Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rocky Mountain Novel Heat A Six Pack Ranch Book 1 written by: Vivian Arend

Hello all, to quote a character who is wise and quite awesome and from another series... "Human Mating habits are stupid"... That being said I did enjoy this latest book I finished by Vivian Arend. We are introduced to the beautiful and determined Jaxi. Jaxi practically grew up on the Coleman farm and among the six Coleman brothers. The Coleman brood were all practically Jaxi 's brothers, but she isn't their sister when it comes to reality. Now, Jaxi is all grown up and she has a plan to finally catch Blake Coleman's eye and his heart. Blake Coleman though is old enough to realize giving into one's urges and not thinking things through can cause a whole heck of a lot of trouble. However, when an accident puts Jaxi smack dab into the middle of Blake's life ignoring his natural impulses is becoming quite impossible. In Blake's eyes he is Jaxi's older brother and knows wanting her is just wrong. That being said the friction between the two of these people is about to create quite the fire. But, Blake's other younger brothers are also noticing the beautiful blonde with legs for days woman Jaxi has grown into. These brothers are more than willing to risk a few broken bones to fight for Jaxi. Again, "Human mating habits are stupid." These two clearly want to be together and yet this book is going to torture and tantalize us with their very real courtship. There are some very steamy scenes within this book and not to be cliche but quite a bit of boot knocking too. This is not just a full on erotic tale readers there is family, courtship, love, drama, and alright a whole lot of erotic scenes that will have you gasping. Arend does a magnificent job at setting the stage for future books too. Now, I know what you're asking, do they end up together? Well, you'll have to read and enjoy this book as much as I did. It is book one in the series, after all there are six Coleman brothers, and I cannot wait to read more about these brothers and their lives down on the farm and between the bed sheets, and on the table, and in the barn. Right, good read and well written. Until later fellow readers.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins: Part Two: Desired by the Deep Written by: Lyra Fawn

Compromise readers, they say in a compromise both sides lose no? Well, Mona is trying really hard in this second book to figure out a way to make her two Princes compromise both in culture and in their romantic lives, book two readers! I really couldn't wait to see what happens, so if you haven't read the first book in this series I warn you now, read no further! Mona is being annoyed and torn by constant rivalry between the Herakli and the Atlanti Pods, and it is clear both sides firmly believe the other side is right. Dario and Lucan are also torn as throughout the years of traveling together they've formed a bond of trust and dare I say, friendship? There's a reason why these two Dolphinae princes decided to unite and put their issues aside in the first place, the Mordentes. The Mordentes are enemies of the Dolphanie and they are organizing and becoming even more deadly. Mona is forced to flee with her princes and danger is escalating and it seems that even the Dolphanie high powered organizations might not be enough to keep her safe. Now, back to the compromise, Mona has an idea and it might just be brilliant and be the solution to cause the least bloodshed and maximum results. Mona believes that with her body and the bodies of her princes she can bridge the gap between the two pods and perhaps get what she really wants the unification of their hearts. This book was a bit more steamy indeed and the story is proving quite interesting and the way it ends, well, just what does Lyra Fawn have up her sleeves? I really don't know, but I am waiting for the third book and cannot wait to see what will happen in this paranormal erotic series.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Claimed By The Alpha Dolphins Part One; Bound to the Sea Written by: Lyra Fawn

It is summer time readers, and as we've seen for three summers straight that means erotic book reading! Okay, I read erotic books all year long, but the summer just works so well with them too, especially oceanic set erotic tales. So, we have two, yes two brawny surfers from a foreign realm complete with exotic accents. These two delicious Adonis look alike have a secret, but they might just share it with you, if you're someone special. What counts as special? Well, seems you have to be what's known as a 'Descendant of Neptune'. Mona our heroine finds herself on a beach in California one day attempting to not get her fair skinned burned, and when a horrible attack occurs she witnesses something truly fascinating. Soon Mona is at the center of a centuries old conflict between two rival pods of dolphin shifters known as the Dolphinae. Half of the pair notices her beautiful curves and red hair, but Lucan a dark and handsome prince does not completely catch Mona's notice she is fascinated by Lucan's partner a blonde regal looking fellow; Dario who is also a prince. So, not only is Mona in the middle of a long standing conflict now she is the center of a rivalry between men. But, wait there's more, it seems there is also another danger that lurks on both land and in sea... can Mona bridge the two Alpha Dolphinae and their clans and manage to not well drown? There's some steamy scenes in this book readers, and the disclaimer of the book says for 18 plus, but as far as erotic tales go, this one was pretty relaxed and not that out there compared to other series I have read, the shifter aspect was quite interesting and I really fell into the story and I am wondering what will happen to Mona and the two princes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy(ish) Written by Cara Trautman

Three book readers! That's right three books one month, ah the addiction is back with a vengeance! My morning commute has been way more enjoyable and my home commute even more so with these books in my life again, and this book was a real gem readers, I mean it was hands down awesome! So, how does a 35 year old woman residing in Michigan end up reluctantly dressed as a squirrel in the name of love? Well, author Cara Trautman plops us into the life of Jane Pearson who is single, an avid chooser of wrong men to sleep with, terrible at doing any type of house work, and kind of well a loser, but a lovable loser. Jane has a lot going on in her life, she has to deal with; vibrators that set on fire, a crazy demanding mother, eccentric friends, peculiar co-workers, a twenty four year old goldfish, a crazy off beat family, and oh she's looking for love. Jane has developed some odd quirks in life and it seems now is the time for life to teach her some lessons and of course she has to do this dressed as a squirrel, because... why not? I did find myself wanting to strangle Jane, because at 35 I would hope this woman would realize that maybe her current path and actions are not exactly working for her, but this lady has some serious blinders on. The cast of characters in this book had me laughing out loud in public quite often, I think a few people even sat elsewhere because I laughed... cackled a bit too much. There is a lot going on in this plot and it blends together in such a fun way that I absolutely adored it. A very fun read indeed.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

You're The One a Bistro La Bohème Written by Alix Nichols

Hola readers, wow, two books read in a short amount of time, starting to feel more like myself huzzah! Reading on the train for 80 minutes a day sure goes a long way. I missed reading, and honestly readers though I love school and my classmates I just sometimes, okay most of the time cannot resist the pull of a book to just dive into another world. This book was an absolute treat, in fact it was so sweet I felt like I was curled up in my favorite comfortable pair of jeans and sweater in my book room enjoying a delightfuly warm cup of tea overlooking my neighborhood on a crisp morning. This was just one of those books that left you sighing and giggling in delight. The author introduces us to nursery school teacher Natalie who absolutely adores children and aches for a child of her own, but her longtime boyfriend declares pretty forcefully his career comes first. Natalie respects her boyfriend's decision and blames herself for his refusal that is until she learns the truth. Next, we are introduced to Adrien a professional chess player who divides his time by spending time in his favorite cafe analyzing chess moves and competing internationally. Chess is Adrien's passion and yet it is not enough to make him happy. So how are these two characters a nursery school teacher and a professional chess player connected? Well, I cannot say! That would spoil the whole story, and this a novella and so it is short to begin with, but still this little book packs a punch. I very much enjoyed this short story and if you want a little shot of romance right into the blood stream this just might be the book for you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Death By Honeymoon Book 1 In the Caribbean Murder Series Written by Jaden Skye

Hello Readers! My, my, my, it has been a long time! I do apologize for not reading as many books this summer as previous years, and for not updating more often. Alright, so, life on this end has been pretty spectacular following my dream is proving to be quite rewarding, of course I'm a wee ball of explosive emotions consisting of both happiness and strife, but it's rewarding strife. But, I am happy and being genuinely happy has caused me to realize how unhappy I was in the corporate world of accounting. Alright, so book, finally, after six weeks of not reading, yeah six weeks! I finally had time to pick up a book (while commuting to and from school) and read! Since it is still summer I picked this book that Book Bub recommended. We are introduced to the happily recently married couple Cindy and Clint, and these two are so in love and it appears quite happy to declare it to the world and begin their life as one together. It is the couples honeymoon you see and they are happily celebrating their union on the rugged, wild, eastern shore of Barbados, but it seems happily ever is not to be for this couple. Cindy rushes to the shore to find her love, but instead of his handsome smile she is greeted with nothing. Soon Cindy realizes her beloved has been taken from her, drowned in a freak accident in the ocean. Clint's death is soon declared an accident by the local police and so Cindy must fly home alone a widow after a few days of marriage to the man she thought would be by her side til they were old and grey. Once home readers Cindy is brought to her knees by other events beyond her control and her already emotional state is frayed further, but there is a thought growing inside of her; the thought that Clint's death wasn't an accident but MURDER!  But, why would Cindy think this and what proof does she have? Where can a grieving wife go with her suspicions and be taken seriously? The story itself takes a bit to get going as it is mostly consisting of how depressed Cindy is and her mourning the loss of her life with her dearly departed husband. Once the book does begin steam rolling though readers it does not stop and plows right ahead and before we know it the book is wrapped up and the brave Cindy is also it seems at the end of her journey. I won't say this was a great book, but it had some interesting character writing and the mystery was well mysterious. The beginning of the book could have been drawn out further, but I think the author knew once she began to unravel the murder mystery in her book the secrets would start pouring out and be hard to keep us the readers in the dark. Still, it's been weeks since I've been able to just kick back and enjoy a book, and I did enjoy this book, but being away from reading so long perhaps I just was hoping for a bit more.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Circus of the Dead Written by: Seth Blackburn

