Sunday, September 29, 2013

Red Harvest Star Wars Written by: Joe Schreiber

Hi readers. Well, whose up for some spooky tales? To finish up a day walking and at times getting lost in the great outdoors my husband and I decided to finish up Red Harvest, a Star Wars book that we have been listening together to. And my my my, what a scary book! I've had the pleasure of reading (listening to the Audio book) Death Trooper by Joe Schreiber and I was not at all disappointed in this book. Who doesn't want the impossible at times? To wish for something so great that they will go through any means to achieve their goals? Darth Scabrous a Sith Lord has a horrific dream one which he is poised to make a reality no matter what. And, he is one mere ingredient away from making his dream come true. We are introduced to the young Jedi Hestizo who has an extraordinary Force talent she has chosen to be part of the Agricultural Corps her gift with plants is so special that the Dark Lord needs her. Hestizo who lives a quiet and happy existence among the greenhouse and garden specimens and suddenly her life is violently interrupted and destroyed by an arrival of an emissary of Scabrous. There is a black Orchid a rare plant find indeed and it is so crucial to the dark lord's obsession, and with his obsession comes a consequence far worse than anything we could imagine. If a planet full of Sith in training and multiple master wasn't enough to terrify us an odd virus has been spawned and the rotting and ravenous dead are rising and they are hungry for all things living. 
This audio book was absolutely bone rattling readers the sound effects brought to life by audio house and then of course there's the talented John Glover whom I've heard before, but his talented skills were really brought to life in this book. I was absolutely scared out of my mind driving on the way to VT the darkness simply eloping the car and hearing John's screaming and utter agony was just terrifying me. The Sith I've never particularly feared of course they're terrifying but somehow the science fiction and code they follow in their own ways never scared me like Joe Schreiber's writing. Loved this book, it was a little slow in the beginning even though there was a lot of action, but once we pass a certain lab scene which by the way holy smokes! The tale picks up and continues just becoming scarier and scarier up until the very end, this book created a few debates for my husband and I and I think we're right it's a prequel to Death Troopers no spoiler there as I looked it up and a few sites says it is, but still wowzer..I'll never forget those horrifying shreaks and moans or how graphic the writing was in this book. The Star Wars universe has become oh so scarier to me. An excellent read for the Fall. I hope there's another! 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Secrets Empath Trilogy book 3 Written by: HK Savage

Why hello there fellow bookies...right, that's so not the right term, but whatever I'm taking it back. So hola mis bookies. So, book three the big ending for Claire and her new adopted family of supernatural beings. The last book I was quite harsh with, but this one I may have to be a little less, it looks like HK Savage had a lot to say about Claire and her universe and with only three books decided to try and cram everything possible in these three books. Now, Paris, who doesn't love Paris? Everyone in the Andrews clan and even Claire's parents are together and for one night instead of worrying about the looming threat of war between the races they are all celebrating a wedding! But, of course happiness cannot last and the newlyweds are called to serve upon the vampire court. There is just so much plot here! It's like Bam! Something happens...BAM! Something else happens! BAM, BAM, BAM! More plot! More fights and more life or death sometimes death situations and more drama that should possibly be together in such a short space of time! I felt like at times I was reading a bunch of short stories made into one novel, there was an underlying thread that fit all of these together, but Claire is just so annoying at times...she constantly is told to stay put, don't do this, just stay out of trouble, but does she? Nooooo! Seriously it is just frustrating with how this girl can make so many mistakes over and over again. And, these mistakes don't only hurt herself but those around her.  I think it's a tad annoying that a girl of 19 can consider herself smarter than hundreds of year old beings. Sure she's got the I'm still human card so she is a bit more attached with that world, but the others have all lived multiple lives, it's just annoying. Still, it keeps the plot going and creates drama. But, it seems Nightshade Holdings, LLC. is the big dark baddie behind all of this and with more digging reveals how deep Nightshade's influence extends and how even the Vampire court itself is involved in the plot to start an interspecies war. This is a tale where love and relationships comes into play both bonded and star crossed where old friends will die and the supernatural communities have to work together for everyone's sake. The writing in these three books was still young, but does show promise in her future writings. I liked the concepts she brought and the world she created. But, instead of having so many dramatic moments HK Savage should have just picked up on one or two or three of her threads of plot instead of cramming so much in and losing the draw of her plot points. Still, this was an interesting story and I wouldn't mind learning about and seeing more of this fantasy world  that overlaps with the real world so much.

