Monday, October 29, 2012

Changes book #12 Written by: Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher, you are a cruel and oh so devious writer, but I must say you are also brilliant and quite amusing.  This book truly is about change and it is quite terrifying in how many things change in this book. This is a tough book to write about since there is so much that is revealed and so many characters come into play. To go forward though, sometimes we must go back no? I heard that somewhere I am sure of it... so the stage lights come on and in comes Susan Rodriguez, Harry's once upon a time lover and girl friend. Susan's love even saved Harry a few times in the past. She is back, and she has need of a bad-ass Wizard who has dealt with the Red court before. Susan brings with her news that is simply soul crushing and will end any chance of her and Harry's love rekindling or surviving; she made sure of that 8 years ago. This story brings the White council, Gray Council, Red Court, Chicago's finest, The three Swords and two new bearers of them, The Winter Queen, Molly, Murphy, Thomas, Mouse, Butters, Fei Folk, Father Forthill, Odin, Bob the Skull, and of course Harry. Now, do these groups all work together?  Not quite, but they all are going to come into play in significant ways and I warn you now, have a box of tissues handy. There are choices Harry has to make and they are choices no one should have to make, but make them he must. The question is, will the life of Chicago's only Wizard in the yellow pages survive this story? And, if Harry Copperfield Blackstone Dresden does survive will he ever be able to go back, or even want to? Will we find Harry robed in his leather coat, Mouse and Mister asleep on the floor, Molly at her work station, Bob being a lech, the fire crackling above in Harry's Hearth, the blue Beetle parked outside awaiting to be the semi perfect getaway car, or a ride to the next game night, or for a Beer at Mac's with Murphy and friends... will these familiar scenes be found? We shall see readers... we shall see. End scene.

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