Monday, June 24, 2013

Book of Sith Secrets From The Dark Side Written by: Daniel Wallace

Greetings faithful readers. As they say readers..Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.  Who are they?  The Sith, oh the Sith and all their dark counterparts and teachings…how I love thee. Not that I agree with any of the Sith doctrine, well…most of it, but c’mon they’re so badass! In this book we have recovered text that has its own texture and size. According to Luke Skywalker “we’ll never know what the complete books looked like-the pages are all that remain.” The book of Sith contains secrets from the Dark Side and contains parts of texts from over the centuries by Sith Lords and that knowledge was passed down. Darth Sidious tracked down what remained of the five most legendary dark side texts and he in the end wrote his own sixth book is own manifesto…Ooh what a treat! The book begins well enough and caused me to just want to read more I’ve read quite a bit of cannon over the years readers, but mostly I tend to focus on the Sith and their lore because well, most of the Jedi I find to be so pompous and boorish even though they’re supposed to be the good guys they’re just so… boring at times, and easily fooled it seems. Which if you had asked me if the 12 banished should have been well banished I would’ve said “NO!” I mean c’mon as we’ve seen what just two Sith did, but to let 12 of the most badass Dark Side Jedi aka Sith just go away…um seems like a BAD IDEA! These twelve managed to find the Sith home world and to steer though the looping hyperspace lanes of Stygian Caldera….of course the Jedi didn’t know this, but you think a group calling themselves Sith might not try to seek out that which they’ve been basing their new lives on? The illustrations in this book are really fun to look at too readers as some star War cannon can grow  confusing in its descriptions this at least allows you to see what they’re describing such a treat indeed! I really felt like I had stumbled upon some ancients texts that were sharing with me their darkest secrets from the past ages. Then the real fun was having the words of Darth Bane spoken again, I absolutely love the Bane characters trust me read his trilogy if you can because it is fabulous, so to hear him mentioned here since he was the father of The Rule of Two and of the Sith we all mostly know today is just so cool. Bane’s teachings are very wise and quite scary as you read them. There are a lot of Sith voices in this book and then there are the Nightsisters a group I barely was familiar with so that was quite interesting to read about this very powerful warrior group. Then of course we have the final Lord who held the true master title of Darth the one who corrupted Darth Vader and laid out such a master plan that the Jedi were all but fairy tales come Luke Skywalkers time.. I am of course speaking about Darth Sidiouss.. or as many knew him Palpatine. A very fast and fun read there’s so much going on with the stories, the art, and the commentary in this book that you really do become engrossed in the story, legends, myths, and reality of this Galaxy of long ago far far away.

Note: Contibuting Artists Paul Allan Ballard, Jeff Carlisle, Chris REiff, Chris Trevas, Russell Walks, Terryl Whitlatch, and Aristia/Hive Sudios.

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