Friday, August 31, 2012

Furies of Calderon Written by: Jim Butcher

Imagine a world where the world is still green, still wild, and imagine that spirits of nature are at your call, really your companion for life. Nothing of our reality is overtly present, of course there are humans and some similar ways of life if we go back to the middle ages, other than that Jim Butcher has created a magical world where people can call upon the elemental spirits called Furies. This book takes place in the Aleran Empire, which contains "crafters", the people who control the elements: water, air, earth, fire, wood, and metal, through a person's bond with an element's fury. If you are fans of the television series The Last Air Bender you may be able to draw some similarities and understanding how these crafters live and work. I can see similarities and Jim Butchers other writing and how his characters are being flushed out in this book. So much detail and so unique is each character it is classic Butcher for sure. The world is quite amazing in how the Aleran's are a strong folk in Bernard Holt, and even though they are strong women are seen as those to be mothers, healers, protected, Ick! You see several female characters who break that mold and prove they can be just as strong and brave as any man. Classic Butcher again. Then Butcher introduces us to the "Savages" the Murat who appear to bond with their animals and mimic traits of their particular clans. Horse, Wolf, Gargant, and Herdbanes a type of giant bird. These Savage folk have no furies to call upon. There are a great many twisty plots and side plots going on here, as if Jim Butcher has a much bigger plan in store for this world and at the heart of it is the boy with no Fury to call Tavi a smallish boy for his age of 15, and who is as brave as any legion warrior and as Kind as his Aunt and Uncle. I really enjoyed this book thought it felt like so much happened and like I was only given a very small piece of the puzzle of what is to come. I have some theories, but it should be interesting to see what happens to the people, spirits, and the whole of this world Mr. Butcher has crafted with ink and paper.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Death Troopers A Star Wars Novel Written by Joe Schreiber

Chilling, absolutely chilling! What better way to travel on the road for ten hours plus then by having one of the scariest chapter titles and background soundtrack spewed out over the radio only to assault your ears and have no escape from that assault? Death Troopers is unlike any Star Wars book I have ever read or listened to, this one is very out there and does not really tie to the core books, of course that does not stop this book from showing just how far the Galactic Empire is willing to go to crush its foes. It seems they are even willing to cheat death. We follow a few people’s narratives during this book and the story itself is a slow build up and then gut punches the reader into pure grotesque horror, what starts off as a mere scratching at the skin quickly turns into the Ebola Plague of nightmares. The main characters range from ages and even species, but mostly they are humanoid coming from all walks of life. The author is not at all afraid of killing off of characters you may just begin to like or automatically want to survive this tale. Think of The Stand written by Stephen King, meets Outbreak written by Robin Cook. Then wait until done and see what happens… I would add another book in here, but I just cannot spoil this for you. There are a few light comical moments, but mostly it is just bone crunching, blood curdling screams, and just pure ick factor all over. I highly recommend listening to this book as I don’t think your mind can create the sheer spine tingling terror the sound effects the audio techs put into this book, the voice actor as well did a very good job it almost felt like a full cast of voice actors with how different every characters voice had. If you insist on reading this book do so in a dark room read by flashlight underneath the covers with the doors locked. But, this was an awesome book way far out there but oh so awesome if you have a certain interest in Sci-Fi horror tales that happened in a Galaxy Far, far, away a long, long, time ago…

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Take Me Written by: Grace Samuels

"Let's play a game," his throaty voice said through the crackling of the long-distance phone line.
Hmm...what sort of game?" She asked.
"Why don't you let it be a surprise"

Grace Samuels introduces us to Dr. Diana Anderson a beautiful intelligent women attending a ball at the Museum that she has spent the past year putting together their Egyptian exhibit together. The theme of the ball of course if Egypt with beautiful statues, jewelry, trinkets, and all around her are costumed for the occasion. The whole party is rather breathtaking in all its golden splendor and causes Diana to to wish for someone to celebrate it with. Be careful what you wish for? Not too long after this desire is made enters a costumed man with tanned skin, a pierced niple, and a perfect body dressed as the ancient lion-headed god Maahes, known as the Lord of the Massacre. He plans to seduce Diana and tells her as such appearing next to her throughout the evening and vanishing as quickly... we hear what goes on in both Diana's and Maaahes minds. It is a fun seduction and something most women probably dream of happening when going out in their very finest hoping that handsome man will notice them from across the room no? This is definitely flirting to the extreme and I won't spoil the ending,but Grace Samuels has created a fun and oh so sultry tale with Take Me. I very much enjoyed the ending between her two would be lovers.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shaken & Stirred a Kizzie Baldwin Erotic Thriller Written by: Sable Jordan

