Saturday, June 1, 2013

Three Girls and a Baby. Written by: Rachel Schurig

Hello Readers salutations to all of you. It is hot here on the East coast, but nothing a day at the ocean couldn't cure. However after reading this book I realize that someone pregnant might not agree with me. Have you ever just Russian Rouletted a book and just began to read? Well, for Three Girls and a Baby I did just that. I wasn't even aware of the title or subject of the book until I began reading, and I was indeed in for a  little treat. Ginny Mckensies is a 23 year old young stylish woman working as a Nanny in MI living with her two best friends Annie and Jen also quite fashionable and the bestest friends a girl could ask for. Ginny's life hasn't been going in the direction she thought it would be she's a Nanny for one with an college degree, her boyfriend Josh since she was 17 has broken up with her, she's also now learned that she's pregnant. And, if that wasn't bad enough the baby is her exes... Now, she's got to come up with a new life plan. Poor Ginny didn't actually put much though into her life plan to begin with she never even thought about a career she just assumed she would be married by this point....woah boy this girl really is in for a reality check. Thankfully her best friends are determined to help Ginny through this pregnancy and through motherhood. Sadly, Ginny is also realizing she is tired, sick, and will now have to give up her shoe shopping habbit, oh and she's in danger of losing her job. Ginny is a woman that tries and uses what she can to fight life, usually trying to look good because sometimes looking good is the only weapon we have. This book was interesting in the fact that it was a very typical romantic comedy but the chapter beginnings, the reaction of Ginny towards her pregnancy, and of course her best friends makes this a very amusing book indeed. I do like a lot of moments and dialogue in this story and the ups and downs of this ladies life. But, will Ginny be okay being a single mother and possibly falling for her hunky new boss and will she be able to forget about Josh especially since they're connected now in a very permanent way. It was a very fast read and I assure you readers a nice little distraction from life.

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