Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Midnight Written by: Dean Koontz

Change is good right readers? I'm changing my life and in doing so I've changed the course of not only my own but slightly other's lives as well. No, I do not have a GOD/GODDESS complex just even when we make a small decision it impacts those we might not have thought of, but... not all change is good. Also, what if you decide to make a change and that change though well intentioned is quite evil, or what if you have horrible intentions, but the change is even worse even though it could have been good.... We readers, could go on with this discussion forever! So, let's discuss bad change a change that goes by a different name "metamorphosis" and I am not saying metamorphosis is a bad thing, but for me this word always has a negative association first before I let a positive thought in. I blame one too many Greek stories and a certain story teller named Kafka, but I'm going off base here. I just had the horrible pleasure of finishing listening to a man whom I know loves to scare us, creep us out, and leave us wanting more even though we'll be horrified and uncomfortable. I am speaking of Dean Koontz readers. In this recent book I had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Koontz takes us to a place called Moonlight Cove. A nice town with a gorgeous view and beach one would enjoy running on be it day or night. That is... DUN DUN DUN! Until NOW! The citizens of Moonlight Cove are changing...(Ah see what I did there readers) Some citizens are metamorphosing in certain ways; some lose touch with their deepest emotions, others are surrendering to their wildest urges, and others yet are becoming just downright freaky. Then there are those citizens who remain "unchanged," and they readers are absolutely terrified even those who do not fully understand what is happening have it seems a sixth sense that something is not right in the town of Moonlight Cove. People are vanishing and some are turning up brutally murdered in the dead of night, but the bodies are quickly cremated and none are the wiser. But, you can only have so many "accidental deaths." And, you can only have so many bodies vanish before someone takes notice. This is not a curl up and enjoy yourselves readers it is a gut churning clutch a flashlight to yourself book as you look over your shoulder periodically. (Pause for dramatic effect) Koontz it seems had a pattern to some of his earlier book and though this one is written somewhat later Koontz it seems has decided to draw upon a bit of his earlier creations and look to both past and future to have written Midnight. The story itself follows four distinct perspectives and it read by J. Charles whom was quite talented readers and captured Koontz's characters voices quite impressively. J. Charles had a talent for sounding like four different readers as the tale was told. This is a story that will have you feeling squeamish and perhaps question which is worse... moving forward or moving backwards? A tale for those of you who can picture the old clay animation and its grotesque yet realistic affect it had on you.

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