Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finger Lickin' Fifteen A Stephanie Plum Novel Janet Evanovich

BBQ, I don't know why I'm surprised but Janet Evanovich has brought BBQ into the latest Stephanie Plum novel I read, is nothing sacred? Never mind the fact that heads are turning up without bodies, Lula it seems is the target this time for the crazies, and old wrinkly doodah are flying left and right...yeesh. This latest book Stephanie was soul searching again, yes the past few books she's been saying she needs a new job, a new life, a new something... but hasn't really had the drive to make any changes maybe instead of being such a wet blanket Stephanie will actually try to make a change? Even her love life is stagnant this current book had a little bit of the spice of previous relationships but not much c'mon girl which is it going to be!?!? Ranger or Morelli, yeesh it's enough to make a girl scream with how indecisive this woman is when it comes to these two guys. The books however need Ranger and Morelli without them I think the stories wouldn't be grounded at all especially Stephanie as these two save her Italian/Hungarian bootie all the time. Even Stephanie’s family seems to be getting used to her life style granted Stephanie's father is willing to skip dinner home to eat at the lodge and her mother has used Stephanie's very birth to threaten her to not leave her with the mess Lula and friends make. The Plum character is intuitive and has a knack for finding trouble and somehow solving the mysteries, but she's really not getting any better at being a bounty hunter she's ok at the low FTAs but the bigger ones are just way out of her league still, and I have no clue how anyone is willing to sell or give her a car when these poor mechanical wonders become little more than scrap metal 95% of the time. I enjoyed this book it was amusing and had its moments, but even the back-story and front story were missing something frankly these books need to pick up the pace I like the formula but maybe it calls for a little more.

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