Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tag Team Written by: Nicola Marsh

Ok, was feeling a tad sad after the last story I read and thought, ok Erotika, that will make a gal feel better no? But, then I thought well, it is Halloween so let's see what we can do to keep with Halloween and Erotica, but instead I was given this tale of horror... May I ask, who can get hot and bothered when a terrorist group is using a poison that is similar to Ebola to hopefully infect people? Not so sure I would be in the mood if that was going around, but hey this is not me... Coralee Keaton Lee as she insists on being called, is Australian Defense Force, she's brave, brilliant, resourceful, and sexy as all D cups included. Then there's Garcia Diaz-Fox to anyone who wanted to walk out of his office without a permanent limp. He's part of the Victoria Police Special Operations group and oh yeah sexy in an oh so masculine way. Of course they have to work together and have a pissing contest 24/7, but they need to work together lives depend on it. This was ok the actual sex scene was so so, but the action was well also so so, but a good quick story if that's what you are looking for, seems like a bad movie plot, but sometimes that is ok. This book had the elements, but somehow it wasn't mixed quite right... but again it was ok.

Side Jobs, Aftermath. Written by: Jim Butcher

Aftermath... I am not sure what to say here... I said in my last post that Jim Butcher is a genius, but evil... this was the final story in Side takes place after Changes about only two hours. I was just ready to bawl my eyes out. The emotions I felt at the end of Changes just brought all those raw feelings back... You need to read up to changes in order to finish this story otherwise you are just going to be completely lost, and wondering is it true? What the hell happened? Murphy finally ends up teaming up with Will the werewolf, and though the pack has grown smaller Will is no less fierce. Gentlemen Johnny Marcone is also a bit player in this book and provides Murph with some much needed information. This was a great short story, and it is actually quite lengthy it is a classic story guy needs to find the girl, and rescue her and many others.....but that's where the classic tale ends, and Murph and Will need to dredge up all the information and knowledge Harry has put into them over the years if they are to survive, and have a chance of carrying on. It was great to finally hear Karen Murphy's internal thoughts and truly be reminded of just how bad ass this petite babe is. (don't tell her I called her babe) Also, wondering why so many side Gard stories in this book, and her semi bigger roles as of late in the main series, what is going on here? That and the weird villains who grace this short stories pages, opens up a whole other bag of questions... Thanks Jim Butcher I needed more questions. Chicago is changing and needs its Justice League otherwise who knows what will happen? So cannot wait to read the next Dresden book, I need to know what happens!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Death of a Serpent (A Serafine Florio Mystery) Written by: Susan Russo Anderson a murder mystery about Fallen Women (The book's words not mine) being murdered one by one and apparently the only one who can bring their killer to justice is a Midwife. She is a very good midwife, and also known as a wizard to a few of her friends. Sounds like a fun story huh? Keeping with the whole scary book theme. Well, it was disjointed at first... I was just thrown into a book and the story made it hard to grasp anything about the characters. There were words but the substance seemed to be lacking. A very slow start, and it was hard not to be insulted over the death of "working women" especially since their deaths are ignored since they are considered lesser creatures. The book just didn't go anywhere it just kept getting more awkward and less fluid. Plus, I really could not stand the main character... Serafina she's a wonderful midwife, but a not so good mother, and an even worse narrator her voice is just so...ugh! I had to force myself to finish this book praying somehow this book would get better and even the ending was pretty obvious and lacking in any real excitement. I will give credit to the author in this book had its own voice, but the voice was weak and just left me wanting to get over with it so I could move on. I wouldn't consider reading her other works as this one was just so bland and well boring.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Changes book #12 Written by: Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher, you are a cruel and oh so devious writer, but I must say you are also brilliant and quite amusing.  This book truly is about change and it is quite terrifying in how many things change in this book. This is a tough book to write about since there is so much that is revealed and so many characters come into play. To go forward though, sometimes we must go back no? I heard that somewhere I am sure of it... so the stage lights come on and in comes Susan Rodriguez, Harry's once upon a time lover and girl friend. Susan's love even saved Harry a few times in the past. She is back, and she has need of a bad-ass Wizard who has dealt with the Red court before. Susan brings with her news that is simply soul crushing and will end any chance of her and Harry's love rekindling or surviving; she made sure of that 8 years ago. This story brings the White council, Gray Council, Red Court, Chicago's finest, The three Swords and two new bearers of them, The Winter Queen, Molly, Murphy, Thomas, Mouse, Butters, Fei Folk, Father Forthill, Odin, Bob the Skull, and of course Harry. Now, do these groups all work together?  Not quite, but they all are going to come into play in significant ways and I warn you now, have a box of tissues handy. There are choices Harry has to make and they are choices no one should have to make, but make them he must. The question is, will the life of Chicago's only Wizard in the yellow pages survive this story? And, if Harry Copperfield Blackstone Dresden does survive will he ever be able to go back, or even want to? Will we find Harry robed in his leather coat, Mouse and Mister asleep on the floor, Molly at her work station, Bob being a lech, the fire crackling above in Harry's Hearth, the blue Beetle parked outside awaiting to be the semi perfect getaway car, or a ride to the next game night, or for a Beer at Mac's with Murphy and friends... will these familiar scenes be found? We shall see readers... we shall see. End scene.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Walking Dead Book Three a continuing Story of Survival horror. Written by: Robert Kirkman and others