Friday, September 27, 2013

One Summer Written by: David Baldacci

It can change life… no matter how good a person you are or how well you plan and try to dot your I’s and cross your T’s it can all just change. In One Summer author David Baldacci introduces us to the Armstrong Family. It is almost Christmas, but there is no joy in the house of Jack Armstrong who is terminally ill. Jack with only a short time left to live spends his last days trying to find the words to say goodbye to his wife and best friend Lizzie and their three children. Jack who can barely speaks puts his thoughts to paper one letter for each day before the week of Christmas. If that isn’t enough to make you cry just wait… Another tragedy is geared to strike, right before this tragedy we realize just how perfect these two people are for one another how theirs is a love that should last forever, but just because that’s the way life should be doesn’t mean it will be. Readers I saw what was coming and I knew what was coming because of the Book summary on the audible site… I borrowed this from my Father-In-Law’s libraries… why do my in-laws read such tear jerker’s? Okay, so tragedy strikes again right, Lizzie is killed in a car accident. That’s right readers not only is Jack dying a fast painful death that he’s fighting just to spend one more Christmas morning with his family, but then his wife dies! And, since Jack is going to die the children are separated from each other and sent to live with family members around the country. I don’t know about you but I’d make damn sure my kids were kept together were I to have any separating children amongst family doesn’t exactly yell comfort when one parent is dead and the other dying….really disappointed in Jack’s and Lizzie’s family here.  I actually was listening to this walking to my husband’s office and made sure I kissed him like there was no tomorrow readers, and then continued to make him promise he would never do a certain something and leave me. Dramatic yes, but he’s the one thing in my life that is perfect and I would not want to live without him. Seriously forgive the Drama readers, but I think the fact true love is separated in a world where it is so sorely lacking is just well sucky. Okay, moving on. Now, as if fate realizes this is even too cruel of a joke for them… or maybe they would like to play another one on this poor family. Jack… gets better! A miracle… Jack rises from his deathbed, he is determined to bring his fractured family back together. This is a pretty daunting task readers not only from now being a single father of Mickey, Jack’s 15 year old girl who is very giften as well as independent and willful, his introverted and talented 12 year old son Cory, and two year old loveable but confused son Jack Jr. great kids, but having all spectrums of the kid years does prove a bit tough for a former career military man and carpenter who was mostly out of the house. Jack decides to reunite everyone at Lizzie’s childhood home on the oceanfront in South Carolina. It is here where over one unforgettable summer, Jack will begin to learn how to love again, and he and his family will learn how to become a family once more. Words of Wisdom did this book hold hmmm (said in Yoda Voice), but for all of those words of wisdom, I couldn’t accept a lot of them. I hate the life doesn’t match what should be and we just have to accept it…I hate it, but yeah sometimes we can’t help it and we really can’t live in the past. The story itself is very amazing and had so many little twists from those that should be loyal to Jack and his own kids faced a lot of their own issues. I really had to keep myself glued to my seat and from yelling out in frustration a few times. Teenagers, kids, grandparents, can be frustrating… even Jack at times I had to question just what the hell was he doing? This is a beautifully narrated book by Ron McLarty who reminded me of the late Casey Kasem in how soothing his voice could be at times, but I did enjoy his other cadences too. Then for the female voices we had the talented Orlagh Cassidy. These two really brought the emotions and story to life for me, I’m really enjoying books in audio format, and I’ve listened to a few where the narration wasn’t great, but these two wow, when those letters come along readers…grab a box or two or three of tissues. Also, if you can have your loved ones nearby so you can hug them or at least call them and let them know just how much you love and appreciate them. A very touching book that very well defines the ye old American saying… “Shit Happens.” But you just have to pull yourself up and move on, because what choice have we?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lone Wolf Written by: Jodi Picoult

