Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wallbanger a Kizzie Baldwin Erotic Thriller book 2 Written by: Sable Jordan

Good evening fellow readers, my what a weekend of relaxation and reading..granted both video game and books have my heart racing, but still in a very relaxing way. I decided to go to another book 2 and decided with how beautiful it was out to revisit the erotic writings of Sable Jordan. In this book 2 we have Kizzie Baldwin once more she has been shaken and stirred readers and now she is once again thrust into a world she really knows little about. Her objective is the same as before to secure Intel on formula 3-19. However, like last time there is a catch and not nearly as delightful as the last time. Kizzie has to give in to the guy across the line Dom, Xander Duquesne... Kizzie scratches his back and well...he whips hers. Will she be able to call him Sir and even Master without kicking the guy in the throat? There is also a bit of a twist as this time there is something in this tale that shouldn't be, a cold war relic that was thought gone or non-existent, but with the death of an old man comes the reign of a crazy new man and he looks to make Xander and Kizzie suffer. This second book was a bit harsher than the first which showed BDSM in a more erotic perhaps even romantic light, this book however showed us how wrong a Dom and Sub's relationship can be if the Master isn't good and skilled and the Sub there unwillingly. There were points in this book where I could fall into the erotic writing and other times I was cringing and trying to not scream as the assholes who would call themselves Tops. Thankfully we have Kizzie to use her snark and ass butt kicking skills to deal out some much deserved punishment... but when Xander is looking like one of the good guys just what the hell is going on? This was more of a novel compared to the first one there was a lot of plot, sub plot, and a whole lot of of backstabbing going on. I felt like this was definitely a set up book for the next one and made me anxious to see what was going to happen and just what other fun Xander and Kizzie might endure together. Warning readers there are some very dark moments in this book that may make you sick to your stomachs with how some people think BDSM should be, but if you're looking for a kick butt adventure with erotic tones and don't mind a sassy bad ass American spy then this is so the series for you. I really liked the book and don't think I can wait another year to read book three.

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