Thursday, May 22, 2014

Poison Pen A Forensic Handwriting Mystery Written by: Sheila Lowe

Hello there fellow book buddies. Wow, so...I downloaded this book at the suggestion of Book Bub and I was not disappointed. The book title alone was intriguing Poison Pen, okay that's catchy, but the rest of the title a Forensic Handwriting mystery... wait a minute here.. really? I've heard of the study of Handwriting and it is quite fascinating especially since people change a lot and I know over the years some people's handwriting changes. Mine, changes daily I'm sure it might give regular people some trouble, but would  forensic hand writer expert know it was me every time? Interesting... so this books plot starts off as most Mysteries do, with MURDER! Yes MURDER! (Sorry, been watching Clue the Movie again way too much.) So, before her untimely death Lindsey Alexander had few friends, but plenty of lovers. Lindsey was also a pretty lousy friend, I wouldn't want her as a friend personally readers... to her ex-friend forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose she was a ruthless, back stabbing, manipulator to the extreme. Still, Claudia is shocked to learn Lindsey left a suicide note, one that is quite cryptic: "It was fun while it lasted!" Now, it would be easier on everyone if Lindsey's death could be written off as a suicide, but it seems Lindsey's partner in her business thinks otherwise. And, it seems Claudia's own instincts are pushing her to investigate even further than it might be warranted. Soon Claudia finds herself in the middle of a bigger dark mystery than she thought were possible. Now Claudia is trying to identify a killer, and shortly after finds she has a price on her head. People are breaking in, people are dying, sleazy documents are surfacing, more seedy characters are also popping up, but it seems Claudia's personal life might just get an uptick. Claudia is a person who loves what she does for a living and she lives for her work, but it does get lonely, and maybe just maybe a certain police detective can give her some comfort during this trying time and some professional help. But, will this detective be enough help to keep Claudia alive long enough to solve this big cluster of death, murder, and money? A very fast paced read this book just flows and builds, it is very interesting and good book to curl up with and enjoy with a good stiff drink or a relaxing cup of tea near an open window with the morning or night breeze to keep you company. So, readers, I hope to be able to keep reading a lot of books, but I am making some changes in life, after having read so many books and been apart of so many characters lives and living their hopes and dreams, well I decided let's take a risk in the real world. So, after 8 years of being an administrative assistant/accountant I have had it, it's not me. I'm going back to school and hopefully soon I shall have a new skill set and career and full fill one of my life's dreams. Wish me luck? This book's character made her work dream come true, so hopefully I can make mine too.

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