Friday, August 23, 2013

Empath (Book 1 in the Empath Trilogy) Written by: HK Savage

Happy Friday fellow readers of all J Okay, forgive the cheese, but I am just absolutely excited for this day to be over and the weekend to begin. After a summer of conventions, visits, friends, family, parties, dancing, hiking, ocean trips, LARPS, etc… I’m finally getting a weekend of just…relaxation! Specifically playing the New Bio Shock game, how awesome is that? So, I managed to survive this full week of work (it’s been a while readers as usually I’ve taken a half day or a day off here and there lately…so first full week in a while) I was looking for another interesting book to read and stumbled upon this little gem Empath now, I’m actually very familiar with the term Empath, I studied the psychic phenomenon quite a bit as a young teenage girl whose hormones and keen observations as a pre-woman were driving me nuts… people just said “maybe you’re just a tad too empathetic” I just always thought…damn hormones… I blame them a lot for the follies and misdirection of my youth. Any who, I am oh so glad I did not have the problems that Claire Martin restident of Richfield Minnesota has had…she’s an empathy a very talented or cursed one as she cannot think straight, be near people, or even touch anyone without losing herself in their emotions. She’s lived her entire life as a prisoner inside her own little world constantly assaulted by the multitudes of emotions out there. Now, she is off to college and she is hoping that perhaps for once she will be able to blend in and live a somewhat normal life. Well, of course readers were that the case there wouldn't be much of a story now would there? Nope, there certainly wouldn't be readers instead within the first few weeks of being at school Claire meets Stephen Andrews he is a handsome, fragile, guy who is definitely going to change Claire’s life forever… Stephen has a secret of his own and one about his family and instantly realizes Claire is special. Though Stephen’s aid and his family’s Stephen introduces Claire to James a drop dead hehe, no pun intended… So, we meet James, he is a vampire with a talent of his own, and as soon as Claire and him meet and touch well things begin to happen in ways that no one has witnessed in well over three hundred years… and this bond may not be broken. The story itself readers was interesting and quite charming at times. I felt like the action scenes were at times glossed over for the more talking and human scenes…the author it seems drew from other works of fiction, not claiming they copied but that I saw a bit of my favorite series in this tale such as Sookie Stackhouse and the Anita Blake universes, even a little of the Twilight Universe, (For the record I don't consider Twilight as my favorite series or even top ten) but on a younger lighter and at times more serious scale. The bonds and supernatural abilities and the story itself weren't exactly original but with how the author blended them it created their own universe and I think Claire is quite the interesting 19 year old girl and is doing quite well after having lived such a hard early life. The fact that the vampires are much more main stream was a little predictable I find it interesting that so many old legends of the vampyre can still even be considered relevant with so many main stream shows, books, and pop culture in general, but then again there are a lot of series that hold somewhat true to the old stories. This book though a tad adolescent was cute and interesting I look forward to the next two books and seeing what will happen to our new Heroine Claire.

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