Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sacred Volume 3 Story & Art by: Lizbeth R. Jimenez

Happy Woman's Wednesday Readers!? What is women's Wednesday you might ask? Well, Lizbeth R. Jimenez introduced us to it in her latest volume of Sacred. So, what is it? It is a surprise! But, do tell your friends about this laughable fun thing to do on Wednesday after you read this latest volume! I have been dying to read this latest volume since I finished Volume 2. oh so long ago... in this latest volume we are given a great many answers to a great many questions Where is Grandome? What is Mejic? And, how does one become a member of the world of Grandome? Sheko, Cecero, Skylar, Lady Alumrion, Hea Mordwoe, and the rest of the gang are all here in this most recent book. I am very happy to tell you all that I got the chance to personally buy this new book of Sacred from Lizbeth R. Jimenez herself, she's a very well spoken, cute, and fun artist/story teller who is also quite humble. (forgive me I'm being a fan girl, but I can't help it she's so nice!) The story itself reflects a lot about this author/artist and gives us a very fun, and yet serious story into a world that is quite "Mejic." In this recent volume we are also introduced to a new character named Vandela who has not yet fully awakened, but clearly has faced some horrors in her life. The poor girl needs to adjust but how can someone who is so normal and clearly traumatized just fall into this grand world? The boys of course try to help her along her way and they are a fun crew whose light and raunchy humor kept me laughing out loud like a school girl multiple times.  There are some very endearing scenes in this book as well as very cool art work. Though, the story itself proves to have a sad and dangerous undertone that is leading us the readers down a path that will probably lead to a whole lot of sorrow... Really, a perfect combination of humor and seriousness just cooked to perfection. Poor Lady Alumrion is seeing history being made when students begin to dissapear and clearly this isn't something that has or should happen so what will happen? Will Grandome survive will Sheko and Cecero and everyone they know be okay? I don't know! All I know is I loved this latest volume of Sacred and am going to read it again and perhaps there will be a clue as to what volume 4 will hold? A fantastically magical read my fellow readers, way to go Jimenez!

Alice in Wonderland A Novel Written by: Elle Lothlorien

Hello my dear fellow readers, we've all had that moment in our lives where we've gone through a world that is slightly off and continues to be so different from what we're used to that even when we return to our normal world things appear skewed. I had that occur recently to me and it happens at least twice a year to me, but that world of fun is always there waiting for me and this book written by Elle Lothlorien was perfect for my recent journey. This is not the Alice in Wonderland we've come to grow up with and become so familiar with. The author brings a new spin on Lewis Carrolls classic characters and tale with her own modern take. We have a very unique girl Alice Faye Dahl who in the beginning of this tale faces her worst fear and it conquers her right off the bat and a certain Hunky blue eyed blonde called Rabbit who manages to save this damsel in distress from a very unfortunate and yet comedic event in the ocean. This tale is based upon the concept of Faye being in a world she's only slightly familiar with after entering it four months ago. And as she falls further and further into the world of Australia yes, Australia she's an American Girl taking part in a high stakes poker tournament down under and keeps meeting characters by the name of Rabbit, Mouse, Honey, Dodo, Bill the Lizard, Queenie, etc... and to top it off her own family is rather unique as her sibling are Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich, and Marilyn Monroe... the last two being a special kind of sibling that brings a bit of magic to the mix. I do enjoy Faye "Alice's" take on everything that is happening to her and it just might be my new favorite quote "Life isn't about how to survive the storm, it's about how to dance in the rain" I really felt like everyone that was in the world of Alice Faye were in someway trying to live by this motto. This book also makes me somewhat want to actually visit Australia someday (Since I learned so many of the plants, animals, insects etc are poisonous I've been hesitant to ever venture there) I must ask any of my readers from Australia are the signs really so wordy and complex there? There's a lot of twists and verbal banter that just caused me a lot of laugh out loud moments and caused me to shake my head at how this tale played out and all the allusions to the original Alice in Wonderland tale and its many cast of characters. There are also stories within stories in this tale that help along the plot and really add a certain amount of charm and depth to this hilarious and sad tale. The Rabbit character is a tad scary if I do say so myself every time I tried to get a handle on him and his motives in leading and helping Alice Faye I just couldn't get why...what was his motive and was he really so charming and perfect? And, where exactly does he fit into the world Alice has entered? Alice this charming Math teacher will have to learn sometimes when you lose you win and sometimes when you win you lose and then other times you just win or lose. I can't give away much readers as I want you to draw the comparisons for yourself and discover all the little charms Lothlorien gifts us with. A very fun read and it will even help you better understand Poker too, granted I am terrible at both Math and Poker so maybe I'll just be amused and leave poker to the big wigs. And now, back to the real world readers.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Cades Cove he Curse of Allie Mae Book One: Written by: Aiden James

