Thursday, May 15, 2014

Darkness, Take My Hand Written by: Dennis Lehane

Well readers, I needed to come back to reality a little, with the fantasy books I've been reading lately I found myself beginning to speak, think, and plot a bit like a certain other series I had been reading, and well... this was a fabulous book, and it was like a bucket of acid into my face that woke me up and made me realize once again... Reality isn't all that great. I've read a few Dennis Lehane books now readers and I must confess I am never disappointed in Lehanes stories be they in the past or present. This particular story is about two characters I am somewhat familiar with now. Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro, these two have a new client a Boston psychiatrist who is running scared from an vengeful Irish mob. Kenzie and Gennaro were born and bred on the streets of blue collar Dorchester, the streets are mean and they've seen much and had darkness touch them personally before. These two are tough, and have a friendship that many of us would envy. But, it appears they are about to face an evil they are unprepared for and it is an evil that will dredge up secrets long forgotten (intentionally buried) and these secrets will set off a chain of events that are violent, bloody, murderous, and will cause these two to wonder if they are actually themselves in possession of clean souls anymore. Fellow readers, this book was very engaging and kept me enthralled with the story and its characters Lehane really knows Boston, her suburbs, a lot of the culture both classy and seedy. This plot is gruesome really gruesome and introduces us to many insane characters who it seems are just bred in this world. Lehane is a writer that gives us the readers pretty good clues and knows how to spin them to keep us guessing even when we think we've figured out just what is going on. Kenzie and Gennaro are very real characters who are given life's they didn't quite choose and though they might want to go the world around them even if given a choice won't let them go. Someday I will have to read these books in order, but this is the first series I am reading out of order and okay with that, because each book is so good just on its own.  At the end a question is asked and readers it is one I have asked myself and you many times, and the answer I think is sadly yes, but at least for some of us (I wish it were most if not all) we have someone or some people to help with that yes.

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