Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bonded Book 2 Empath Trilogy Written by: HK Savage

Hello faithful fellow readers, my, here we are the end of the line.. August 2013 has finally come to a close... in all its muggy hot wet glory...ugh. So much is going on in the world so...escape to the fiction world once more. Okay, enough about the weather... I must admit this book Bonded, book two in the Empath Trilogy written by HK Savage was just...painful to read. Where I thought the first book showed some rather interesting concepts this recent one suffered from the classic book two syndrome. This has happened quite a bit as I've read trilogies, but this one was just all over the map. Bonded just flew by with all the action that should have happened being glossed over or barely mentioned... the last book left the big baddies licking their wounds and left Claire and James some time to be all lovey and happy around Christmas, but it seems Claire is suffering from super crazy bonded vampire  hormones as she's bitchy, angry, sad, and lusty all the time. I just read the first book so I thought Claire's and James relationship was pretty set in stone and prove to be a rare and precious gift, but it seems Claire is quite insecure with her relationship and hell bent on testing every part of the bond her and James share. I was absolutely frustrated and quite bored with how this story progressed between the I love you, I don't trust you, I don't want to lose you, I love you so much, Do you love me? Just disgusting how this relationship was the sheer focus throughout the tale and just kept going around and around and going back to square one constantly. Yes, frustrating! I was much more interested in the Andrews family and the plight Claire and Stephen find themselves in, but even these action packed horrific moments were over so fast it felt like they weren't really needed for the plot. I had a tough time liking anyone in this story this time readers...the characters just weren't flushed out at all and even Love wasn't enough to sway my romantic heart into falling into this book. That being said so much happened in this story we traveled across the ocean quite a few times and met some really new nasty baddies but it felt so forced. Clarie's human life barely came into focus, but everyone is quick to point out she's just a human... that got old. Overall if you're looking for a semi forgettable supernatural tale that will pass a few hours and look to gain nothing this was the book for you. I will give HK Savage another chance with her third book giving her the benefit of the doubt that this second book was just trying to spring board us into the third book of this Trilogy. 

On a personal note readers I would like to take this moment to remember someone who brought a lot of love into this world, my brother in law and sister in law's little Maggie May she was a wonderful little poodle who left this world all too soon, and so tonight we drink to her memory. She has left us with the close of this summer and I'll miss my little niece. 

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