Afternoon my fellow book adventurers. Family is so important, without the old and the young there would be no family no advancement. To Luke Warren the wolf is greatly misunderstood and so is the man that lives amongst wolves, and though a man may join a family of wolves a man is still a man, and a wolf will always be a wolf. Family, loyalty, trust, I feel like Jodi Picoult mixed in Animal Planet, The Days of our lives, and Jerry Springer all in one dramatic, educational, and emotional concoction. This was a book I didn’t read with my eyes, but with my ears, I had the pleasure of listening to Narrators Natalia Payne, Louis Changchien, Celeste Ciulla, Nick Cordero, Angela Goethals, Mark Zeisler, and Andy Paris. This cast of narrators did an exceptional job and really brought this book to life for me and helped me feel how each character was with their own voice and how they perceived the other characters with their voices. This book begins with an icy winter night and a terrible accident that leaves Cara Warren daughter of Luke Warren with a terrible secret that is tormenting her as she tries to protect her father Luke Warren from permanent death. For six years the Warren family has been divided as Edward Warren, Luke’s son and Cara’s older brother has been living abroad in Thailand having his own secret that no one knows, but now being the eldest son he is battling his sister and both his past and present. Edward is trying to do what his father would want him to do. Georgia, Cara and Luke’s mother was never able to compete with her ex-husband’s obsessions and way of life. This book readers was quite fascinating as it dealt with the horrors of comas, brain damage, vegetative states, and these people’s wishes, or what should be done if their wishes weren’t known. Then we have the tale of wolves and how they are perceived and how Luke Warren manages to live amongst them and has made his whole life about giving these creatures a true reputation and not the big bad wolf one they’ve had for so many years. There is so much drama in this book readers and so much lack of communication. Clearly this family needed to just talk to one another, but since by my previous statements it’s clear they didn’t. Each Warren has their own secrets, their own insecurities, and yet they never came together and just had it out, and now that Luke is in a coma it seems now is the time they’ve chosen to do this, when one of them can’t be part of this conversation… the Warren Children were at times quite frustrating Cara is clearly a 17 year old girl who though has her heart in the right place is so one track minded she doesn’t see all the destruction and damage she is causing all around her. Edward is young too at 23 and though it seems like he’s a good guy he too has quite a bit of his own demons to deal with and an impulsive nature similar to his sister. Georgia is torn between a son who has been gone so long and a daughter who she does not want to lose, but a decision has to be made, and will they all be able to live with that decision? I admit readers if my husband was in a non responsive state I would want to do anything and everything to bring him back, but I also know if he wasn’t able to hold me, to love me, to go on adventures with me, to no longer be a partnership as we’ve been our whole lives he would not consider that living. I myself have caught myself in the middle of the night waking up just so I could have a few more precious moments with him, could I just watch him waste away in a bed waiting for him to wake up? I know I wouldn’t want to put him through that, and if I had to be in a wheelchair unable to feed, bathe, use a restroom by myself that to me isn’t the life I would want to live, so how could I put my husband through that? How could I put anyone I love through that? The answer, because it gives us hope we are simply programmed to want what is best for us and our loved ones. It needs to be remembered, though we may love someone so dearly sometimes what they want is more important especially when it comes to their wishes about their life or death. Jodi Picoult did a wonderful job creating a realistic world where Wolves and Humans meet, but at times I was really curious about how much of this was fact and what was fiction I mean no offense to spoil or question the authors tale, but is it really possible for a wolf mother before even conceiving her pups to know how many she will have and what their sexes will be? Just seems a tad farfetched, but perhaps I should read a book on wolves and their biology and social behavior. There was a lot in this book readers I mean A LOT! I wanted to scream at the main characters and sub characters because of their bullheaded ways but had to take a step back and think well what would I do? So a very detailed and emotional tale that though a bit farfetched at times still manages to be realistic and give us very tough questions to deal with. I don’t know readers, I really can’t say, but that is one thing this book does it makes you wonder what would I do?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mine Completely Book 4 The Billionare's Obsession Written by: J.S. Scott