Right, Halloween still coming up so let's keep the them going...scary, scary, scary... This book is Written by: Robert Kirkman; Charlies Adlard the penciler, inker, cover; Cliff Rathburn the gray tones; Rus Wooton the letterer; Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn original Series cover artists. I don't know what to make of this recent The Walking Dead... there was one happy moment in this entire book, just one...the rest of the comic ok, yes Zombies are scary as all hell and if I ever see a person coming at me in makeup I may freak out a little, but the zombies appear to be the lesser of the evil in this new world. It hasn't even been a full year yet, and the world has just fallen apart. There's so many screwed up things in this book, and the characters are all losing it. I do not know what to make of this series anymore it just keeps getting darker, and darker, and of course more dead people...basically evil, evil, evil, zombie, evil, evil, evil, zombie, evil, evil, holy shit that is fucked up,evil, evil, zombie... do I enjoy the comics still? Yes, I will continue to read and see if humanity will ever get its act together, or if this will end with a nuke because well yeah... that seems to always be the trump card in end of the world books as if Zombies weren't enough. Basically people suck...and zombies does not help make them suck any less.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

With This Kiss Written by: Victoria Lynne

"I asked for all things in order that I might enjoy life. I was given life in order that I might enjoy all things." Such a lovely quote, from this Victoria Lynne book, this story is not a wholly unique one, but when you read a lot of books with love or even reluctant love there's only so much a writer can do to try and create their own tale. In this story we have the beautiful, luscious, and over all do well lady Julia. She is a lady who has fallen on hard times due to poor family choices, and seeks to make the world of London a better place even while she is being oppressed. Then we have Morgan St. James a former top Rake in London who himself suffered at another hands that has left him both physically and emotionally traumatized. Morgan is now known as "The Beast" he has secluded himself off from life and fears he will die young and childless but he refuses to venture out after having lost so much. This story was enjoyable if not predictable the classic damaged man and the good lady who wishes to draw him back from the shadows and into her loving embrace, but the witty banter this couple shares is endearing, and timeless as who doesn't enjoy a little challenge in their love life? My only real gripe with this story was how much Julia demanded her husband worked to not be snobbish and care for the common man be he poor or down trodden, and yet that vanishes after some chapter just poof! No more let's fix the world, instead it is mostly love and trying to defeat the foe who ruined Morgan's life and is threatening Julia's. This was a only slightly dark this tale the true horror was highlighted somewhat, but glossed over by the relationship in the book. If you like romance with only a little danger this was a decent book, and Victoria Lynne's dialogue is quite fun to read.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Walking Dead Book Two. A continuing story of survival horror Written by: Robert Kirkman and others

It is becoming close to that time of year all Hallows eve when the land of the dead and living can almost bleed into one another... or, so they say. So, let's add a big dash of paranoia with a tale of Zombies. This book is lettered, created, and written by Robert Kirkman. The Penciler, inker, and cover is by Charlie Adlard. The gray tones by Cliff Rathburnn. The letterer of chapter 4 is Rus Wooton. Original series cover by Tony Moore. This second book of stories did make my head spin. The main characters have changed quite a bit and madness is beginning to seep deeper into the bones of each of them. Quite a few deaths and quite a few new characters are joining the fray. This book didn't scare me like the first comics seeing as this is basically post apocalyptic and the civilized world has ended.  That doesn't mean these comics weren't greatly disturbing and I just couldn't stop reading even though things just kept getting worse and worse as time went on. The pictures and shadowing really bring the horror to life and then there's the big revelation "We're all just dead people walking. We are the walking dead." Also, Zombies on leashes... and yet with all the horrors people still want to murder one another.. just tacky. Friendships are broken and loved ones are lost and a leader is falling, and there is a new place these few remaining people are trying to carve out for themselves.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Doctor's Orders: The Exam (#1) Written by: Chloe Cox

