Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oryx and Crake Written by: Margaret Atwood

Wow, readers, just wow... talk about a mind bending complete crazy reading experience. Margaret Atwood you are quickly becoming an author who has my complete undivided attention and who not only fascinates, intrigues, and humbles me, but you also scare the hell out of me... Truthfully I absolutely loved this book, right until the last sentence then I was a tad angry because this book just well....ends... it ends in a way that leaves you puzzled and not sure what happened! I mean, we know after pages and pages we finally know what happened, but what happens? This book takes place in a future that is oh so terrifying, not because of how absurd it is, but because of how obtainable it truly could be. The corporations have finally one and taken over and they're doing "right" by the people... giving us genetic advancements only found in science fiction... they're "helping" us. Margaret Atwood is just a genius in how she blends the current world's future trajectory with her own. The sheer plausibility is what scares you readers. Who doesn't want to stop the aging process? To cure diseases? To live in a world where everything is obtainable and where you can re-write you very cells to your liking? Obviously you were meant to be born with Hazel eyes... BOOM! Brown eyes gone hello Hazel! A world where anyone can be beautiful with the right money, connections, and of course brain power. Of course, this utopia isn't for everyone no, that wouldn't be the human way this world...these worlds are only for those who have the money and brains without both you're basically a regular person a consumer a person who is shut out and left to fend for themselves. This world; sex, power, death, life, fast food, knowledge, murder... everything is for sale and everything is for the cameras. Nothing it seems is quite taboo. Snowman is removed from all of this as he lives in a world with the Crakers and is their caretaker or sorts... he doesn't exactly care of them, but he does what he can. These people are the Children of Crake a genius above all others with a dream... The beginning of this book will cause you to be quite confused, I know I sure was... the character we are following is Snowman, but then we're following Jimmy. Young, not quite cared for or loved Jimmy who is given everything a boy his age could want or need except affection from his mother who though he cares for is clearly coming undone by something. His father is a brilliant mind working on the best genetic manipulation and creating solutions to the multitude of problems the human race has created... only for every solution it seems like more problems just conveniently pop up to again need taking care of. Snowman is hungry but to him hunger are like Sand Castles in the wind... you know you're alive. This book was just a boggle pure and simple but clues were planted everywhere and the back and forth between young, teenage, man, Jimmy, and Snowman was quite fascinating. Then of course there are the Crakers... who exactly are they and how did they come to be? Why do they ask Snowman particularly about Onyx and her animals and Crake and his world? What happened to Onyx and Crake? Where are these to powerful figures and they haunt these pages readers they themselves are quite imposing and using our dear Jimmy in ways we don't quite grasp until time moves forward, and by then readers it's really clear just how terrible everything is. Crake has a theory readers a very scary theory and once you realize all the meanings, the double talk, the games, the world you realize how scary it all is because we're doing the same thing in this time... but once you start something can you really ever stop, and if you want to will the world let you? A tale of men and women literally playing God...and the devastation that it brings may make it all not worth saving.

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