This book was a tease for sure, Kizzie is a kick butt secret agent beautiful and resourceful. She's on a secret mission on the Indian Ocean, the Island Republic of Mauritius, Africa. Her target Xander Duquesne her objective: Secure "Formula 3-19" Little does this secret agent know her mission is going to take her to the heart of a very special party. A party in which Xander is the master of all even Kizzie if he wishes it. This book heats up fast and though it is short there's a lot of detail and it has perhaps even a bond feel to this or maybe a Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie feel. It is an Erotic book, but the erotic part is short and the spy/mystery part is in the forefront. Foreplay if you will, this book was a tease with a bit of foreplay and I look forward to reading the next book.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some Like it Rough The Original Erotica Collection: Written by: Victoria Foxxe, Stella Kingston, Delilah Fawkes, Sara Pierce, & Sir Jaerls

Now, time for some Erotica books. I have not had time to read during the day so a bit of night reading is always good. Some Like it Rough The Original Erotica Collection: Written by: Victoria Foxxe, Stella Kingston, Deliah Fawkes, Sara Pierce, & Sir Jaerls is well...interesting a friend of mine sent me the book and said I just had to read. Where to begin the first story The Deal is very rough and quite graphic it takes us into upper corporate America and shows us just who is and is not boss here. If you are into this bit of Kink especially if you like to fight for power a def for you.

Vacation Whore the next story in this book just will make you ladies and even men wish the world was such a safe place that meeting a complete stranger could be so sexy and satisfying Carla and Max have spoken quite often, but have never met and are short on time to enjoy one an others company. And enjoy they do.

Surrender the Wolf the third story is a supernatural top and bottom story it was a little odd to read actually seeing as the other two previous stories other than being a little over the top but not dealing with supernatural aspects unless you consider mind blowing orgasms supernatural. There's also a twist in this short tale it does however deal with how one can be a bottom in the bedroom but not a pushover so that was interesting. Especially with how rough this story in particular becomes and how much Sir and his lady Amber surely enjoy their game of pain and pleasure. A very erotic and unusual story indeed.

Jungle Fever, I need to say wowza... a tale of Navy SEALs trying to enjoy what little private time they have, at first I was not sure what was going on it starts out in the jungle and a shower Carson is our narrator and then enters Jones their merely trying to get clean right? All that training has them exhausted right? Wrong, steam needs to be blown off and these two men are going to do just that, but in a very rough sensual way, I actually haven't read many erotic stories involving two men yet alone two deadly trained SEALs who have some rather interesting tastes when it comes to their intimate relationship... I did enjoy the humor though.

The final Story in this book is called Sudden Chemistry I am not sure if Sudden is really appropriate with what the female lead Liz is a classic story Brainy cute girl is Tutoring big jock type Brady. That's where the typical ends, Liz is rather um forceful and knows what she wants that is for sure and she wants Brady, now again if this was a safe perfect world, no I'm pretty sure this girl would be in a world of trouble if her extra hobbies ever got out. Still, the story itself is pretty well depending upon your tastes really, but damn. The writer of this tale is quite imaginative and gets the full force of her characters dominance through her words and actions
All of these authors write so differently about a similar topic it's actually quite fascinating, I enjoyed this book it was different than what I usually read, but overall a good read indeed if you are into Rough sex with a whole lota of Kinky and dominance...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hard Eight A Stephanie Plum Novel: Written by: Janet Evanovich

