Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Unbound The Havoc Chronicles Book 2 Written by: Brant Williams

Hello fellow book lovers, and salutations. Well, I decided it was time to read another book two of a series I recently came across… the world that Williams created was quite memorable to me and I decided well, I wonder what happens to Madison, Rhys, Eric, Kara, Amy, Malika, etc… So, I picked up book 2 the Unbound. Which, readers, picks up exactly where the Threads that bind left off. Life, now that a very particular mission failed due to the consequences of love…must continue. After all Madison is only a 16 year old a girl…albeit a 16 year old girl who could possibly go toe to toe with the Hulk (for a little while at least) and sure it seems she’s even got some other odd abilities as well….okay hormones, hormones are what definitely keeps her a 16 year old girl and of course :sigh for emphasis: Love. Where was I?....oh right! So life must continue and how does one get on with their life when they’ve discovered they are the first Berserker female well ever, and deal with the fact that they’re also quite possibly able to use some certain other abilities  which to be able to use is wholly unheard of yet again? Poor Madison, all that drama and she still has to attend high school not to mention continue training to up her skills in combat….well then again she’s going to school with Rhys and training with Rhys so perhaps that is not a wholly bad deal either. The way Williams writes I really enjoy because I felt like I was definitely inside the mind and viewing the world from the point of view of a 16 year old girl, sure she’s a bit more mature but since she was a social reject for so many years Madison had to develop a personality… (not saying all pretty 16 year old girls don’t but most aren’t focused on nearly as much as Madison was as parties, dates, social climbing, etc… was on their calendars) There are some typical ClichĂ©s this book for sure, I am always amazed how every couple having relationship issues or couples that discover love act as if they’re the first to imagine such a wondrous thing, but that’s love for you. I also thought perhaps a certain love triangle, Shakespeare, age drama would also not be mentioned, but again this is a book about a sixteen year old girl set in a supernatural setting so….Shakespeare always does stay relevant. The story does progress and not just progress but hits you in the head with a two by four at times with all that is happening and causing everything to change. Another issue is someone close to the Berserkers wants Madison clearly dead, and to try and keep hold of her normal life Madison’s romantic choices may lead down a path with an outcome far worse than anyone could have predicted for the new and old Berserkers alike…the world is changing again, traditions have been broken, and there’s a world of pain ahead it seems, I was absolutely hooked to this book readers, I couldn’t put it down! I just had to know what the hell is going to happen! I definitely had to stop myself from throwing a pillow once or twice across the room…(I’ve tended to knock things over or scare my poor dog and husband having these reading outbursts) I’ll never look at a certain serving object ever quite the same way again either readers. So, in conclusion…really, really, enjoyed this book!

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