readers? Words cannot describe this book. The story takes place over quite the time line, and there are some other characters that grace these pages and at times steal the show and become full time members. The story took me to the point that I just thought wow, life really is great, we can do anything we want, we are women hear us roar! It was very uplifting and covered so many topics readers I can't really share what this book meant to me as it was just that special...I kind of needed this. From the streets of NYC in their fashion elite glory to the quiet and sturdy lands of Ireland the Walker woman stick together and even though the dreaded teen years are upon them Georgia has her support group and her determination. Oh, the book itself also actually talks about surprise surprise knitting! There are some great tips and actually some cool projects to learn about and that yes knitting can make you sore but ladies you're a woman so life is about being sore.. a bit of snarky sarcasm and quite a few moments that aren't' quite what you expected. There's always two sides to a story readers and just when you think you have it all figured out...Jacobs takes the tale and shoots you in the heart...several times and she really tries to finish us all off in the end. I absolutely loved this book, even when I was bawled up in my car crying through the last few pages...my poor husband really should get me committed ..but can't say it enough loved this book and it will make you want to call a mom, sister, friend, old acquaintance and just go...I'm glad you're in my life. After all readers ya never know when a complete stranger could become a best friend.

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