Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Dog: The Paradox. A Lovable Discourse about Man's Best Friend Written by: The Oatmeal aka Matthew Inman

End of the month readers, and I was delighted to take a trip to VT to spend time with my husband's family (Delightfully these people have also taken me in as one of their own too granted they did this almost a decade ago but I'm still always in awe that I managed to marry equally awesome people to my hubby) Okay, forgive the side note. So, yes VT wonderful state and such a delightful place...though it is not for everyone. It took me three or four winters to finally venture outside in the sub zero winter weather just waiting to end my life with its icy hands...HA! Okay, forgive me again for going off on a side note. So My Dog is written by the wondrous "The Oatmeal" team. My mother in law gave my my husband and I this book as we are the proud owners of a cockapoo who being a dog has certain tendency to be a living, walking, drooling, sweet, goofy, barking, cuddle bug, scared-y cat of a dog. This is a very short read and oh so silly. It is a fun read, especially if you are a dog owner and love your pet as if he was one of your own; siblings, children, or crazy aunt and or uncle, or even cousin twice removed. I couldn't stop laughing the entire time I was reading this book. So, if you're a dog owner and are looking for a good chuckle and maybe even a few giggles and heck throw in a few good knee slaps this book is totally for you.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Book of Sith Secrets From The Dark Side Written by: Daniel Wallace

Greetings faithful readers. As they say readers..Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.  Who are they?  The Sith, oh the Sith and all their dark counterparts and teachings…how I love thee. Not that I agree with any of the Sith doctrine, well…most of it, but c’mon they’re so badass! In this book we have recovered text that has its own texture and size. According to Luke Skywalker “we’ll never know what the complete books looked like-the pages are all that remain.” The book of Sith contains secrets from the Dark Side and contains parts of texts from over the centuries by Sith Lords and that knowledge was passed down. Darth Sidious tracked down what remained of the five most legendary dark side texts and he in the end wrote his own sixth book is own manifesto…Ooh what a treat! The book begins well enough and caused me to just want to read more I’ve read quite a bit of cannon over the years readers, but mostly I tend to focus on the Sith and their lore because well, most of the Jedi I find to be so pompous and boorish even though they’re supposed to be the good guys they’re just so… boring at times, and easily fooled it seems. Which if you had asked me if the 12 banished should have been well banished I would’ve said “NO!” I mean c’mon as we’ve seen what just two Sith did, but to let 12 of the most badass Dark Side Jedi aka Sith just go away…um seems like a BAD IDEA! These twelve managed to find the Sith home world and to steer though the looping hyperspace lanes of Stygian Caldera….of course the Jedi didn’t know this, but you think a group calling themselves Sith might not try to seek out that which they’ve been basing their new lives on? The illustrations in this book are really fun to look at too readers as some star War cannon can grow  confusing in its descriptions this at least allows you to see what they’re describing such a treat indeed! I really felt like I had stumbled upon some ancients texts that were sharing with me their darkest secrets from the past ages. Then the real fun was having the words of Darth Bane spoken again, I absolutely love the Bane characters trust me read his trilogy if you can because it is fabulous, so to hear him mentioned here since he was the father of The Rule of Two and of the Sith we all mostly know today is just so cool. Bane’s teachings are very wise and quite scary as you read them. There are a lot of Sith voices in this book and then there are the Nightsisters a group I barely was familiar with so that was quite interesting to read about this very powerful warrior group. Then of course we have the final Lord who held the true master title of Darth the one who corrupted Darth Vader and laid out such a master plan that the Jedi were all but fairy tales come Luke Skywalkers time.. I am of course speaking about Darth Sidiouss.. or as many knew him Palpatine. A very fast and fun read there’s so much going on with the stories, the art, and the commentary in this book that you really do become engrossed in the story, legends, myths, and reality of this Galaxy of long ago far far away.

Note: Contibuting Artists Paul Allan Ballard, Jeff Carlisle, Chris REiff, Chris Trevas, Russell Walks, Terryl Whitlatch, and Aristia/Hive Sudios.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Forgotten Eden Written by: Aiden James