Book 8! Hope some of you are enjoying these books as much as I am. This book was well, more grown up? Stephanie Plum your NJ novice bounty hunter is at it again, and not even getting paid this time! Her family just isn't good with emotion and when a neighbor shows up bawling even Stephanie's mother is begging her to find her neighbors Great grand daughter. This book where as a car getting blown up (yes this happens again!) someone breaks into Stephanie's apartment (yup still basically a revolving door her home), or someone is found dead in previous books was almost funny. This book cranks it up a bit to  be quite scary. So scary that Stephanie may just take a certain gun out of a certain cookie jar. You know your life is a little messed up when you compare Disney world to Stiva's funeral home as far as local attractions go. The Trenton gang is all here and along for this wild ride. It is a pity that some things aren't working quite right for Stephanie and some tension is finally gone, but hopefully this book will force her to grow up a little. Of course she is the queen of rationalization and even states to be a burg lady you must be able to lie all the way to your uber teased hair. Tasty Cakes, candy bars, Chinese food, I almost hate her for all the food she manages to survive eating. Spiders, bunnies, snakes, kidnappers, FTAs, and death threats it really is a Stephanie novel, and it ended on such a note I think I can finally read another book, but I will look forward til I can read the next 10.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seven Up Stephanie Plum Written by: Janet Evanovich

How can one woman have so many bad hair styles and dye jobs!? I swear this is not becoming the Stephanie Plum book review blog. Just so happens my life is very busy at the moment, and I just cannot bring myself to read anything serious, sad, or dark humored. So, I figured a little more Stephanie never hurt anyone. Well unless you're her mark or dating her... This latest book was as usual nuts, Stephanie is being pressured into buying a certain White Dress and has to find an old Mobster who just won't let Stephanie nab him. At least we get some good history in this book as we learn thanks to HBO NJ now knows how to dress. Add a sister who was perfect and is now trying out being a lesbian, some female mud wrestlers, two nieces, a dog with an eating disorder, a pig heart, and a complex love life and you have one heck of a mess. But, it is all about priorities right? And, in this book we learn men's priorities are oh so simple all it takes is an erection to make like hunky dory. Trust me this will make you laugh, though how is it one woman can have so many problems, have so many nuts people in her life, have so many life changing experiences, and still have zero will power and be so dumb? Love this series, but in all seriousness does Trenton NJ really have this many loony people? I cannot seem to remember. This book ended quite steamy and obviously I am so going to have to start the next one!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hot Six A Stephanie Plum Novel Written by: Janet Evanovich

Okay, I am addicted, I admit it! On a side note, happy One Year to my Blog! Yesterday was a year since my first book review. 88 books read, that's  not bad for a year eh? So, to those of you all around the world who read this blog thanks, I hope some of you enjoy my reviews and have managed to discover some cool books from me. Again if you disagree or even agree with my reviews I'd love to hear from you.

So book 6 in the Stephanie Plum series... I enjoyed this one, it was very ridiculous okay, INCREDIBLY ridiculous. All I know is, if I was blown up and shot at as many times as Stephanie I would make sure I was in shape and could use my gun. This story, I don't know who I feel sorry for. Stephanie is at this point way behind, I feel like she should have some kind of a grasp in what she is doing and maybe have some will power, her and Lula are going to get Type 2 Diabetes in no time. And really who does this much stupid shit in a matter of days? Everyone was a tad nuts in this book, not to mention Ranger finds himself being hunted by a whole lot of people both legal and illegal folk, Morelli just may propose a few times, Grandma Mazur learns to drive, and Stephanie's mother is going through "the change." Not to mention Stephanie has a wicked Zit a garbage disposal of a dog, no sex life, her Grandmother moves in with her, two very odd not overly friendly men after her, and an old gun runner bothering her for smokes and a ride... oh and dead bodies piling up as per usual.... Big Blue is still kicking though, just a crazy plot filled with a lot of memorable moments, also, when is Stephanie going to get some fashion sense? I know NJ folk may have held onto the whole 80's and Grunge look for a tad too long, but c'mon! With so many stray kisses going on I have no clue what is going to happen in this series...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

