Saturday, September 28, 2013

Secrets Empath Trilogy book 3 Written by: HK Savage

Why hello there fellow bookies...right, that's so not the right term, but whatever I'm taking it back. So hola mis bookies. So, book three the big ending for Claire and her new adopted family of supernatural beings. The last book I was quite harsh with, but this one I may have to be a little less, it looks like HK Savage had a lot to say about Claire and her universe and with only three books decided to try and cram everything possible in these three books. Now, Paris, who doesn't love Paris? Everyone in the Andrews clan and even Claire's parents are together and for one night instead of worrying about the looming threat of war between the races they are all celebrating a wedding! But, of course happiness cannot last and the newlyweds are called to serve upon the vampire court. There is just so much plot here! It's like Bam! Something happens...BAM! Something else happens! BAM, BAM, BAM! More plot! More fights and more life or death sometimes death situations and more drama that should possibly be together in such a short space of time! I felt like at times I was reading a bunch of short stories made into one novel, there was an underlying thread that fit all of these together, but Claire is just so annoying at times...she constantly is told to stay put, don't do this, just stay out of trouble, but does she? Nooooo! Seriously it is just frustrating with how this girl can make so many mistakes over and over again. And, these mistakes don't only hurt herself but those around her.  I think it's a tad annoying that a girl of 19 can consider herself smarter than hundreds of year old beings. Sure she's got the I'm still human card so she is a bit more attached with that world, but the others have all lived multiple lives, it's just annoying. Still, it keeps the plot going and creates drama. But, it seems Nightshade Holdings, LLC. is the big dark baddie behind all of this and with more digging reveals how deep Nightshade's influence extends and how even the Vampire court itself is involved in the plot to start an interspecies war. This is a tale where love and relationships comes into play both bonded and star crossed where old friends will die and the supernatural communities have to work together for everyone's sake. The writing in these three books was still young, but does show promise in her future writings. I liked the concepts she brought and the world she created. But, instead of having so many dramatic moments HK Savage should have just picked up on one or two or three of her threads of plot instead of cramming so much in and losing the draw of her plot points. Still, this was an interesting story and I wouldn't mind learning about and seeing more of this fantasy world  that overlaps with the real world so much.

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