Good morning Readers, I hope you're all getting in plenty or hammock and beach time reading. Sadly, the weather here has made a lot of that quite impossible for me as of late, that and it being con season/year makes it tough to fall into a book especially when reality is proving so much more interesting. That being said I finally did manage to stumble into a book rather I dragged myself into the book I just finished. We have a young man of 21 years old named Jack Kenney a well defined handsome man who has a story both him and his older brother Jeremy share, but until now neither of them have spoken of the very strange, scary, and sad story of the Season they experienced as boys. That is until both brothers are dragged in for questioning for the murder of their mentor by some very shady and heavy handed police officers. Jack is saved a severe beating when an agent Peter McNamee comes in to listen to Jacks story the "entire" story he's been holding in for many years. This tale is such a tall tale in that it just keeps building and gets bigger and bigger as Jack tells his story also the story is so long it appears like it will never end! The story itself is quite interesting and drags a lot of classic Irish, Mayan,  Indians and other ancient folk tales into it, but it is such a long journey I found myself at times trying not to will the pages to make the words speed up! Then when we finally do reach what appears to be a particular climactic moment in the tale perhaps a big destination it's as if "Okay, we've seen it! Let's go home!" It's not that whiplash causing but it comes very close and Jack sure he's a child but sometimes I wonder if perhaps children should be cautioned more in this day and age rather than be kept so pure and naive might have saved Jack a whole lot of trouble in fact his entire family and town may have suffered less if people would tell some cautionary tales... Or put up huge signs saying "DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! Beyond this point there be Death!" But, nope guess we wouldn't have much of a story then would we? Granted, it also seems like this area of America in the South was also under a bit of a spell during what Jack's Grandpa calls "The Season." So, Jack has an adventure from what he tells Agent McNamee and then the story becomes a tale within a tale when later on Jack's Grandpa shares his own long story going back to when he was a boy again it is so long winded! Finally the stories are finished and everyone including we the readers are bought up to date with what Jack, Jeremy, their Grandfather, and Agent McNamee knows concerning this bizarre Season and a certain Female they all have been affected by. The story then becomes one of action and a new journey begins the story itself is so different towards the end its like the author woke from his trance and decided now was the time to shift into a much faster gear alas it was all a little too late as I was just completely hooked by the book and... it ended! Turns out Aiden James also has made this story a Chronicle! Oy... so what exactly is going on in this tale where people will sometimes change and vanish into thin air and where whole areas are transformed into the stuff of dreams and nightmares? Also, it appears the balance of such supernatural events is breaking some of the rules and thus the world could be in danger... so no clue readers but if you are looking for a story that will go on and on and just gets more fascinating and then gives you whiplash by how quick it ends then The Forgotten Eden is indeed for you.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Heat Written by: Ms. Downlow, The Kween, Perri Forrest, Sable Jordan

It most certainty is heating up out there fellow readers, and with the heat comes the desire to read more summer books. But, it seems like every summer book out there (Forgive me if I've said this before) has to deal with some kind of break up, affair, death, etc... what is it about summer writers that their characters have to be involved in an affair, a breakup, or some other tragic event that brings the characters to the beach? Hell, all it takes is the smell of sunblock to make me want to hop in my car and get my slightly tan booty to the beach and lather on both sunblock and tanning oil and tune out everything but the ocean and its many sounds. Any who Summer Heat was a collection of Erotic tales there are four tales told.

The first called Downsized was actually a story I really enjoyed. The story follows exotic Lonnie who is a powerful woman and has made quite the career for herself at only age 27 in Las Vegas development. Sadly, with the housing bubble burst she's out of work and can no longer afford the luxurious lifestyle she's become accustomed to. Add in the fact Lonnie's neighbor (who is drop dead hunky gorgeous) Ryan drives her crazy and sadly not in the way Lonnie originally wanted. So, what is a woman to do who is in Las Vegas has a mortgage to pay and no job...well readers lets just say she loves it and it makes her feel powerful, happy, and quite horny. A very hot read indeed.

The Next story Ninety Days I've become familiar with as I've grown from a girl to a teenager to a woman... this story is one of a woman who gave up everything and became exactly what her husband wanted she did exactly what he wanted and then... the husband wants a divorce. I've heard of this happening quite a bit to women and men throughout my lifetime it is sad but Azure the wife in this tale is not one to simply sit by and let this happen to her oh no she's determined to have some fun and if her husband wants a divorce fine she'll go find someone who can make her happy and want her for her beautiful self only can she spend an entire summer of just endless pleasure away from her family?

The third Story Butterflies in Motion is more of a story about healing and knowing what you want from life. Onyx has just broken up with her live in boyfriend one she's mostly stayed with out of convenience as she mourns another love lost to her, her true love. The story is quite serious and lacks what I would call a summer erotic tale, but it does emotionally pull you in and perhaps gives us hope that maybe just maybe after that first one true love there really can be true love again? Maybe? So not exactly an erotic tale but a good story that will play on your heart a bit.

