Sunday, September 29, 2013

Red Harvest Star Wars Written by: Joe Schreiber

Hi readers. Well, whose up for some spooky tales? To finish up a day walking and at times getting lost in the great outdoors my husband and I decided to finish up Red Harvest, a Star Wars book that we have been listening together to. And my my my, what a scary book! I've had the pleasure of reading (listening to the Audio book) Death Trooper by Joe Schreiber and I was not at all disappointed in this book. Who doesn't want the impossible at times? To wish for something so great that they will go through any means to achieve their goals? Darth Scabrous a Sith Lord has a horrific dream one which he is poised to make a reality no matter what. And, he is one mere ingredient away from making his dream come true. We are introduced to the young Jedi Hestizo who has an extraordinary Force talent she has chosen to be part of the Agricultural Corps her gift with plants is so special that the Dark Lord needs her. Hestizo who lives a quiet and happy existence among the greenhouse and garden specimens and suddenly her life is violently interrupted and destroyed by an arrival of an emissary of Scabrous. There is a black Orchid a rare plant find indeed and it is so crucial to the dark lord's obsession, and with his obsession comes a consequence far worse than anything we could imagine. If a planet full of Sith in training and multiple master wasn't enough to terrify us an odd virus has been spawned and the rotting and ravenous dead are rising and they are hungry for all things living. 
This audio book was absolutely bone rattling readers the sound effects brought to life by audio house and then of course there's the talented John Glover whom I've heard before, but his talented skills were really brought to life in this book. I was absolutely scared out of my mind driving on the way to VT the darkness simply eloping the car and hearing John's screaming and utter agony was just terrifying me. The Sith I've never particularly feared of course they're terrifying but somehow the science fiction and code they follow in their own ways never scared me like Joe Schreiber's writing. Loved this book, it was a little slow in the beginning even though there was a lot of action, but once we pass a certain lab scene which by the way holy smokes! The tale picks up and continues just becoming scarier and scarier up until the very end, this book created a few debates for my husband and I and I think we're right it's a prequel to Death Troopers no spoiler there as I looked it up and a few sites says it is, but still wowzer..I'll never forget those horrifying shreaks and moans or how graphic the writing was in this book. The Star Wars universe has become oh so scarier to me. An excellent read for the Fall. I hope there's another! 

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