Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance - Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame

My, my, my readers….I’m on a roll, and quite happy in my reading these past few books. I am quite happy I read the prequel to this book though. I think had I read this first and then the other I couldn’t enjoy what this author did with this twisted take on such a classic tale.  Though, I must admit I found the writing a tad odd in the way it was executed at times. The classic Austen story was actually pretty spot on and I was very thankful for that, but at times I just had to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of The Bennet sisters being master Zombie slayers their only husband death. But, then I paused and remembered how Austen was known to mock society and its willing cast playing their given roles and found myself being drawn once again into the tale I am so well acquainted with.  We open with the mysterious plague of the unmentionables the spawn of Satan if you will devouring all of England and Mertyon is protected by the Bennet family. We once again follow our main star Elizabeth and she is as feisty and noble as ever. Though, I think Elizabeth was a tad obsessed with self punishment just a tad too much, but when honor demands it what is a proper English lady well versed in the dark arts of battle to do? This is indeed a horrific comedy filled with violent sparring, blood soaked battle fields, verbal spars, and the shambling dead. Of course all of this is done with the upmost civilized manners. There are our classic cast of characters Mr. Bennet with his library as his only means of escape from his silly daughters and their mother, Kitty and Lydiah as solider obsessed and showing themselves off in their deadly skills, Mary stern and obsessed with weights and training, Mrs. Bennet is as always the same as she always is, The Bingley Party, Tramp Wickham, and of course Mr. Darcy master of the Deadly Arts and lacking wholly in the art of socializing. There were so many similar moments from the classic tale to this one it was as if the author merely overlaid his own ideas and added a new word here or there to bring the classic tale into the horror genre and popular pop culture idea of the zombie. But, unlike the older novel there is quite a bit more chatter and substance giving us more of the classic characters making them more dare I say understandable? The scenes between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet were very amusing but seem to also be a warning to young couples marrying only due to youth and infatuation rather than a good match of personalities. Elizabeth is also very changed as where in classic tales she is the dutiful daughter who though refuses the proposal from her cousin now has the skills, training, and temperament to go with her verbal wit and her warrior self is quite imposing indeed…but maybe she’s perhaps a too good warrior as mountains, rocks, and sparring are quite more enjoyable then the less fair sex… that being said will the romances of the old story occur? Can love exist in a world with zombies, warriors, ninjas, and social decorum ruling everything? A very amusing read indeed at times utterly ridiculous but amusing all the same… the classic pure reader might be tempted to shy away from this story, but what’s wrong with taking something classic and giving it a bit of a twist? In this case it was agreeable though I admit I think I prefer the classic story still. Quite a fun dark/light comedy.

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