Ahoy fellow book readers yar! It be talk like a Pirate day here in America yar….granted pirates I know never said Yar, but c’mon it’s fun no? Any who, I just couldn't wait to see what happened to Kara and her sexy beau Simon. When I should have been practicing a new knit stitch and studying Spanish I just had to see what was going to happen in this final book…. Mine Completely this 4th book in Billionaires obsession takes us a year later in the life of these two soul mates. Time has passed and life has continued and it seems like bliss is finally on the menu for these two, not just in the bedroom either, but for their entire lives. It seems like they've finally put behind their differences or rather Kara has, and are just ready, until dun dun dun DRAMA! Will these two actually manage to have a life together, or will ones hormones and insecurities just ruin everything? The tale itself was sweet readers, and I’m glad the author uses a sub character as an outside voice of reason and observation, because what does seems obvious to us as the readers may not be so obvious to these two people who are actively living such things. I’m actually more fascinated with Maddie who is Kara’s best friend and her history with Simon’s older brother Sam… there’s history there readers and boy oh boy it isn't good, or is it? The romantic and erotic scenes were pretty heartwarming and arousing this Valentine’s book, but it was a very short read, and though interesting I feel like the story of Kara and Simon is done being told just let these two go on with their lives and let’s see what else this author can bring us. Still I enjoyed this series since it was a quick and steamy read. Now time to plunder and loot some booty…yar!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mine forever The Billionaire's Obsession Book Three Written by: J.S. Scott

Hello Fellow book reading buddies, my what a world, what a world, but you’re not here to hear me rant over the craziness of all that’s occurring in the world, but I’m going to say this… If Mother Nature in all her glory can only damage property and take away the lives of 8 people and displace over 11 hundred people over weeks of flooding, but it only takes one man to take the lives of 12 people in a short amount of time….well doesn't that say something? Well, never mind let’s get onto the good stuff no? Forgive me readers just had to say that couldn't help myself okay back to the wonderful life of books our world away from the world… I actually got to read a little of this book while Kayaking over the weekend not for long mind you, but ooh I felt almost embarrassed to be reading this little tale with so many people on the water, I’m talking about book three in the Billionaire’s Obsession series titled Mine for Forever… title says it all doesn't it eh? Mine for forever… seems both Kara and Simon might just be getting on the same page after having dealt with such a traumatic experience in the last book almost losing the person one loves really opens both parties eyes, hearts, and souls to what really matters…after all readers houses can be rebuilt, possessions reclaimed, but one’s life…well that’s just a tad difficult to get back no? Once the ferry man comes to collect readers….Ha see! My opening sentences did have relevance to this review! So, finally these two bull headed lovers are opening up and coming to an understanding, and by understanding Simon will demand everything of Kara, but will Kara’s demands be met by Simon? The steamy scenes (and for once readers they were actually steamy hehe) were quite tantalizing and seemed to caress the senses…nothing supernatural or unbelievable in this lovemaking nope, granted sometimes orgasms (more than sometimes for quite a few) seem like magic and supernatural to people. The story itself was at times frustrating as I’ve stated these two are quite the bull headed wants what they want and will have it kinda people so… yeah makes it difficult if they don’t communicate. So, can Simon and Kara get over their pasts can they really be there’s forever? I leave the ending of this romantic and at times erotic tale to you my fellow readers. Enjoy I sure did.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Friday Night Knitting Club Written by: Kate Jacobs

