Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Heat Written by: Ms. Downlow, The Kween, Perri Forrest, Sable Jordan

It most certainty is heating up out there fellow readers, and with the heat comes the desire to read more summer books. But, it seems like every summer book out there (Forgive me if I've said this before) has to deal with some kind of break up, affair, death, etc... what is it about summer writers that their characters have to be involved in an affair, a breakup, or some other tragic event that brings the characters to the beach? Hell, all it takes is the smell of sunblock to make me want to hop in my car and get my slightly tan booty to the beach and lather on both sunblock and tanning oil and tune out everything but the ocean and its many sounds. Any who Summer Heat was a collection of Erotic tales there are four tales told.

The first called Downsized was actually a story I really enjoyed. The story follows exotic Lonnie who is a powerful woman and has made quite the career for herself at only age 27 in Las Vegas development. Sadly, with the housing bubble burst she's out of work and can no longer afford the luxurious lifestyle she's become accustomed to. Add in the fact Lonnie's neighbor (who is drop dead hunky gorgeous) Ryan drives her crazy and sadly not in the way Lonnie originally wanted. So, what is a woman to do who is in Las Vegas has a mortgage to pay and no job...well readers lets just say she loves it and it makes her feel powerful, happy, and quite horny. A very hot read indeed.

The Next story Ninety Days I've become familiar with as I've grown from a girl to a teenager to a woman... this story is one of a woman who gave up everything and became exactly what her husband wanted she did exactly what he wanted and then... the husband wants a divorce. I've heard of this happening quite a bit to women and men throughout my lifetime it is sad but Azure the wife in this tale is not one to simply sit by and let this happen to her oh no she's determined to have some fun and if her husband wants a divorce fine she'll go find someone who can make her happy and want her for her beautiful self only can she spend an entire summer of just endless pleasure away from her family?

The third Story Butterflies in Motion is more of a story about healing and knowing what you want from life. Onyx has just broken up with her live in boyfriend one she's mostly stayed with out of convenience as she mourns another love lost to her, her true love. The story is quite serious and lacks what I would call a summer erotic tale, but it does emotionally pull you in and perhaps gives us hope that maybe just maybe after that first one true love there really can be true love again? Maybe? So not exactly an erotic tale but a good story that will play on your heart a bit.

Shaken and Stirred ooh boy...I readers had the pleasure of reading this story last summer and let me tell you it was still just as steamy, sexy, and dangerous. The tale of Kizzie a secret agent is sent in to find a certain secret from the Crime Lord Xander instead she is brought upon a boat full of sex and BDSM games which will she have to participate or will her cover be blown? A very dark but sexy tale readers that if you are into the darker carnal delights might just be for you.

So, not a bad way to get ready for the summer.

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