Well, hello there readers! I know it's been a long time, too long, but these days reading books sadly does not take center stage for me, at least not for pure leisure enjoyment. I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer curled up in book rooms, porches, beaches, or lawn chairs with a great book. I'm reading a lot for school now, so I'm still reading, and I try to sneak in a book be it audio or physical here and there, but school is taken up so much time! So, I decided to finally read this book I downloaded from book bub a few months ago and they recommended it is short a novelette, but long enough to entertain. In this world the author Blackburn introduces us to young Gabriel, who lives in a post zombie apocalyptic world. Twenty years ago the dead destroyed the world we knew of, and the survivors scattered in the wake of the Scourge. The town Gabriel lives in is small and is quite sparse area, for Gabriel the walking dead are merely stories and memories to those that survived the undead.  The young of today are more concerned with their hard life's' now in America's desert where they must try to repopulate their providence and keep up with their hard chores and live good religious lives. Sometimes Gabriel is given a reprieve from his current life by delving into books that were stashed beneath the cellar of the town's library, this is his life, that is... until... the Circus comes to town. Though, Gabriel doesn't really know what the circus is, and the town's Reverend sees this as an omen of poor tidings. Readers, this is no ordinary circus this circus has something to fascinate both young and old and to tempt them to enter those faded tent flap doors, this circus has... the undead. This book was okay, it was short like I said, and could have been a full novel I think, but it reminded me of a campfire ghost story or in this case zombie story it is a tale that could be told in one sitting and as time goes on embellished and added to. It was not exactly horrifying or even that scary, but it was entertaining and I think the author could really build upon this especially the journey in the end.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Skin Game Harry Dresden Files book #15 Written by: Jim Butcher

Do you ever just feel like a pawn in some much bigger game readers? Have you yourself ever plotted or created a scheme and watched others do exactly what you imagined? No? Well, let us refresh your memory on how that feels readers, let us jump back into the world of Harry Dresden. Since this is book 15 it is nearly impossible to not provide a few spoilers into this world, so if you are just starting the Dresden Files then may I give you some advice... start at book 1. The last Dresden book readers left me with a feeling of anticipation so great I could barely contain my excitement for the next one, and after having completed Skin Game, well, I am not disappointed in the least. This book readers is as usual a race against time and clothing will be lost, blood will be spilled, friends and enemies will once again blur into one another, and oh there will be Parkour! So, seeing as Harry is continuing to be Winter Knight to Mab the Queen of Air and Darkness it is only fitting that he have absolutely no idea what this Fei Queen could possibly have up her sleeves. Usually though readers, it is something quite complex and awful. We readers have about us much knowledge as Harry does and so we too are absolutely clueless. In this book Mab wants a favor... does anyone remember what happened the first time Mab wanted a favor from Dresden when she didn't have any control over him? No? Well, it wasn't pretty that's for damn sure. Mab it seems has decided to turn in a marker and to fulfill her debt Harry must now help a group of supernatural all time big baddies. I know readers, you're thinking, "but Harry made it so he can refuse to do the work he disagrees with." Right? Well, turns out Mab has a bit of knowledge and a bit of leverage that when she asks Dresden to do her this favor, he cannot possibly refuse. So, looks like we're going to have an Ocean's Eleven gone magic type of tale. Complete with a huge array of characters and cameos. Some we love and some well... Nicodemus Archelone... one of the oldest enemies of the Church, humanity, and Dresden is asking that a group of them break into one of the highest security vault in town, and that is just the beginning as after they break into this super high secure vault they will then have to break into the highest security vault in the Nevernever. Ha! Cake walk right? But, wait, wait, there's more! They are on a mission to obtain... something very faith imbued. Business, this is what it is, pure and simple business. Dresden of course knows there is going to be a double cross and he wants to make sure he's the one who will be pulling these puppet strings to his own tune, but is he still him? Can Harry handle his Winter mantle and still be Table top gaming, Za lord, defender of those weaker than him, and all around bad ass Wizard with a comeback line for everything? Can Harry Dresden still be our local Chicago wizard and be the Winter Knight who also just so happens to be tied to Demon Reach on an island that none can withstand being on, say him? Well, I always have faith readers, but would you if you were Dresden's friend and have seen the power he has gained and witnessed him vanishing as he has recently? There's so much plotting and Mab is so not the only one making plans, judgments, and changing the course of events in the mortal world. Oh and what's a Dresden book without a dash of sexual tension? Dresden has his work cut out for him, he's been training and working out, but he's been alone for a long time now, and he needs his friends now, he needs faith, he needs his family. There's a lot of feels too in this book readers, Butcher is evolving this tale slowly and yet incredibly fast... I have no clue where he is taking us. I felt so happy beginning this book and I felt happy upon its ending, but now... well now I'm so sad because the road will only get harder because that is what Jim Butcher does at the end of the day he's the man pulling the strings and James Marsters is the man giving vocal voice to his creation. Oh, and Marsters does a brilliant job as usual too readers, I'd happily listen to this man talk for another seven plus hours everyday. This most recent Dresden book is just masterful and full of layer upon layer of plot. You won't be disappointed at least not until you finish.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Undead Pool (The Hollows Book 12) Written by: Kim Harrison

Oh my Stars! I mean it readers, Oh my stars! I am absolutely, positively, completely, well... Giddy! This most recent Rachel Morgan book was just... well... Zazzy! So, of course something is up in the city of Cincinnati and this time a strange magical occurrence could mean civil war for the Hollows, the state, perhaps the entire United States if Rachel can't counter this bizarre and frightening magical mishaps. Witchy day walking Demon Rachel has faced quite a few challenges in her short life and if you've read the series you know they only escalate for her as time goes on. This character in the beginning had some major trust issues readers and a lust for excitement that was downright suicidal, but as a well written character will develop she's matured and what was once a guaranteed death warrant Rachel has managed to grow into an asset. Now though Rachel is going to have to grow up a bit more and learn to trust all the allies she has made as now strange magic is attacking Cincinnati and the Hollows, causing spells to backfire or go horribly wrong, and the truce between the races thought to be solidified between Inderlander and human is shattering quite fast. And, if that wasn't bad enough another incident is occurring simultaneously as the undead vampire masters who keep the rest of the undead under control are falling asleep and not waking up, Rachel is trying to figure out why and fast as if these masters don't wake up and perish the living vampires might just lose control and cause an all out supernatural war. Rachel does not really have any idea what is going on readers, but these odd occurrences are tinged with something, something wild, something... elven? It seems Rachel might need to help ensure the peace by turning to this ancient wild elven magic which carries its own costs and Rachel has learned time and time again no good deed ever goes unpunished or unnoticed. The gang readers is all here or at least mentioned and as I've said before in other series as long as this by book 12 well times they are a changing. People who were once aquiences have become family, enemies have become allies, and those who were once passing figures have made a place for themselves in Rachel's life, and those thought to always be there are memories or shadows. Harrison is holding nothing back in this most recent book and with the series coming to an end she has quite a bit to wrap up and is exploring all the races and their abilities it seems. Rachel, Jenks, and Ivy it's always been these three, but this group is expanding and evolving and if you think about it in such a short time! This recent tale really brings some laughable moments and even happy moments. But, this book also dredges up old and new prejudices and arguments that reverbrate from the pages of fictions to the realm of reality. I very much enjoyed this book and wonder where Harrison will exactly take the upcoming last book because there was just so much tied up and accomplished in this most recent book sure there was a lot of destruction, death, and loss, but somehow that was acceptable. The writing was quite fluid and Harrison kept the book moving along with no yawn or get on with it already moments as she has been known to have in quite a few previous books. The build up and anticipation readers, well, it felt right. Harrison has left some questions for us and revealed enough to create a few new ones, but I like where she is going and before her series becomes stale I am happy she has decided to begin ending this particular tale and maybe just maybe give Rachel and her friends a chance at happiness? If I had to put a song to this recent book Escala's rendition of Requiem for A Tower that totaly fits this most recent book as it just builds and twists and builds again before BAM! The End.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Midnight Written by: Dean Koontz