High Five a Stephanie Plum Novel #5 Written by: Janet Evanovich

Five down, and quite  few more to go, yay! I just finished book five in the Stephanie Plum series, and quite honestly I loved and devoured every minute of it, and I really do have to ask...How can one woman have so much bad luck and excitement in her life? Things really picked up for our NJ Bombshell Bounty hunter, sadly work is slow, and her love life is a just a tad bit complicated, (You really cannot trust Morelli Men huh? Or, can you?)  and then there's the zero will power when it comes to food, and oh yes more people trying to make Stephanie explode, but overall our main character is doing ok... r-i-g-h-t. Also, were there really this many crazy people in NJ? I visit every so often and my time there is not nearly as exciting granted I rarely am in the Trenton area anymore so maybe that's it... either way we are introduced to some rather unique characters again in this book and the old ones are all here too, I do not overly feel bad for Stephanie's mother, but her father is another story poor guy all he wants to do is eat in peace, and his daughter and grandmother keep bringing anxiety and screwball characters into his home and at his table. Also, why does Grandma Mazur keep getting to keep guns on her person? Some other rather scary characters make their way back to too, anyone remember the first book? If so keep your eyes peeled and pepper spray handy. This book Stephanie is hunting for a family member gone missing it is a favor to the family and she is filling her obligations as a daughter and granddaughter, sadly, bills are also piling up and the bounty hunter business is slow so she either has to get a real job, or look for other means to make money which leads to some rather dicey decisions and a very sexy fellow bounty hunter. To all those ladies and men if they like to dress as ladies some advice from Ms. Plum "If your hair is bad, shorten your skirt and add extra mascara." A fun fast read Janet Evanovich does not disappoint, except maybe this books ending, there she is just plain EVIL!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sex Stalker 2: Exposed Written by: Darren G. Burton

Sex Stalker 2, I thought perhaps this would be better than Sex Stalker 1, but even though author Darren G. Burto brought back Ryan and his mystery woman stalker I don't know... the build up just was not there, not like the first one, the author spent more time talking about making coffee and being bored with life rather than  well the Smut. When the hot steamy scenes finally did occur they seemed rather well boring and tame compared to the anticipation he built up in the first book. This book reminded me of those classic porno movies where they try desperately to put a plot into play and forget they are making a porno. The first book was just so good and well paced this one was stagnant and at times boring. I recommend reading the first book and just glossing over this one, I may give Burto another chance with his other books, but this was a let down. Good writing but boring plot.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Four to Score Book 4 Written by: Janet Evanovich

Happy First of the Month everyone, hope you're all enjoying the Olympic Games in London. This blog seems to be quickly becoming a Stephanie Plum Janet Evanovich Blog. I just cannot for the life of me put these books down! You just have to love Stephanie she's just so kick butt, not in a trained really cool kind of way, but in a somehow I'll muddle through with my sheer willpower, thought her willpower seems to halt when it comes to food, Morelli, and Shopping. You also have to appreciate her Catholic guilt and her reasoning "It's a multifaceted experience. If you lose the faith, chances are you'll keep the guild, so it isn't as if you've been skunked altogether" Yup, darn skippy, I've heard this a lot from my catholic friends no longer practicing...sheer genius. I also loved Stephanie's reasoning on this book comparing God and Santa Clause especially since the book "You Better not Cry by Augusten Burrough" did the same comparsion ha! Then there's Janet Evanovich's description of NJ "In Jersey the ocean smells of coconut-scented suntan lotion and Italian Sausage smothered in fried onions and petter. It smells like deep-fried zeppoles and chili hot dogs." Truly poetry that description and it brought back my own childhood walking the Jersey Shore.

This book was just off the charts hilarious. The gangs all here making their usual appearences from the Seniors living in Stephanies building, her oh so odd ball family, and of course Morelli, Lula, Ranger, and others. My newest favorite character though has got to be Sally, this guy was just 110% hilarious. His cursing even made me pause a few times going "Wow!" "Impressive!" Stephanie Plum, do you manage to live through all the exploding cars, junk food, death threats, and your friends and family? Ms. Plum is again on a case and this time it's just as tangled and messed up as the last, add in a few Transvestites, Atlantic city, a stake out, some dead bodies, another bad hair experience, and some hot...well I'll let you find out for yourselves...And, well you have some entertaining book here. Love this series, and I am probably going to read the next one right...Now.