Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gone Girl Written by: Gillian Flynn

The first meeting, one filled with laughs, promises, hope, and of course a romantic swirl of sugar to really seal the moment in time for these two people. They are that which so many wish to be and they themselves find their lives one of perfection at least for a time, but marriage takes work and sometimes things don't work out right? Well, Gillian Flynn does something remarkable she takes a marriage and shows you just how terribly, terribly, terribly wrong it can go. I found myself not really wanting to get into this book not because it was written poorly actually it was written quite brilliantly the voices of Nick Dunne and Amy Elliott Dunne were simply so real and I found myself hating them just plain hating them. The rest of the cast of characters are so life like too it is a tad unnerving how well she gives them life in the story. The setting is the fifth year wedding anniversary a time when the wedding is becoming just a memory but a life has been built together and maybe some of that newlywed shine is still there. For the Dunne's though, something has happened to shatter what life they've been holding together. Amy, Nick's amazingly brilliant and beautiful wife has vanished and just like any other book, movie, or television show now, Nick is quickly becoming the prime suspect. But, that's where the typical ends and it ends BIG TIME. This book brings us into the mind of Nick through his thoughts and in the mind of Amy through her diary. It is interesting as we learn from both that Nick has had an odd look in his eyes lately and has been admiring the slope of his wife’s head. This book had me guessing and pondering a lot. The characters are so vapid and so scary simply because they could be anyone. Of course perfection has to break eventually no one can be perfect it just is not done especially in the society of today you can be perfect until you are not, and it seems Nick Dunne is far from the golden boy everyone believed, but what about Amy? Amy's face is everywhere now and people love her as she should have been loved, but she's missing and there's some disturbing evidence turning up so is she dead and is Nick the killer? I simply could not stop being drawn into this sick car crash of a marriage it was just too much to try and even look away. The book is just toxic to the extreme, but it is a very interesting concept and by interesting I mean terrifying! Gillian has basically stabbed me with an Ice pick and keeps twisting it until the very end. This is a sharp piercing book with a whit that is so darkly comedic you find yourself wishing you weren't smirking at times. Read this book and remember you will not be able to go back you can only go forward up until the very end when Gillian Flynn lets you go. It is almost as if she is saying "ok, I'm done with you now, go on your way after I've tortured your mind a bit."

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