Change is good right readers? I'm changing my life and in doing so I've changed the course of not only my own but slightly other's lives as well. No, I do not have a GOD/GODDESS complex just even when we make a small decision it impacts those we might not have thought of, but... not all change is good. Also, what if you decide to make a change and that change though well intentioned is quite evil, or what if you have horrible intentions, but the change is even worse even though it could have been good.... We readers, could go on with this discussion forever! So, let's discuss bad change a change that goes by a different name "metamorphosis" and I am not saying metamorphosis is a bad thing, but for me this word always has a negative association first before I let a positive thought in. I blame one too many Greek stories and a certain story teller named Kafka, but I'm going off base here. I just had the horrible pleasure of finishing listening to a man whom I know loves to scare us, creep us out, and leave us wanting more even though we'll be horrified and uncomfortable. I am speaking of Dean Koontz readers. In this recent book I had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Koontz takes us to a place called Moonlight Cove. A nice town with a gorgeous view and beach one would enjoy running on be it day or night. That is... DUN DUN DUN! Until NOW! The citizens of Moonlight Cove are changing...(Ah see what I did there readers) Some citizens are metamorphosing in certain ways; some lose touch with their deepest emotions, others are surrendering to their wildest urges, and others yet are becoming just downright freaky. Then there are those citizens who remain "unchanged," and they readers are absolutely terrified even those who do not fully understand what is happening have it seems a sixth sense that something is not right in the town of Moonlight Cove. People are vanishing and some are turning up brutally murdered in the dead of night, but the bodies are quickly cremated and none are the wiser. But, you can only have so many "accidental deaths." And, you can only have so many bodies vanish before someone takes notice. This is not a curl up and enjoy yourselves readers it is a gut churning clutch a flashlight to yourself book as you look over your shoulder periodically. (Pause for dramatic effect) Koontz it seems had a pattern to some of his earlier book and though this one is written somewhat later Koontz it seems has decided to draw upon a bit of his earlier creations and look to both past and future to have written Midnight. The story itself follows four distinct perspectives and it read by J. Charles whom was quite talented readers and captured Koontz's characters voices quite impressively. J. Charles had a talent for sounding like four different readers as the tale was told. This is a story that will have you feeling squeamish and perhaps question which is worse... moving forward or moving backwards? A tale for those of you who can picture the old clay animation and its grotesque yet realistic affect it had on you.

Friday, May 23, 2014

A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire Book 5) Written by: George R.R. Martin

Hola readers, que pasa? Phew, I made it! (SPOILER ALERT POST) A Dance With Dragons, the last available book! Oh My STARS! This finishing and catching up with all of my friends who are also Game of Thrones fans is bitter sweet... on the plus side I KNOW! Well, I know as much as they do, but now... NOW... I HAVE TO WAIT! AHHH!!!! I mean how this book ended is just... woah! Okay, settle... settle... settling... settled... BUT OH MY STARS! No wonder fans are so afraid Martin will pass on before he finishes this series, I've read a lot of books readers, and to have a series take so long to complete and to leave on such a cliff hanger, well that's just... woah. So it is obvious I enjoyed this book, I was a little afraid I wouldn't since I was told numerous times how the book backtracks quite a bit and tells a few stories over again, but honestly it didn't bother me at all, the only thing that bothered me was that there wasn't more. To be given so much plot and still have so many questions is well... Impressive. I listened to this book over 48 hours in total and Audible decided to go back to the original reader Roy Dotrice, which I was fine with I enjoyed the other reader, but Roy Dotrice is quite enjoyable though he changed a few of his female voices and sadly not for the better, but I tuned them out and pictured the TV series leading ladies and inserted their voices for my amusement, and that helped quite a bit. So, Martin once again transports us to his vast world. We are taken to the Wall, Across the Narrow Sea, Slavers Bay, And The North and South in the Seven Kingdoms. On the Wall the story is told from John Snow's point of view for the most part. And, SPOILER ALERT! Young Lord Snow has been elected the 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. But, John snow has many enemies and is playing a dangerous balacing act between his new duties, A Certain crotchety Baratheon first name Stanis and his party, the Free folk, and the rest of Westeros. It is a very dangerous balance Snow is trying to achieve and there's a lot that he has against him, but he is a strong character and is growing I think into a very mature and powerful person, but will he be given the chance to show everyone else this? Further North, Bran Stark (Almost a man grown, I get it already!) has finally been thrown a bone and it seems his journey or at least his present journey is at an end as he finds what he has been seeking, but it is a tad bitter for Bran and his party members. There's a lot of magic here, and oh boy I just might have a few theories about how Master Brandon Stark will be used, but Martin is keeping quiet... so quiet. Tyrion! There's a fellow who never keeps quiet, and it seems my beloved Tyrion has found himself located accross the seas and in the care of someone we are already acquainted with, no I'm not going to tell you, this journey though is not an easy one. Tyrion is suffering for his sins and it almost seems as if he is cursed, and when he begins to relax a little and dish out some rather well... maybe not quite wise advice. Tyrion is put into new hands that will take him on the seas and that too it appears is cursed and collar bound. Still Tyrion is crafty and it seems might be gaining allies and it seems is looking to support a certain Silver Haired Queen. In Bravos well... a girl once known as Arya Stark is training and readers... ew! I won't spoil this at all, but I so love Arya and she readers is a girl to be feared I can only imagine the woman she will grow into. Daenerys Targaryen, bestill my heart you are trying so hard. The mother or Dragons she last of the Dragons... or is she? Ruling Meereen is proving to be harder than conquering cities and Daenerys is rejecting her heart's desires in favor for peace and her floppy ears. Dani though a Queen and grown quite a bit has much to learn and with her Dragons growing bigger and more dangerous by the day will this mother be able to control her children and unite the seven kingdoms? There's a line of suitors going all the way to the seven kingdoms too readers and they're all determined to win or claim her hand....what a mess. I loved Dani's story and how her tale ended in this book.. well... AWESOME! But, a cliffhanger all the same too shrouded in mystery. Now, back to the more "Civil" world of the seven Kingdoms the North...Winter is coming and the armies of Stanis, Frey, and Bolton understand this perhaps more than most, and still these families including the Lanesters continue their war in many ways. Stanis readers knows about The White Walkers! Yet, he is still intent on conquering the 7 Kingdoms and taking his rightful place so he can save everyone... does anyone else see the fault here?!? Armies are fighting one another these men are dying and they are consuming food! Precious food! Food that will be needed during the winter and to fuel everyone if they are to survive the coming winter and perhaps... White Walkers? So much plotting and loss all over blood ties... makes you wonder why these families were ever given power to begin with. Theon appears again too readers and :shiver: he is a broken thing and twisted... his captor the Bolton's are even more twisted, and it seems coming apart at the seams. Quite a dark story this part of the tale. Cersei, my, my, my, how the crafty have fallen. I despise Cersei for all that she has done, but how she was able to manipulate so much and succeed in achieving so much power, I must admire that, but.... her fall, now that was something. The former golden Lioness is being made to pay and her claws just might be gone for good, or are they? This story was rough even having no love for Cersie I don't think anyone deserves that, but then again what she has done has sparked several wars and who knows how many have died because of this Queens greed? The trial for both Queens should be quite enlightening I think, especially since Cersei's first choice of a champion is still missing...her brother Jaime has vanished last seen with a certain Beauty Knight. Still, Cersei's new champion is shrouded in mystery which is impressive since they're over 8ft tall. These fights and the Game of Thrones seems so petty compared to the threat we the readers see coming, but the epilogue reveals so much about why these Lords and Ladies seem so bent on blood and destroying themselves and those around them, and oh readers, what an ending! Winter readers... Is Here.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Poison Pen A Forensic Handwriting Mystery Written by: Sheila Lowe

Hello there fellow book buddies. Wow, so...I downloaded this book at the suggestion of Book Bub and I was not disappointed. The book title alone was intriguing Poison Pen, okay that's catchy, but the rest of the title a Forensic Handwriting mystery... wait a minute here.. really? I've heard of the study of Handwriting and it is quite fascinating especially since people change a lot and I know over the years some people's handwriting changes. Mine, changes daily I'm sure it might give regular people some trouble, but would  forensic hand writer expert know it was me every time? Interesting... so this books plot starts off as most Mysteries do, with MURDER! Yes MURDER! (Sorry, been watching Clue the Movie again way too much.) So, before her untimely death Lindsey Alexander had few friends, but plenty of lovers. Lindsey was also a pretty lousy friend, I wouldn't want her as a friend personally readers... to her ex-friend forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose she was a ruthless, back stabbing, manipulator to the extreme. Still, Claudia is shocked to learn Lindsey left a suicide note, one that is quite cryptic: "It was fun while it lasted!" Now, it would be easier on everyone if Lindsey's death could be written off as a suicide, but it seems Lindsey's partner in her business thinks otherwise. And, it seems Claudia's own instincts are pushing her to investigate even further than it might be warranted. Soon Claudia finds herself in the middle of a bigger dark mystery than she thought were possible. Now Claudia is trying to identify a killer, and shortly after finds she has a price on her head. People are breaking in, people are dying, sleazy documents are surfacing, more seedy characters are also popping up, but it seems Claudia's personal life might just get an uptick. Claudia is a person who loves what she does for a living and she lives for her work, but it does get lonely, and maybe just maybe a certain police detective can give her some comfort during this trying time and some professional help. But, will this detective be enough help to keep Claudia alive long enough to solve this big cluster of death, murder, and money? A very fast paced read this book just flows and builds, it is very interesting and good book to curl up with and enjoy with a good stiff drink or a relaxing cup of tea near an open window with the morning or night breeze to keep you company. So, readers, I hope to be able to keep reading a lot of books, but I am making some changes in life, after having read so many books and been apart of so many characters lives and living their hopes and dreams, well I decided let's take a risk in the real world. So, after 8 years of being an administrative assistant/accountant I have had it, it's not me. I'm going back to school and hopefully soon I shall have a new skill set and career and full fill one of my life's dreams. Wish me luck? This book's character made her work dream come true, so hopefully I can make mine too.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Darkness, Take My Hand Written by: Dennis Lehane