My, my, my...this was rather intense this book. I was in Montreal for a few days :) Lovely people by the way, and saw this book and since there were so many adult entertainment stores I thought, well I might as well indulge a little. So, imagine you're a young woman just stuck in life, you're a temp and still looking for work, and just stuck living with your parents, who by the way won't even support your dreams in life. Claire is such a girl and she is trapped, but she doesn't really understand that she is. She receives a black appointment card and  this is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to her, but she does not know what she is in for. This Dr. is not a regular Dr. and this is by no means a regular exam. Claire must trust her Dr. and if she doesn't she may never get another appointment again. Trust, being bound and well, I'll let you read... This was a tad hard to swallow... again if this was a safe and happy world this wouldn't be so scary, but I guess that's what occurs when you have an erotic tale.  This was a short story, but it was intense and wow it will get you into the mood, if your tastes run to unconventional tastes.  I am interested to see just where this story is going and will look up the complete collection, but this story is not for those who are looking for love and equality this is pure someone is the boss, someone must listen, and just sex.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brain Droppings Written by: George Carlin

Wow, just wow... I wish I smoked or did recreational drugs, because after having read this book I just went through the mind of a crazy person. I loved George Carlin ever since my parents first introduced me to this Verbal genius I felt like my eyes were opened a bit when his voice assaulted my ears. Brain Droppings just touched upon a bit of everything and kept on flowing in every direction barely contained by these pages. I felt my head becoming exhausted by this book simply because there was so much! And, there was a lot of huh, yeah I think that too, or huh! I never thought of it that way, ha! That makes perfect sense! Just pure crazy in a sane and insane way. I only wish this man was still alive today so I could enjoy his perspective on the world today, granted reading this book shows not too much has changed. Like when he talks about how people think at some point in time life may have been better and maybe with effort we could set them right again. And then he goes on to say "They're talentend and funny people, but they're nothing more than cheerleaders attached to a specific, wishes-for outcome." I especially loved his gripe about people with walkmans and how they're "too good to participate in daily life." When we're all attached to our smart phones, Mp3 Players, and blue tooth sets now and rarely do you see people walking alone who aren't linked to something enclosing themself in their own world while walking in the vast world, wonder what his take would be on this... granted he didn't die that long ago. Still this book covered politics, the human condition, religion, to base ball/ sports, parenting, crime, etc... just pure madness and I loved it! I heard George Carlin's voice in my mind and remembered how he used to pause and breath, and move it was a real treat, not for the light of heart, but still for those of you who can take a joke and laugh at the world this was a real good book.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Georgiana Darcy's Diary: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice continued Written by: Anna Elliott

Well this was a right and proper book, it left me feeling very light and whimsical yes, whimsical just flowery even. I love the story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. The year is now 1814 and it is springtime at Pemberley. Elizabeth and Darcy have married, but now a new little romance is creeping up. This book does not replace or even copy Jane Austen's tale so much as grasp a piece of it and spin off on its own while still holding true to the original tale. This book doesn't even try to mimic Austen's writing instead she takes the voice of Georgiana Darcy and writes this tale in diary format. I find it very clever and brings me right back to that world Jane Austen created. Shy, Georgiana Darcy is content so it seems to be unmarried happily living with her brother and his new wife both of whom she adores, but is she? It seems Georgiana is in love secretly with one man whom she is convinced will never love her in return. Then you throw in all of the other classic secondary characters and some new even, and it becomes a grand ball of a time. This book was just agreeable a very pleasant treat and as I was reading I kept thinking to myself.. "wow imagine when women could easily go "I need this hemmed, taken in, mended etc..." And, could do it themselves in a day! I really liked Anna Elliott's book and her very successful attempt at continuing a story that on its own stands perfect, but with her book it allows us again to visit some old friends, and see how they've been doing.