Good evening readers, it has been quite some time since I was sent on such a roller coaster of highs and more highs and all fun roller coasters the ride must come to and end...and that's when I was brought back to Earth from this amazing tale that had me dancing in the clouds with my knitting needles...and on my way down my needles made their way into my heart and I just bawled my eyes out...Kate Jacobs really created quite an amazing story that made me very proud to be a woman and a knitter. Once a week, an eclectic group of women comes together at a New York City yarn shop to work on their latest projects and it seems almost over night something happens these band of loosely connected women begin to share in their life stories and become more than just passing acquaintances they become family. The yarn shop that has brought these women together is Walker and Daughter the daughter being the young 12 year old Dakota Walker and her mother the center of this group Georgia.Georgia is quite the special woman she is not only the shops owner, but she is overwhelmed with juggling the store, raising a daughter by herself, and being the rock for her friends. The other wonderful cast of characters to grace these pages are just so fascinating and special in their own way. There's just such a complex array of different tales for each of these women and yet somehow they all work as they overlap with one another from the classy and overworked film worker Lucie, to Anita the wise and spunky who gave Georgia her start, Darwin an anti knitter whose just a tad too harsh, K.C. a sassy unemployed woman trying to find her new calling, Peri a young student and part time worker at Walker and Daughter who is just falling for her place of employment while working on her own plans. It would be quite impossible to share what this tale is exactly about it seems like it could speak to any woman both young, middle aged and what will this book mean to you readers? Words cannot describe this book. The story takes place over quite the time line, and there are some other characters that grace these pages and at times steal the show and become full time members. The story took me to the point that I just thought wow, life really is great, we can do anything we want, we are women hear us roar! It was very uplifting and covered so many topics readers I can't really share what this book meant to me as it was just that special...I kind of needed this. From the streets of NYC in their fashion elite glory to the quiet and sturdy lands of Ireland the Walker woman stick together and even though the dreaded teen years are upon them Georgia has her support group and her determination. Oh, the book itself also actually talks about surprise surprise knitting! There are some great tips and actually some cool projects to learn about and that yes knitting can make you sore but ladies you're a woman so life is about being sore.. a bit of snarky sarcasm and quite a few moments that aren't' quite what you expected. There's always two sides to a story readers and just when you think you have it all figured out...Jacobs takes the tale and shoots you in the heart...several times and she really tries to finish us all off in the end. I absolutely loved this book, even when I was bawled up in my car crying through the last few poor husband really should get me committed ..but can't say it enough loved this book and it will make you want to call a mom, sister, friend, old acquaintance and just go...I'm glad you're in my life. After all readers ya never know when a complete stranger could become a best friend.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mine For now Book 2 The Billionaire's Obsession Written by: J.S. Scott

Hi readers storms a coming in my neck of the woods so I curled up with another Erotic tale...the Eastern Sea Board decided that it wanted another crack at summer so it's muggy, hot, and just plain ick out...good time for an steamy erotic tale. However, sometimes we don't always get what we want, though Mine for now wasn't a bad read, but it dealt more with the emotional side of the budding romance between Kara and Simon. Oh Kara and Simon how you torment me, in this 2nd book of the Billionaire's Obsession the author tries to heal Simon and teach this sexy man beast that he is desirable and capable of having a woman unbound and un-blindfolded. Still, readers I was just teased by this book and its sexual scenes.  Don't get me wrong there were some very tantalizing scenes and oh so sexy. My big issue is what happens a lot in romance or any tale that involves two or three or how every many people there are attracted towards one another...lack of communication! Even though the signs are all there one half of this duo are just clueless absolutely clueless and caused me great frustration. There's something here readers for these two most definitely, but will they be able to work this out before it all goes up in flames?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stiff The Curious Life of Human Cadavers Written by Mary Roach