Well readers, I needed to come back to reality a little, with the fantasy books I've been reading lately I found myself beginning to speak, think, and plot a bit like a certain other series I had been reading, and well... this was a fabulous book, and it was like a bucket of acid into my face that woke me up and made me realize once again... Reality isn't all that great. I've read a few Dennis Lehane books now readers and I must confess I am never disappointed in Lehanes stories be they in the past or present. This particular story is about two characters I am somewhat familiar with now. Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro, these two have a new client a Boston psychiatrist who is running scared from an vengeful Irish mob. Kenzie and Gennaro were born and bred on the streets of blue collar Dorchester, the streets are mean and they've seen much and had darkness touch them personally before. These two are tough, and have a friendship that many of us would envy. But, it appears they are about to face an evil they are unprepared for and it is an evil that will dredge up secrets long forgotten (intentionally buried) and these secrets will set off a chain of events that are violent, bloody, murderous, and will cause these two to wonder if they are actually themselves in possession of clean souls anymore. Fellow readers, this book was very engaging and kept me enthralled with the story and its characters Lehane really knows Boston, her suburbs, a lot of the culture both classy and seedy. This plot is gruesome really gruesome and introduces us to many insane characters who it seems are just bred in this world. Lehane is a writer that gives us the readers pretty good clues and knows how to spin them to keep us guessing even when we think we've figured out just what is going on. Kenzie and Gennaro are very real characters who are given life's they didn't quite choose and though they might want to go the world around them even if given a choice won't let them go. Someday I will have to read these books in order, but this is the first series I am reading out of order and okay with that, because each book is so good just on its own.  At the end a question is asked and readers it is one I have asked myself and you many times, and the answer I think is sadly yes, but at least for some of us (I wish it were most if not all) we have someone or some people to help with that yes.

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Feast for Crows A Song of Ice and Fire Book 4 Written by: George R.R. Martin

That's how it ends!?! Right, that's exactly how I am feeling right now readers, I mean, that's not any way to end a book, but still... at least there was promise of a next one... Granted I thankfully won't have to wait like other readers had to in the past, but still, wow would I have been angry. Not because the book wasn't any good readers, on the contrary I thought A Feast for Crows was quite excellent. The book once again picks up rather interestingly as we are introduced to entirely new Points of view from characters and introduced to some new and old characters. The War of the Five Kings is it seems finally coming to an end. The Nights Watch needs aid and mayhaps a new learder, perhaps someone we've all come to love regardless of his follies? Stannis Baratheon has decided he must go to the Wall, and him and his Fire Priestess hunger for the blood of Kings... There are white walkers, and still these two are looking for the rule of man spouting prophecies that it is clear Stannis might just not believe himself. Sam, oh I have grown to care for you and yet his journey is really just beginning and even he is clearly more important than previously thought. Then we go to King's Landing where there is King Tommen Baratheon causing all kinds of trouble even though this poor boy king desire nothing more than to play with his little kittens. Tommen is watched by his mother the Queen Regent Cersei Lannister, and this Queen is a Lion who is determined to rule. Her Father Tywin is gone and so is her brother Tyrion, and with her son Joffrey gone the Seven Kingdoms needs a ruler. She is again readers a Lion and as such she was meant to rule....or was she? Her brother Jaime has changed, the King Slayer she finds is weak, one handed, and should have been the maid in her eyes. Jaime though find old oaths coming back to haunt him. To try and make amends the King Slayer is trying to honor his vow to Catelyn Stark by making sure her daughters are safe and so he entrusts Lady Brienne, the Maid of Tarth to find Sansa Stark. Brienne too wishes to honor her oaths made to lady Cately, but giving an Oath is so much easier than keeping it, especially when certain events transpire that will test the Lady Knight like she has never been before. Sansa, well there is no Sansa now, she is now Petyr Baelish's natural daughter, and she has witnessed quite a bit herself and so she must hide in the Vale and keep her future husband safe. It's a huge mess readers, just so much criss crossing with families, houses, characters, and whole continents becoming entangled in multiple plots and schemes. The Iron Blood have finally become a big part of this tale, and readers, I'm scared! I really hope their schemes don't come to bear fruit because well.... I don't! WAAAH! (Forgive the drama, but c'mon!) I love sailors and the Sea, but these plunderers and thief's just don't leave me with a good feeling at all. Then there is Arya Stark, or is it Harry, or mayhaps Nimeira, or whatever name she is being called by at the moment. Arya readers, is one of my favorite characters, she adapts, she deals, and she never gives up. This kid has guts, and now she it seems finally has a path, but... well is the Kindly man really all that kind? All men must die, even little girls. Further along in the east we are introduced to more of the residents and royalty of Dorne. Doran Martell must face off with his own kin who take him for weak seeing as he hasn't sought justice for the death of his brother Oberyn. War, that is what the Martell kin are calling for and these women are fierce and cunning. Or are they? Again readers, layers upon layers... Winter is coming and snowflakes it seems are only a matter of time with all of this waring and all of these cast of characters all fighting over an Iron throne no one it seems except the Knights Watch are really paying much attention to the threat of the White Walkers and Winter. Mayhaps even the Gods and their servants will be of no use when the time comes. The world it seems has a grave future ahead, but... then again... this is only half of the Story. I was quite happy with this book readers, at times it was very long winded and very wordy and holy hell must families have so many legal and natural children and then multiple marriages... my stars! How on earth can the author even keep up with his characters! The narrator for this book did change readers, I was quite heart broken in the beginning because I really enjoyed the previous narrator. Then I listened and well, I wasn't disappointed John Lee the new Narrator did quite a good job I think, somehow he just entered his new role and it worked. Lee didn't attempt to mimic the previous narrators voices, but make them his own and I think he did a rather good job of it, where the other narrator had a very character actors voice one that was quite theatrical Lee had a more subtle and naturally spoken voice. I'm absolutely floored with the writing of Martin, I love this series, and find myself unable to stop listening, I must know! Even though, readers, I have one more book and then I will have to wait to see what happens... just like everyone else. So there you have it a Feast of Crows a fitting title to be sure, so what are your thoughts? Anyone?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Storm of Swords A Song of Ice and Fire book 3 Written by: George R.R. Martin