Shaken and Stirred ooh boy...I readers had the pleasure of reading this story last summer and let me tell you it was still just as steamy, sexy, and dangerous. The tale of Kizzie a secret agent is sent in to find a certain secret from the Crime Lord Xander instead she is brought upon a boat full of sex and BDSM games which will she have to participate or will her cover be blown? A very dark but sexy tale readers that if you are into the darker carnal delights might just be for you.

So, not a bad way to get ready for the summer.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Vampire's Last Lover Written by: Aiden James

Another week fellow book readers, and another Aiden James book...I have to admit I am somewhat disappointed with this most recent book I read by him. The message I got from this book is basically that hormones ruin everything and any rational thought or intelligence we possess when it comes to hormones we are screwed. Txema Ybarra pronounced "Chema"  is a proud member of the Basque lineage she is an 18 soon to be 19 year old teenage girl (her birthday is November 9th, so maybe that's why she's so damn stubborn being a Scorpion zodiac and all, but really I just think it's her own personality) who spent her childhood in Virginia and is now attending fall semester at the University of Tennessee. She is a very normal stubborn teenage girl who has a best friend Tyreen who is also her roommate and a typical rich boy boyfriend tall dark and handsome Peter. Things are changing in the world girls are being murdered all over but what is so odd is that all of these girls share similarities in look, name, and heritage with Txema, and now it seems more are dying in the college campus that Txema goes to. We are introduced to several sexy vampires who claim to be protectors of Txema and more than one shows interest romantically in her. These vampires claim they need Txema for her very special heritage and that she is one of the last of her kind. The Txema character is very tough to like as she's just so stubborn and makes the most irrational choices that not only affect herself but those she cares about. Her libido also, though impressive is also something that is constantly claiming the better part of her brain and making her make stupid choices. This book though had some interesting concepts and new lore was a bit of a let down compared to Aiden Jame's other works I've read. The story at times was so hyper focused on some aspects of the tale that it left a lot out and would jump radically into other events without really letting us get into the previous events. The other characters too lacked any form of  fleshed out detail even the villains were so quickly introduced I felt I couldn't take them serious even with the kill rate increasing as it did. If I ever came across the second book I might consider continuing this series, but I wouldn't actively seek it out.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Stranger Delight Written by: Tabitha Levin

Hi readers, the summer is very much here and in keeping with tradition with this blog that means summer stories in keeping with heating things up. Stranger Delight is an erotic tale within the Desperately Delicious series and gives us a small glimpse into the world of Claire. Claire is sexually frustrated she desires to have as good of sex as her friends Samantha and her boyfriend but currently she has found nothing. That is until one evening she is approached from behind outside by a stranger who may just have given her the best orgasm she's ever had. She never saw his face and now she's trying to figure out who this mystery man was. The story itself is rather sexy if you forget about the part of this woman having sex with someone she's never seen. The actual writing is a tad weak and there are constant grammatical errors that begin to un-weave the spell the author is trying to create. Still a passionate story that proves interesting and sexy.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Three Girls and a Baby. Written by: Rachel Schurig

Hello Readers salutations to all of you. It is hot here on the East coast, but nothing a day at the ocean couldn't cure. However after reading this book I realize that someone pregnant might not agree with me. Have you ever just Russian Rouletted a book and just began to read? Well, for Three Girls and a Baby I did just that. I wasn't even aware of the title or subject of the book until I began reading, and I was indeed in for a  little treat. Ginny Mckensies is a 23 year old young stylish woman working as a Nanny in MI living with her two best friends Annie and Jen also quite fashionable and the bestest friends a girl could ask for. Ginny's life hasn't been going in the direction she thought it would be she's a Nanny for one with an college degree, her boyfriend Josh since she was 17 has broken up with her, she's also now learned that she's pregnant. And, if that wasn't bad enough the baby is her exes... Now, she's got to come up with a new life plan. Poor Ginny didn't actually put much though into her life plan to begin with she never even thought about a career she just assumed she would be married by this point....woah boy this girl really is in for a reality check. Thankfully her best friends are determined to help Ginny through this pregnancy and through motherhood. Sadly, Ginny is also realizing she is tired, sick, and will now have to give up her shoe shopping habbit, oh and she's in danger of losing her job. Ginny is a woman that tries and uses what she can to fight life, usually trying to look good because sometimes looking good is the only weapon we have. This book was interesting in the fact that it was a very typical romantic comedy but the chapter beginnings, the reaction of Ginny towards her pregnancy, and of course her best friends makes this a very amusing book indeed. I do like a lot of moments and dialogue in this story and the ups and downs of this ladies life. But, will Ginny be okay being a single mother and possibly falling for her hunky new boss and will she be able to forget about Josh especially since they're connected now in a very permanent way. It was a very fast read and I assure you readers a nice little distraction from life.