Allo fellow book nerds, my what a treat we are in for on this review…with this latest book I read I was transported to a world of super heroes, magic, science, horror, philosophy, world travel, time travel, and all out yucky yet fascinating writing. Stiff, written by Mary Roach had me completely spell bound with the first sentence she writes… “Being dead is not terribly far off from being on a cruise ship. Most of your time is spent lying on your back. The brain has shut down. The flesh begins to soften. Nothing much new happens, and nothing is expected of you.” Yes, right there I was thinking to myself, OH THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD! The book itself is broken up as all books are into chapters, but oh to call them mere chapters would be an insult. The book has a very quirky yet respectful air about it which is great because a lot of the topics in this book and practices of old were not respectful at all it seems. Chapter one is about practicing Surgery on the Dead which wowza the things I learned! Ya know I think I’d rather someone who willed their body away to be practiced on for new scientific techniques is way preferable than a living person being the first test subject… I so want to call my friend up whose studying to be a surgeon and ask her if she’s ever done any of these procedures or heard of them…so curious! Chapter 2 deals with Body snatching and other sordid tales from the dawn of human dissection…which is something I’ve learned about before in classic horror stories and camp tales, but the depth in which Roach goes and how people behaved not even that long ago towards their dead brethren was just eek! Chapter 3 is about Life after Death on human decay and what can be done about it… trust me if you are squeamish just make sure you don’t eat while reading this book… I thankfully watched a show called Bones quite a few times so a lot of this I’ve seen on television so I’m not so squeamish, but Lasagna I still cannot eat that while such squeamish things are being described…ugh. Chapter 4 deals with a slightly different way of looking at death to see human cadavers as super heroes people who go through crashes, fires, accidents, under the knife, without sleep, without food, and willingly now that’s a hero eh? This chapter deals with Human crash test dummies and the ghastly, necessary science of impact tolerance…yeah I didn’t know they would still use real bodies, but it makes sense the science behind why and how they do this was really something readers… Chapter five deals with something that I’ve always wondered about Plane Crashes.. when the bodes o f the passengers must tell the story of a crash, I know not a lot of them happen in the world relative to Car crashes, but how do they know what went wrong? I have a gf whose bf works on engineering or rather fixing planes…I’m so dying to ask him if he’s ever heard of had to learn about to broach that subject, but still so interesting… Then we have the Sticky ethics of bullets and bombs in chapter 6 with Cadavers who join the Army…yeah title of the chapter says quite a bit and it is amazing how people are okay with injecting their cheeks with dead person cells or skin but not putting a bullet in a willing cadaver…just odd if you ask me. Chapter 7 was a tad short it felt like it could have been a book all on its own, actually all of these chapters did, but this chapter was on the Crucifixion experiments, ladies and gentlemen I am oh so happy I live in the days of semi modern medicine because it seems like Doctors just loved to just chop off anything if they needed an answer.. yeah no thanks. Chapter 8 is something that most people have fears of...How to know if you’re dead..the beating heart cadavers, live burial, and the scientific search for the soul. Just wow again I cannot stress enough with how happy I am that I live today, the world may be ending but readers it so wasn’t as rosy as earlier generations would have us believe the way they “cured” or took care of you…again NO THANKS! Chapter 9 deals with Decapitation, reanimation, and the human head transplant, Oh my Stars…readers I almost fainted upon reading what was done to animals of ye olden times…seriously no thanks I like my head on my body, sure my body sometimes I want to just make it a size 6 and never give me any issues, but it’s mine and I’ll keep it that way….the whole body switching possibilities always scared the hell out of me, heck look what happened in Doll House by Joss Whedon, that didn’t exactly go well now did it? Granted it was cleaner than sawing ones head off and attaching it to another body…yeck. Chapter 10 yeah… Eat me.. Medical cannibalism and the case of the human dumplings. No, no, no…I do not want to think about Soil and Green being people, saw that movie as a child and could never get over it, sure we could eat people, but there’s just something not right about it, at least in my eyes…ugh eyes… I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to eat honey without this book in mind…maybe if I watch a lot of Whinnie the Pooh. Just the sheer craziness of cures people think are out there or were out there readers… in ancient China by the way being a dutiful daughter in law had some serious drawbacks it seems. It seems the Chinese have beaten us when it comes to the lack of squeamish factor hands down no poker face needed. Finally in chapter 11 the author begins to bring us out of the horrors of the last few chapters. The book really brought me in readers but those last few chapters with Quack doctors, crazy cures… (Fecal matter is not meant to be eaten or cure you!)(And dead blood shouldn’t be used in transfusions it just ew!), human cannibalism, really crazy experiments…just ugh. So Out of the Fire, into the Compost Bin and other new ways to end up… I actually am considering this readers, my husband a few years ago looked into what we would want to happen to us when we die and definitely not burial or embalming nope, had a friend who was going to be a mortician and that’s so not how I want to be, ew. Granted, it’s how a lot of people like to be but I’d rather be flash frozen, dried out, and used as food for a tree… it’s quicker, less pollutant, and just seems the less messy for my choosing, Sweden is really impressive readers and this chapter definitely proves something I already knew. The final chapter my dear readers are what the author plans to do, and it is so wonderful how she writes this, I have to admit I’m quickly falling in love with her writing it’s so open and honest I can definitely hear how she speaks her cadence is so clear in her writing and the respect plus humor is really appreciated too. On page 275 the author makes what I think is a very valid point “ When you get right down to it, there is no dignified way to go, be it decomposition, incerneration, dissection, tissue digestion, or composting. They’re all, bottom line, a little disagreeable.” Yup, death is disagreeable, but after reading this book it’s good to know that yeah there is something to all that life after death talk if you want you can actually have a life after death or not depends on you and what you and your family want (they after all have to carry out your wishes) there’s so much history, stories, horrors, science, and good humor in this book readers. I absolutely loved it from cover to the final page. So, I think I might have to pick up another book by this author because the topic which I usually find kinda gross was just so well written about I find myself wanting to know more! And, to read more by Mary Roach. A wonderful read indeed! I don’t think I need to tell you readers, not for the squeamish person this book.