Ah! Readers! I just, I just can't, words, fail, me! Betrayal, alliances, friendships, magic, love, lust, murder, games, weddings, and curses.... just wow! George R.R. Martin in book three of his series really knows how to keep causing we the readers mild heart attacks and bits of shock. And, readers, this cast just keeps growing even as those that we love and loathe alike pass on, there's always more characters waiting to swell the ranks of the Kingdom of Westeros. The great, major, minor, and small houses are all fighting amongst themselves and still trying to seat their chosen king, and become as rich and powerful as they can along the way. This book begins exactly where Clash of Kings left off. The kingdom of Westeros is still in the grip of the battle of the Five Kings, but it seems this is quickly becoming a tad smaller war... in the ways of kings at least, or is it? This is definitely a cut off one head, and just mayhaps two others will grow in its place. The loss of heads, honor, hands, eyes, innocence, and kingdoms are just a few continuing themes in this book, and if you think you know who is safe from Martin's pen strikes, think again! The best way to break up this book without giving away anything and to not write a book myself would be to break it up into several parts.  To start we see what is happening in Kings Landing and all of those Golden lions and beautiful flowers, and those that travel amongst them these are also most of the South lands. Then you have the North where war wages and the Starks continue to swell and keep their words, or do they? A Stark it seems readers, must keep their word, hubris cannot be tolerated perhaps this is a gift or curse from the Old Gods? Then we have those who are Iron blooded, who do not believe in working the lands, but taking what they would have, and what they want..well you shall see readers. The Trident and other river lands are no longer safe it is easy for a boy or young girl to be snatched up, for people to be placed into service no matter who they are, and their lives no longer are their own. Then we travel North again, and find ourselves at that Vast Wall which no man would've made by themselves. This wall readers sees quite a bit of action and it seems that even the Night's watch don't remember everything about its secrets and as events unfold it seems the Night's watch also knows quite a bit of secrets that the men of Westeros have forgotten and it is time to dredge up old knowledge and lure as another battle is coming, one where just by dying you give up your vows to those you pledged yourself to. Weather, you mean to or not, there are things beyond the wall that will cause you to turn cloak... even if you lived to not. There are smaller quests here at and beyond the wall and more is learned about the world beyond the wall and what is coming for the men South of it. Lastly, we have lands quite removed from the Seven Kingdoms, we have the East. Slaves readers, their stories are not for those who are gentle of heart their lives are hard and their stories run deep with blood saturated over generations, and what will happen when someone decides it is time to change all that? There are Dragons readers and there are even more prophecies to add to those in the North and South, it's definitely connecting and connected. The vocal talents are once again tip top as Roy Dotrice gives a stunning performance, his vocal talents had me at times weeping and turning my hands into fists ready to fight as I clenched my jaw fighting the urge to scream my frustration. Dotrice gives each stories narrator their own voice and does such a good job of keeping them as their own person plus add Martin's other characters and it is truly unbelievable that this narrator can keep so many voices and personalities so distinct. I wish I could share my theories and what I've learned reading these books so far, especially since I am now caught up and passed a bit of the HBO show, it really is quite amazing these books. What is Marting getting at? It seems that the Iron throne needs a master and who will that be exactly in the end? It appears readers these people playing the Game of Thrones need to wake up, the world is awakening its own natural defenses it once used long ago and it  seems readers this world is preparing to fight and its inhabitants should do the same, because readers.. "Winter is coming." I cannot wait to read book 4 and I know I'll be looking up characters left and right, but I don't care, I am completely hooked.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fools Gold A cottonmouth Novel Book 2 WRitten by: Jennifer Skully

Hello there readers, well it seems like this book took me forever to read, in fact I read War and Peace in less time than I read this book. It is sad because I loved the first book in this series titled she's got to be mine. But, where the first book in this series was bizzare, delightful, and wholly fun, this one had a lot of the other books ingrediants, but somehow they didn't mix as well as the previous book. This book, well it felt very, forced, and just didn't develop naturally. We met Sheriff Tyler Braxton in the previous novel and now he's back and in a new town called Goldstone in Nevada, and this is by no means a vacation getaway, but that's what Brax needs, a place to get away. After what happened in the first book, Brax is feeling out of sorts and not fully trusting himself or his sense of judgment, and this his sister voices her concerns and need for help, and so Brax decides instead of relaxing he must now officer advice to his sister, him, a divorcee who failed miserably with a certain red head. Plus, it seems ol' Brax has to start his own investigation on his sister's behalf and see if his brother-in-law is having an affair with the local erotic author or perhaps one of the "chickens?" (Don't worry, not the animal "cluck, cluck" chickens) But, back to this local erotic author... Simone Chandler has found her home her haven in Goldstone. Simone loves this foresaken town and its lovable but kinda odd residents. Her internet business writing made to order erotic fantasies is quite lucrative and some of her best clients are in Goldstone and her friends. Now, a problem, the hunky sheriff from out of town, he's leaving soon and it seems Simone finds herself drawn to Brax, and Brax it seems is drawn to her. However, Brax is torn between being drawn to the beautiful Simone because he wants her in a passionate way a lover wants, and he's torn wondering if Simone is not only writing stories for his brother-in-law, but actin gthem out with him too. The romance is okay I guess, it's fairly normal, at least in a semi erotic story involving a soon to be murder, but it is also a bit silly and almost text book playground at times. Then of course, if a possible cheating husband, and possible future lover cheating with said husband wasn't dramatic enough... MURDER! Yup, murder comes to the quiet town of Goldstone, and Brax is suddenly hip deep in small town secrets with sexy Simone Chandler at the top of his suspect list. So, what's Brax to do? Follow his hormones and feelings for Simone, or... follow what he's been taught as an upholder of the law? There are some interesting characters and scenes in this story that's for sure, but it's all kinda just head spin inducing. Again, readers, I loved the first book, heck I foresake sleep one night just to finish the tale, but this was kind of well flat as I said, not a bad book exactly, but not really an engaging read either. An okay read to pick up when you had nothing exactly better to do and wanted some amusement.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hunted Book Six of the Iron Druid Chronicles Written by: Kevin Hearne

Well hello there readers, and what a pretty day it is here in New England, just don't go outside and be blown away, I mean it dang... Ah well, better than gloomy, I needed some sunshine, especially since I was about to bawl my eyes out yesterday when I was listening to book six in the Iron Druid Chronicles, which definitely had a lot to live up to with the ending Hearne gave us in the last book. We know Atticus O'Sullivan The Iron Druid is quite good at surviving and running, he has to be since he's been hunted and survived for Two Thousand years, but now he's running again. Artemis and Diana are after; Atticus, Granuaile, and Oberon, and so now this trio is making a frantic run across Europe because all of the "ways" to Plain shift have been blocked for them. As if running from two Huntress Goddesses who can't die isn't enough of a problem, Loki of the Norse Gods is out to end Atticus's life so he can begin Ragnarok. Oh, and it seems there are bets being played to see just who will survive and certain rules to this Hunt. So, it would seem the Druids' and Dog's plan is to run like hell and seek a friend among the Tuatha De Danann. Readers, this is not a book for those of you who are looking to only laugh, pardon the expression, but...Shit just got real. I mean, I was listening to this book once more, because Luke Daniels is such an amazing voice actor and I've come to associate him with this series that I could not possibly enjoy this book without his vocal talents. So, to hear what the first few chapters offer in this tale, to hear the raw emotion in Daniel's voice, well... I admit it I gasped in shock and almost jumped out of my office chair. The way Hearne writes just impacted me emotionally and made me shake my head in disbelief because, well... did he really have to do that? Well, prepare to be shocked and brought to tears multiple times in this story. Atticus and Granuaile are what stands between the Apocalypse and they need the help of multiple pantheons and their realms inhabitants. Sure, they might be able to outfox the Huntresses, but what happens if there's no world to live in? The stakes are rising and there's a lot of shady back deals going on in this book, and you're never quite sure who really is friend and who is foe... emotions will run wild and truths will come out, and sadly too late. Hearne throws us a "bone" in the end though readers, and I think it helps to deaden the pain he inflicted upon us earlier in the book, but still for every End there is a new beginning right? But, can there be a new beginning if Ragnarok comes about? I highly enjoyed this book, it was a quick listen with a lot of verbal banter, good jibes among friends, and what I love about Hearn'es book the perfect blending of ancient and modern mythos and pop culture.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Clash of Kings, Book 2 in the Game of Thrones Series Written by: George R.R. Martin

Why hello there fellow book enthusiasts, I hope you're all enjoying your multiple worlds, universes, and cast of characters. I know I am. I knew what I was getting into when I started listening to these Audio books, and really I find myself not listening to my usual podcasts, NPR radio stations, or even reading tangible books during my lunch hour... granted I'm knitting more and even running more just because I find myself unable to stop listening to this past book A Clash of Kings. A Clash of Kings picks up right where A Game of Thrones ended. We have a lot of the old characters minus one or two due to events in the first book, but the cast is growing even with all the wars and death the Houses and their people it seems have an immeasurable amount of people. The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros are plagued by multiple kings and war has broken out all over as neighbor betrays neighbor and brothers fight under different banners. King Joffrey is a coward and a cruel king, more of a boy who rips the wings off of spiders than any king. Robb Stark has been declared King of the North and has his trusty wolf Grey Wind by his side, and it seems Robb draws more than just comfort from his Dire wolf. Stanis and Renly Baratheon, the previous kings surviving brothers claim blood right to the throne over Joffrey, but each will not support the other. Then there is another a harsher older man who wishes to be king, one who would take the throne by blood and Iron. This civil war is just chaotic especially since Winter Is Coming. Meanwhile Daenerys Targaryen the Exiled heir to the Seven kingdom's and Mother of Dragons is marching forward and trying to gather followers. Additionally the Night's watch has mounted a reconnaissance mission in order to go further North of the Wall in order to investigate the mysterious people known as wildlings. All of these stories readers it seems are warning us that there is yet a terrible disaster to come. Will the warring Kings come to senses and realize what the Night Watch is telling them? Good people are dying and being taken advantage of one and sold at the whim of whoever is around to be cruel. Will the Iron Thrown be claimed by another house other than the Golden Lions? Death is everywhere readers and if you love a character it might be best to love them from afar and to steel your heart, because no one is safe and no allegiances it seems will withstand the chaos of War and the puppeteers behind it. Also, pay attention, because though a character might seem small or put off to the side there are certain things here that say You will be important, maybe not for long, but you are just may be needed to further this tale. I have to just say I absolutely Love the Onion Knight, he is written just so cool, and his tale is one that I respect, he is just so cool. Sorry had to have a Squee moment over him and his pouch of fingers. Though, there are some light moments in these grim ones and it seems the World realizes the evil that has entered it once more, it is subtle, but magic’s that have not been seen in a hundred years are awakening it began in the first book and now continues to grow, and though not everyone is noticing those few that are taking notice are using it to their advantage and donning the cloaks of old. And some are using that magic it seems to exploit the people to their cause and to kill the old ways... tricky when power is given, you never know what that person will do with it. You can feel the change readers and sense perhaps the Old Gods are creeping ever so slightly forward. Even the Men on the Wall have their taste of magic and know the Darkness must be kept back. An amazingly awesome book readers, once more Roy Dotrice gifts of with his voice acting skills and brings an incredible charm to his characters and with such a large cast does a great job of giving everyone their own special voice even if it is subtle you know who is who when they speak because of this voice actor. The show leaves out so much and changes time events that these books really enlighten us as the readers to the magnificent world George R.R. Martin has created, and I just can't wait to start book three!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire Written by: George R.R. Martin

