Monday, August 5, 2013

The Winter Harvest Handbook Year-Round Vegetable Production Using Deep-Organic Techniques and Unheated Greenhouses Written by: Eliot Coleman

Hello fellow readers, my my, my, here we are Again August, and it’s been quite beautiful here thus far. So, as you can tell by the title of this book I am now looking into Year Round Vegetable Production…I have never gardened in my life readers, I have grown quite a few potted plants over the years, and I even have one that’s still living my very first plant from Girl Scouts…almost 20 years ago. But, growing a potted plant and keeping it alive seems like it’s not that big a deal compared to growing vegetables and having them be edible. I also grow spider plants, vine plants, Aloe (So much Aloe!) Cactuses, etc… Still, I’ve never grown veggies, so my hubby this past Christmas bought me this book, and I finally decided okay…it’s time. Of course I barely have a yard and the soil is probably not safe to grow anything in, so…what can I do? Well, Indoor gardening…I have a Sunroom in my home as it has windows on three sides and is heated so it never drops below 60 in this room, and there’s a lot of light. It’s really an excellent room for reading, knitting, naps, and now Gardening. I will admit this book was a little hard to process as the author is a Small Family farm owner, and small is a drastic understatement as what him and his team do is just amazing. Eliot Coleman is an Organic farmer to the max, what he does is very impressive, and if you are looking to start a small family farm or even just a vegetable garden this is really a good spring board to better understand Winter gardening. There’s historical information and inspiration that goes throughout the world, and shows us Organic Gardening isn’t something new, but something quite old that the world is beginning to embrace again. The getting started chapter was a bit scary to me because I only have two 36inch long 7 inch deep planters I’m going to begin with…but I kept telling myself anything on a large scale can be transferred to small scale eventually. I do hope to do box gardening in my yard in the future so there were a lot of good tips on how to do this, but I will have to do more research to see if the soil that may be somewhat toxic in my yard could be made safe again, or I’ll do a bottom on my box garden and start there. This book goes over several different types of green houses, Winter and Summer crops, Soil Preparation, Sowing, Weed Control, Harvesting, Pests, Insects and Diseases, even tools to use while farming. For a person with a good acre of land this would be perfect to follow and learn from. I did buy the seeds the author mentions, and look into soil building, and the time charts and zones he provided are helping me get ready for the late August and September planting season..nuts huh? But, I think I can actually do this. The book read very well it wasn’t confusing as a lot of the terminology was explained and the drawings, pictures, and photographs were really easy to put thought to picture to understanding. I would love to be an organic grower, but to compost again lack of space might be a bit difficult for me, but I’ve bought organic dirt, fertilizer, and I’m beginning my box prep I’ll test my soil and then if need be purchase the proper natural substances to enrich the soil for the seeds I will be planting. So readers, this is a book that educated, inspired, and intimidated me a bit. I was a little put off by the fact that Organic farming is just that you must be 100% organic and though I’d like to be it’s just not feasible for me, but then I think well the author doesn’t know that! So, I’ll do my part and as good a job as I can and hopefully come spring I can plant an outdoor normal Vegetable Garden outside. Needless to say this book is going to be my “How To” book and hopefully since I’m growing an indoor Garden I won’t have to be too concerned about Pests, the elements, and see what happens. A very good book that I cannot wait to put what I’ve learned to paper, I’ll definitely have to read this book over and over again. So wish me Luck readers! Highly recommend this book if you want to grow an Organic Veggie Garden.

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