The Billionaire’s Obsession Book 1 Mine for Tonight Written by: J.S. Scott

Hello my fellow readers, I hope this end of summer intro to fall and chaotic world finds you well. Hopefully you all have a good book to curl up with and just go on some adventure…forgive me feeling a bit poetic and dare I say…happy? Yup, enjoying this glow while I have it. Which, having a happy glow about me I decided to pick up a book by J.S. Scott an erotic tale that includes the characters bubbly, good natured, and beautiful Kara Foster a down on her luck hard working waitress and nursing student who though is running herself ragged just can’t seem to get a break… and Reclusive billionaire Simon Hudson a take charge imposing but polite man whom Kara has never met… until now. Simon is touched by Kara and has been watching her at his mother’s restaurant for over a year now never speaking, but just watching, and he is intrigued by her, but being a stubborn man refuses to admit his desires for her. But, something occurs that puts Kara in a situation that could easily end all of her careful life planning and hard work, and Simon sees an opening to finally come face to face with the woman who has captured his interest. Should Kara take help from this stranger? The offer Simon gives her is something out of an 80’s movie or fairy (adult) tale to make her life easier and give her some much needed rest and security… a short novel readers, but also quite fascinating… Kara is an independent hard working woman, but then comes along Tall Dark and Rich… does she take the deal? It seems Simon isn't given her much of a choice… I enjoyed this readers though I had a few issues with the concept of another woman being in distress but at least she is a hardworking, smart, and good person… that’s nice and Simon really doesn't have a clue it seems what he has to offer a woman aside from money. This is book one in a series and I’m very interested to see where this short Romantic Erotic series goes.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sake Bomb A Kizzie Baldwin Erotic Thriller book 3 Written by: Sable Jordan

Hola mis lectores de libros compaƱeros!...Yeah, that's all I have for now...I've been studying Spanish for a few months and I must say..prepositions in both English and Spanish...oy! Okay, right so latest book. Summer is pretty much over sure there are some beautiful warm days ahead and sure tank tops and sleeveless dresses will be worn, but that summer air is just le sigh...moving aside for the crisp clear air of fall...hello 40 degree I thought I'd try to keep the summer heat alive (yes forgive me I'm making hot, heat, summer excuses to read an erotic novel) by reading book three in the Kizzie Baldwin spy thriller universe. My readers, wow, what a story... Kizzie has been quite the busy CIA agent and all I can say is bless her cause there's no way in hell would I ever go into anyone's room if they had that many clowns...scary as all hell... especially since this recent mission hits a bit close to home to Kizzie and during this slightly emotional mission she finally receives some Intel from the Dom and crime lord who has a very special pet name for Kizzie... And who is extremely sexy. So, readers...some crazy events occurred in izzie's world a few months ago involving a very talented and scary sub names Sumi. Now, Sumi is back, they've located where she is and hope to finally figure out what happened to the Salt bomb HRV... only one problem Sumi might be dead. Kizzie is off the farm it seems she's going rogue with Xander and his partner Phil to search the streets of Tokyo to find HRV and stop it from exploding. A woman could get lost in Xander Dusquesne charm, commanding presence, his dark eyes... There was significantly less erotic in this book readers, but I was okay with that, the series is actually more of a spy series with such awesome action, behind the scenes betrayals, loops and twists galore... I was lost quite a few times, but Sable Jordan had me the entire way, and when she did bring us back to the BDSM universe I was just fascinated and quite pleased. Not exactly wholly for me but interesting none the less and the behind the main plot points are just tantalizing I just wanted to know everything! But, like all good series every question answered brought on a few more questions... le sigh, and usually where this can annoy me I actually enjoyed the bigger questions, it all adds to the build up and dare I say climax? Though, readers, if you are looking for an end...clearly this isn't as we read we must ask...can Kizzie stay a good CIA agent or will she become Xanders good Sub? Can she be both? Read Sake Bomb and find out and continue enjoying kick butt action, deception, and some very hot erotic scenes.