Hola readers, well, finally! I've been dreading actually the Game of Thrones series, because I knew once I began this journey there was no going back, and I would be forced to continue until the very end. I admit I started with the show first, but my friends got me hooked, and a few others whom I consider great friends convinced me I needed to read the series to really appreciate the show, and well... they were RIGHT! I will try to not have the show taint my review, but even though this book was narrated by one sole narrator and a rather talented one at that. Roy Dotrice was the man who helped bring this book to life for me, alas reading books as of late has become more difficult and these audio books are allowing me to keep the written word in my life. Dotrice had a gruff voice when it was needed, an Aristocratic air, and a haughty tenor when the character and scene called for it. This voice actor was quite impressive and had me wondering if he were an old man or a young man able to play the young man? Though, even though I was hearing Dotrice I could also hear and see the shows actors and hear their voices and they blended perfectly. George R.R. Martin has created quite the world that seems to be plucked from one of man's possible pasts or even their futures, and yet it is wholly separate and Alien. This world is one ruled by Kings, Knights, Lords, Ladies, and each having their own holdings, keeps, castles, and lands that each protects fiercely. Then we have the High One True King a usurper in fact, but don't let him or those who follow him hear you say that, because better a Usurper than a Mad king of old eh? There is a lot going on in this book with there being a huge cast of characters spanning entire continents and it seems we are only going to focus on several Noble Houses whom shall lie, cheat, and create a civil war as they battle for the Iron seat of power. And, let me restate this, there are A LOT of Characters, I mean my gosh! I had to reference the web a few times to remember who was who at times. Meanwhile there is an exiled Prince and Princess whom are trying to find their places back into power one is quite mad the other barely a person having been so poorly used by the other. Add a dash of supernatural with ancient blood magic, Dragon ancestors, premonitions, and a foe so evil it once banded the world together to fight and is lurking it seems once more and being stealthy in its growth. It could be said that this threat is awakening the "magic" of old that has not been witnessed in generations and is taken for tales only now, were it not for the Dragon Skulls, a Wall so high it is said to be the End of the World, and the ever diligent Nights Watch, standing guard of the people of this Realm might just consider their past one of made up stories and legends. This tale is one for both the young, middle aged, and old each will have their moment and each will have their lessons and time to grow. This is not a happy tale readers, there are a lot of mature topics and a lot of terrible and horrific things occur and no one is safe. Rape, murder, incest, betrayal, are just a few of the topics and instances that occur in this book, there's a lot more where that came from, and Martin makes them so woven into his story you begin to realize this is the World and where it is not exactly acceptable in this Seven Kingdom Realm it isn't exactly not unacceptable... depends really. There are houses that are clearly more noble than others, and if you love a character remember to steel your heart, because no one is safe in this Game of Thrones. This is a game for keeps, and enemies should be swiftly dealt with, and a weathered eye kept on possible enemies. I am being vague intentionally simply because readers Martin really does knit together quite a complex and vivid story that he clearly has a plan and knows where he intends to end up. Though, I cannot say exactly where that end may occur. I have a few favorites in these books readers and I know what will happen at least until the most current episode of Game of Thrones, but that did by no means keep me from being completely engrossed and even at times surprised by this book and there are quite a few details left out of the show that make the book even more precious and worth the read. A marvelous tale and one that can capture any aged or gendered reader at anytime and keep their attention.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Sandman Written by: Neil Gaiman

Why hello there readers, the Endless, what a concept huh? The endless, that is something that is hard to come by in our realm, in our world, and in our lives. I am somewhat meloncoly at the moment, first I would like to take a moment to remember a wonderful man I had the joy of being able to call family. Al, he was a very upstanding guy, but had a similiar stubborn sense of humor I enjoyed greatly, he will be missed. It is amusing that I finished the Sandman series on the day he was buried, a fitting end to this series to end with a wake and funeral. Neil Gaiman, he is a wonderful writer, I've always enjoyed his works, and Sandman was my first introduction to Mr. Gaiman the series ran from 1989 and ended in 1996, I didn't read this series until I was 12 a bit after the series had ended, but I was well acquainted with many of the characters and a few of the worlds, realms, and tales Gaiman brought to his series, so it was as if I were introduced to this supernatural world having been exposed to so many tales already, and here I am closer to 20 years later reading this series once more, and it was as if I had forgotten how influenced I was by this series and Mr. Gaiman. Before I continue reviewing this series I would like to also acknowledge the amazing artists Dave McKean, Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg, Malcolm Jones III, Kelley Jones, Jill Thompson, Marc Hempel, Michael Zulli, Charles Vess, if I have missed some I hope you read the series for yourselves so you can really appreicate their talents. And, of course the inkers, letters, and colorists who gave the artists and Gaiman's art and words such depth. They are Mike Dringenberg, Malcolm Jones III, Steve Parkhouse, Charles Vess, P. Craig Russell, George Pratt, Dick Giordano, Stan Woch, Shawn McManus, Vince Locke, John Watkiss, Alec Stevens, Mark Buckingham, Michael Allred, Steve Leialoha, Tony Harris, Marc Hempel, D'Israeli, Glyn Dillon, Teddy Kristiansen, Richard Case, Michael Zulli, Jon J Muth, Kent Williams, Kevin Nowlan, Todd Klein, John Costanza, Robbie Busch, Steve Oliff, Danny Vozzo, Lovern Kindzierski / Digital Chameleon, Jon J Muth, Sherilyn van Valkenburgh, and ofcourse the other creators Mark Dringenberg, and Sam Kieth. Instead of reviewing this series by issue or even by volume I have decided to review it in its entirety simply because it all flows so well together from beginning to end the plot it seems is all woven even by the minute events or sentences all events lead to one final ending, and ending where there are the Endless. The series introduces us to several characters and all though I was familiar with, the concept of these "family" these... "Endless" was wholly unique to me. The series follows one of these Endless quite closely he is known as Dream and at a great part of the time Morpheus, and in the beginning Dream is captured, and is taught that perhaps even though one is constant ever going that perhaps sometimes change is inevitable even if you do not realize you yourself are changing. Dream is one of the Seven Endless, the others his "brothers and sisters" are Destiny, Death, Desire, Despair, Delirium who was once Delight, and there is a final brother one who I won't name, because that would spoil that story, but I'll give you readers a hint, his name starts with a "D." The endless are basically anthropomorphic personifications of their given titles and duties. Dream, having been captured for quite a number of years is freed finally in "present day" and goes about seeking vegence upon his captors and seeks to rebuild his kingdom, the Dreaming. The series brings in classical heros and villians and old tales and mythologies from the Christian, Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Irish, etc... though the main story arch takes primarily in the Dreaming and our "Waking world." The tales themselves span of billions of years and jump from past to present almost seamlessly and paints Dream as quite the Tragic Hero. We the readers are taken at times to other realms and witness other characters tales, but read and watch carefully readers because Gaiman it seems knew just where his series was going to go from the very beginning. This started off as a DC publication, but eventually ended at Vertigo and consequently a few DC characters appear throughout the series, but not nearly as much as in the beginning of the series and the very end of the series. The series will definetely not be for those who cannot appreciate a good death joke or those who are easily squeemish. There are many classic lessons that almost beg for us to say at the end of their telling, "And, the moral of the story children?" But, sometimes bad things just happen and even if we the readers don't believe in the old, new, Gods, Fei, etc... or even the Endless, Gaiman through his writing teaches us that just because you don't believe it, doesn't mean they don't believe in you. If you like dark tales and are not afraid to pick up a series that will hold you captive and cause you to weep and churn your stomach and mess with your mental health, then Sandman is series for you. I loved this world and all of its inhabitants when I was just exiting my childhood and love it even more now, and it for me readers remains, Endless.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Nature Girl Written by: Carl Hiassen

Allo, fellow book readers. I think I am now like one of those people who shamelessly buy the grocery store or newsstand tabloids, you know they're trash and full of complete nonsense, but you just cannot stop yourself from reading the highly dramatic mess that seems to hang around certain celebrities and at times political figures, what am I getting at? Well, I just could not help myself from picking up another Carl Hiassen book, and guess what? We're in Florida again! I just cannot help myself! Maybe it's because I have a bit of island fever at the moment and wish I were somewhere tropical and when I listen to a Hiassen book it makes me think... maybe I'm better off here in New England. This is Hiassen's 11th novel and is a bit more modern compared to his previous books which makes sense since those book were significantly older and things have changed slightly. But, it seems Florida just continues to attract and create its own special variety of loon. This book had quite the diverse cast of screwballs. The female lead Honey Santana is clearly not right in the head, but she means well and is looking to educate the world about the pollution issues and their own toxic emotional issues; Boyd Shreave, a telemarketer who is just a slime ball, just an utter slime ball, Boyd's mistress and co-worker Eugenie Fonda; quite the looker and previously famous mistress (famous as she had a book published about the affair that had a man kill to be with her.), Sammy Tigertail, a half Seminole, who gives us our first dead body of the novel has quite a bit of baggage, and now that baggage includes having a white man die on him of a heart attack and having to get rid of that body. Honey, she brings this cast together she's our lynch pin. Honey cooks up quite the plan in order to punish Boyd for nasty comments he made during his phone solicitation to her. Her plan ends up involving her 12 year old son Fry, and her ex-husband in a dark comic tale that though I did not find as educational or compelling as previous novels manages to make you shake your head laugh at inappropriate moments and just make you want to know just how will this conclude? This book was narrated by Lee Adams, I've had the pleasure of listening to book done by Adams before and I just love her voice, she's just so wonderful at doing archetype voices and for whatever reason I love her male voices they just make me happy. I loathe her valley girl voice though, it is amusing, but so spot on it makes me grit my teeth whenever I hear it, but considering the character Hiassen created Adam's valley girl voice is oh so perfect for this role. I did laugh quite a few times, this book was just so out there nuts, but the characters were oh so real and that made me just feel icky like when you have too much sugar and you have that film on your teeth and only a good brushing will fix that odd and slightly unpleasant feeling, but you'll go back and have sugar again.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Leftovers Written by: Tom Perrotta

Hi there readers, well new month, I fell a little short last month compared to the past few months, but... c'mon been buuuusy. Though, it felt good to get back into reading towards the end of March and now into April. I saw this book and thought huh, interesting... The cover was what intrigued me, I thought is this a book about bad cooking? Then I read the jacket... and I asked myself hm... what if "Whoose right now, with no explanation a number of us simply vanished?" What would I do? Okay... continuing "Would some of us collapse? Would others of us go on, one foot in front of the other, as we did before the world turned upside down?" Well, I don't know if people vanishing would change the entire world upside down, but okay yeah I get what you're getting at... continued reading and decided, yup I've got to read this. Mostly because I love how many apocolypses I've apparently survived in my lifetime Y2K, Mayan, and who knows how many other Christian prophecies have supposedly been deemed upon us, oh and of course Ragnarok is going on now... so what would happen? I chose to listen to this book, and I have to say I was not disappointed in the voice actor this book was narrated by Dennis Boutsikaris his voice is somehow soothing and not at all shrill or overly dynamic, his reading was just smooth and brought you along the tale his voice changing subtly from character to character, but not too much and so he continues with his very relaxing tone an all American type of voice that lacks an accent but somehow comes off as American and well rounded average guy. Perhaps he's not what I imagined, but his voice definitely suited this book. The big scene for this tale is little town called Mapleton whose citizens have lost many of their neighbors, friends, and loved ones in the unknown event known to the world as the "sudden departure." These citizens are trying to go on and figure out what they should do to exactly make that happen. Nothing though, since the sudden departure has been the same. Kevin Garvey, Mapleton's new mayor is trying to speed up this healing process and to bring a sense of renewed hope and purpose to his traumatized community. Kevin though can't even stop his own family from falling apart; his wife, Laurie has left him and their children to join a silent cult known as the Guilty Remnant; his son, Tom is gone too, he's dropped out of college and follows a sketchy prophet named Holy Wayne. And his daughter, well she's home, but Kevin doesn't really recognize his baby girl anymore. There's a few others we follow in this tale who all are connected to Kevin and his family in some way, and readers... if the rapture had occurred I wonder, would we have all went as Looney as a lot of these people went? It is odd, because the world really didn't change just the millions of people vanishing changed those left behind, but the world did not change, and yet people abandoned their jobs, their families, and decide what's the point? Some people decide they only have seven years until judgment so they should party as hard as possible, and others decide they should be religious and triple their pious lives. But, no one knows what's right, because so many can't figure out what happened, because readers... the great departed it seems could have been anyone. I don't know if I really liked this book, it was entertaining, but the characters did not feel real to me, they felt like reflections as if they were just reactions moving forward rather than real people. The book jumped forward into time it seemed abruptly as if the author thought he had completed one thought and now it was time to just move on. The ending too just kind of ends. So, an interesting book, amusing, and raises some interesting questions, but was just a little flat for me.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Skinny Dip Written by: Carl Hiassen

Why hello there readers, phew, well, my apologies, I've been so crazy busy lately that I just decided to take a break from reading. Right, a lot of people go on vacation to enjoy reading I went on vacation and read comics and just let my mind zen out, and it was amazing! I had the pleasure of going to St. John with a few awesome family members and of course my husband. A lot of people upon our travels at the airport and people I spoke to before I left were talking about going to Florida.....and :shiver: readers after listening to another Carl Hiassen book, well... I don't think I could ever vacation in FL, not that St. John didn't have its own issues, but Florida just seems like that special kind of crazy and sleazy. And, from what I've seen on the news the past few years, just not for me, but hey that's just me many make FL their home, so who am I to judge? So, in this latest book I had the pleasure of listening to by Hiassen of course left me wishing to take a shower after and save a patch of wildlife. We are introduced to marine "biologist" Chaz Perrone whom can't even tell the difference between salt water and fresh water... and when he throws his beautiful wife, Joey, off a cruise liner, he really should have known better. An expert swimmer, Joey makes her way to a floating bale of Jamaican pot, and then to an island inhabited by an ex-cop names Mick Stranahan. (recognize the name readers?) Now, Joey wants to get revenge on Chaz and Mick's happyt help her. But, in sswampy South Florida, to seperate truthes from lies versus brilliance and utter stupidity isn't exactly either. There's an odd ensamble of people here readers and not all of them are exactly sleazy, but they're not exactly model citizens either... and then there's Chaz who's bad at murder, great at fraud, obsessed with himself in bed, and just terrible at getting caught. Readers, I absolutely loathed the Chaz character and after I adapted to Stephen Hoye's voice acting I realized his voice was best to give Chaz that extra bit of slime to it, and yet he made Joey sound relatable, strong, and quite intelligent. The world Hiassen creates is so tangible and even though I always want to shower and avoid Florida after reading his books I really enjoy how his stories come together and wrap up, that being said, so much is true in this book about the environmental disasters happening in FL I cannot help but feel a bit sad this time too, a good read indeed readers, especially if you've come back from Tropical paradise and need something to make you appreciate your wet, cold, and dreary New England home.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Skin Tight Written by: Carl Hiaasen

Right, Carl Hiaasen, this is the second book I've listened to written by him, and yet again I feel like I need to shower and go clean something. His book just left me feeling all grubby again. This latest book I read by him also left me for some odd reason thinking about Hamlet, but this story was not really anything like Hamlet. Except perhaps for the rather large body count... The book opens with the murder of a pistol-packing intruder, and not with a baseball bat, crowbar, or even gun, but with the aid of a stuffed Marlin head, right here you know this is going to be insane... Mick Stranahan realizes a bit later on that he can't deny that someone is out to get him. The now deceased by home decor intruder carries no I.D., and Mick being a former Florida state investigator knows there are plenty of people out there who would potentially love to bring his life to an abrupt end. The list of potential suspects include an off point hit man, a personal injury lawyer, a notoriously irritating TV journalist, perhaps one of his five ex-wives, and a fumbling plastic surgeon... just to name a few. Hiaasen  has a wonderful way with writing about Florida, it just makes me never want to visit this state... but I am quite fascinated with how such a tropical paradise could be so... slimy. Aided by the vocal talents of George Wilson once more, Hiaasen's characters take on an even more sleazy dialect and you can feel the oil just oozing from these characters because of Wilson's pitch and intonations. Though, I still don't like how Wilson gives his females such high nasal voices or low congested voices, but somehow it works. There's a whole lot of wheeling and dealing going on here readers; money, sex, favors, and promises will exchange hands multiple times and people will be stabbed in the back more than a few times, a rather tricky game indeed. Hiaasen serves us up some crazy action with a lot of comedic help as well as some cringe worthy moments. Seriously there's one scene I am so glad I was sitting and not running, because I almost past out it was so graphic... So, if Stranahan wants to keep living into his golden years he has no choice but to come out of retirement and attempt to close one last case that will take him back through the past as well as to multiple states and dealing with some rather colorful and oh so shady characters. This book was awesome readers, and everyone it seems is destined to have their just deserts one way or another Hiaasen will strike at everyone with his pen and not in an elegant stroke but with a slash that would make Jack The Ripper proud.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wild Card Down & Dirty Book One Written by: Moira Rogers

Why hello there readers, yawn, pardon the lack of blog posts, this year I certainly started off strong, but things they are a changing and I decided to take some free online classes, but yeesh, I can read a good book for hours, but ask me to read scientific journals and watch video lectures, and my brain goes.. nap time? So, thought my brain might like a little pick me up, and so I read this little gem. This book is about a world that has turned its back on science after the human population went crazy with it and caused a major population decline so great that now werewolves can live among humans relatively safe. So, big machines and technology has been reset to the early 1900's and Jack Owens just happens to be Alpha of the Lonely River Pack, and as Alpha that makes him in charge of and protector to all the areas werewolves even if said wolves want nothing to do with him or the pack even if that wolf were named Ginny Howard. Ginny has been a bit of a thorn to Jack since she took over her families business a few years ago, but lately it has gotten even worse because you see readers, both Jack the man and Jack the wolf desire and admire Ginny. But, Jack is an excellent hunter, and he knows how to bide his time and knows not to push himself upon Ginny. Ginny, however, is quite aware of Jack and she is fighting fiercely to keep her independence and freedom from Jack. Ginny is one tough cookie and fights both men and werewolf men off alike as they do not take kindly to having a female out business them or out power them, but Ginny believes that is their problem and to hell with them. A romantic and quite erotic tale set in a very interesting landscape readers, it is a short tale, but there are some steamy moments and quite an interesting base this author has created in which she can build up their series if they so desire. I was delightfully distracted from reality and want to know more about this new world Rogers has introduced me to.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Consenting Adults Five Short Stories Written by: J. Lea Lopez

Consent, it is a powerful thing in the world my fellow readers, especially when two (or more) people consent to give themselves to one another in a sexual way. Consent, a powerful force indeed. In this book there are five tales that deal specifically with consent. The first story "Consenting adults" deals with the exploration of eroticism between two lovers and a whole lot of "YES!" between lovers. Who hasn't had an office crush or wanted to get a little freaky withtheir attractive co-workers? Quite the steamy introduction. Not a bad opening to this collection, the second story "The Haricot Verts" gives us  peek in on a tense moment between a couple where one half of this couple is having trouble with communicating what exactly is on her mind. What can I say about this second story? I honestly do not know, perhaps one of you can explain to me just what the heck was going on? I am puzzled. The third story...Two words readers....Shower Scene. The third tale "The reluctant Exhibitionist" takes us in the world of a young couple who are learning to open up and share their fantasies without embarrassment. Very kinky and romantic, and seriously who has not had an embarrasing moment or two or three... when they wanted to share an intimate secret or create one with their partner?  The fourth tale "The Adventures of Sasquatch" is kind of a frustrating tale involving a pretty awesome single mom, and her big feet, and how she is determined to reclaim her inner curb stomping awesome princess self. I liked this tale, it was cute and a tad funny and who does not have something about themselves that they think at times holds them back? The last and final tale is something many people face it is titled "Between the Lines" this tale shows us what happens when long-hidden desires, but are they really hidden? No, that is for sure, these two people know what they want, and they are willing to show and share with one another just what they desire. Phew, hormones are running wild all over this book, and without being overly crude this is a collection of fun, romantic, erotic, and okay a little bit of raunchy tales. Not a bad read if you want to curl up for a minute or two to just take a breather and peak into other people's lives.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Shadow Fires Written by: Dean Koontz

Why hello there readers, and here we are another new month and the possibilities endless. But, so long as you are still among the living correct? Granted, I have read a book where cadavers actually have quite a fascinating life after death, but those are our shells only correct? But, what if death was not the end? Readers, science is breaking new ground everyday and exploring possibilities that in the past were absolute works of fiction and devices and medical advancements we have today would seem wholly alien and impossible  to our ancestors... so, I picked up this book from a certain Father in Law's library (I mean c'mon Dean Koontz how could I resist?) So, we have our heroine Rachel Leben and her soon to be Ex husband Eric... but soon after a heated argument Eric ends up dead...and no readers Rachel did not kill Eric, if anything Rachel is perfect in her behavior and has quite the classy character. So, after seven years of marriage one of which included Rachel leaving her husband she is free, or is she? Rachel appears paranoid and not upset by Eric's death, and then his body vanishes from the morgue, and other bodies are discovered, murdered in quite a horrific manner. Just what is going on? That is what Ben Shadway, Rachel's beau wishes to know, but Rachel has a secret too terrible to share with anyone, and too terrible for anyone to believe. The couple soon find themselves being followed in a rather hostel manner by forces who wish to silence and kill them. Ben is a very classic kind of guy readers, at first I thought he was absolutely naive and delusional mostly because I cannot understand people who idealize eras in the world and act like they were perfect... but I get off track, Ben is quite the nut to crack and he is full of pleasant surprises. Can Rachel trust him though, and can she finally admit just how much she loves him? These are of course not the only cast of characters if you have read a Dean Koontz novel before readers, you will know this guy likes to have multiple plots that will converge with the main one perhaps even multiple times. This was an audio book and I had the pleasure of listening to Sandra Burr with her talented voice, I have listened to multiple books narrated by her and I absolutely love her male voices and the special effects she brings to the plot. She blends her voice perfectly with Koontz plot, building up the climactic moments at all the right times sheer brilliance. The plot is never slow, but keeps you guessing and making assumptions about just what the hell is going on? The way Koontz also scares and tortures his characters is oh so terrifying as he does not pull his punches on anyone be they small or large players in this game. Koontz also in what I have come to see as his classic fashion brings up some very disturbing topics and how those flaws and perpetrators of these disturbing behaviors can flourish. Even as these people terrorize those around them they are given passes it seems and Koontz reveals how they can be in positions of power with even more control over their victims. Quite fascinating indeed. When you come to the end readers ask yourself.... would you have done what he did? There is a lot here readers and it is indeed a horror novel,  do keep listening after the book is over as Koontz just might make an appearance that will have you laughing rather than cowering with a blanket after having experienced his creation.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kicking It All New Tales of Murder, Magic, and Manolos Stories Written by: Rachel Caine, Chloe Neill, RobThurman and more...

Why hello there fellow book readers, my what a crazy time life can be eh? I must say I love shoes, love the fact that depending upon ones footwear ones entire persona can be changed and even enhanced, am I the only one here who feels this way? Now, pair an awesome kick ass pair of boots add them with an equally kick-ass soundtrack and book... And oh my, are we not ready to curl up kick some serious booty? The best part readers? You will not have to scruff up your perfect boots because you can just read the awesome adventure... so why are all my shoes scuffed and leather boots always in need of repair? Ha, okay so I was gifted with this latest book I read, and to receive this gift from this person was such a surprise and then to have so much fun reading said book was even more of a treat! So, I was not just rambling on about boots for nothing I assure you. It seems the general theme in all of these short stories was well... boots! Kick ass boots, witches, detectives, gods, magic, vampires, gargoyles, angels, pecs, curses....what more could a girl ask for? Nine amazing stories with nine amazingly kick ass heroines each tale similar and yet wholly different in such special ways. Seriously readers, if you are looking to just pick up a book of short stories and do not mind not understanding the universe that each tale is based in or the characters then this is so your book. I am tempted to pick up a couple, few, all of these series to give them a better chance. Each author had their own voice and distinct tale to tell. I will just list each tale and their author and not give anything away since each tale is short enough that me saying anything might give away the tale!
Rachel Caine: Forked tongues
Shannon K. Butcher: Stolen Goods
Chris Marie Green: The Girl with No Name
Faith Hunter: The Devil's Left Boot
Chloe Neill: High Stakes:
Lucienne Diver: The Parlor
Christina Henry: Red Isn't really my color
Rob Thurman: Snakeskin
Kalayna Price: Ruby Red

So, if you want to read 349 pages of awesome kick butt heroines then readers this is so the book for you. Granted, I have a feeling there are a few spoilers here, but I think that should be fine.