Hello my fellow readers, well, this book written by Aiden James is the second book I've had the pleasure of reading, and I must say this author really has a knack for creating events that just cause you to go WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? His previous book I read was quite supernatural from the very beginning, but in Cades Cove this story began slowly and kept building up until no one was safe. In this tale we have the Hobbs family specifically in the beginning Miriam and David Hobbs. These two married folk are looking to put the spice back into their marriage of 15 years. And, aint nothing says getting the spice back like going into an old abandoned lovers grove in the middle of no-where Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. The two get that spice back and all actually seems well this is a beautiful October day the two are obviously in love and have a solid marriage, but then things get odd... like a certain object appears where it wasn't before and gives both of them the touch of heebie jeebies and yet...they don't leave said object alone! Instead, David takes the object in question back to their lodgings and things become even weirder such as glasses moving themselves and breaking in the middle of the night. Of course this is just their imagination from a long hike, wine, and lots of love making...r-i-g-h-t. So, instead of leaving the heebie jeebie object they take it back home to their suburban home and family. This just keeps getting better and better as David begins to have weird dreams and their dog Sadie can't even watch her television during the day because she's being scared out of her poor doggy lil mind (Yes, their dog watches television while the family is not at home) I thought that was kind of cute as it felt like a little twist on the Little Girl from Poltergeist, but the story continues to build up momentum meanwhile I'm just shocked that no one seems to know about anything supernatural in this book, I mean in this day and age with all of these great B and A movies from the 1960's to 2012 and 2013 you think that at least one person in this family would have seen some kind of supernatural show, movie, a play even! But, nope, this family is 100% clueless which right of the bat made me think okay maybe they shouldn't make it I mean c'mon who doesn't watch the classic horror movies? At least for survival tips people! Hell, even a Twilight Zone episode would've helped this poor family out. I could not put this tale down it was such an interesting story and plot that I was wondering where the author was taking us and how exactly was this working out as it seems like there's much more to this Smoky Mountain Cove than just one terrible incident... Also, unlike other supernatural tales that I've read/seen this particular one was breaking all kinds of rules and going after everyone and anything that got in its way even traveling was no hard task it seemed for this entity. A very classic tale for around the fire at camp or before drifting off to sleep at a friend’s slumber party I liked this book and it could stand alone or if you want see what else this series has to offer.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Austenland Written by: Shannon Hale

Good evening Readers, so, are we all enchanted with mother nature gifting us with spring once more? Austenland was quite the read...I had to ask myself several times during this book if such a place like the world Shannon Hale created could actually exist in present day. Of course the world of Jane Austen existed and thanks to her books we can all wish for our Mr. Darcy and hope to be courted and wooed by the charming proper men of old. I suppose that wish is an understandable one, but one should look at the lovely ancient aunt in this book and think hard on her advice and go for what is real, to hold onto what is actually there and not live in a world of fantasy. I personally would never want to live in that era of history, but to each their own. Sure, love can be and is quite magical, but in the end it should also be real no? So in Austenland we have Jane, a young New York Woman who doesn't appear to have the best track record when it comes to men and if that wasn't bad enough she has this obsession with Jane Austen's character Mr. Darcy specifically the BBC's version staring Colin Firth. Jane's Aunt Carolyn an ancient woman with quite a lot of money sees Jane's obsession and gifts Jane with a very unique gift. The gift she gives is one that will finally give Jane everything she's been dreaming of her entire life and then some. I found this book quite fun to read the Jane character was so confused the entire time and seems to be a woman that is out to sabotage herself whenever she can...quite the mixed up mind this one. But, even if she is deliberately or accidentally ruining her chances at love one thing is very clear, we the readers are in for a treat. I won't give away much but this book definitely proves to we the witnesses of Jane's story that sometimes playing out ones fantasy can be fun, scary, and at times just ass numbingly dull. The story itself reads very fast and had me second guessing every character and their motives and what was real the whole time. The dialogue was witty and the characters themselves pleasant. I was rooting for Jane the entire time. So if you are a fan of Jane Austen and have ever entertained the idea of living in an Austen world then this book would be a treat for you indeed.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Plague of Coins Written by: Aiden James

Happy 16th of May to you, readers, why Happy? Well, no particular reason just thought I'd say Hello and Happy, so let's get this review started. I downloaded five books by Aiden James and I must say I am so glad I finally decided to read one of them. Plague of Coins is just so insanely awesome! Now, the dialogue is quite entertaining though at times it feels a tad mom and pops or son and pops swell lingo, but you can forgive the author as it adds to the charm of the tale. I felt as if I were reading about a modern Puck character plucked from one of Shakespeare's classic tales, but nope. I was reading about someone who is so much different than the Fei Puck. This character does indeed deserve an introduction as he is someone that many know of and many have been taught to loathe, pity, and seek forgiveness for, and yet you won't catch many people naming their sons after him. He is a man who sold out a friend, a confident, a teacher... I'm speaking of course of Judas Iscariot... don't believe me? Well then read for yourself. Judas, or rather William J. Barrow as he now goes by, is a character I absolutely fell in love with during this story, I know right! Were I a religious person I might think I just punched my ticket to hell, but I'm not. Even so this man did sell out one of the so called greatest Peace teachers in history for a mere 30 pieces of Silver coin according to ancient and modern texts. The story itself begins quite well as it just puts you into William's mission and it is written with such detail and precision you are really put inside William's head, then again I'm a wise ass so perhaps wise asses who are also pains in the asses think alike? The Story takes us as I said along with William on his mission he is special seeing as he's been around for over two thousand years and doesn't look a day over... well I'll let you discover just how well preserved Judas has fared these long years. So what does a traitor whose accumulated so many years of life do? He plays chess! (No, I'm kidding), he is a Smithsonian archivist of course in Washington D.C.. Of course, this choice of jobs is no accident as being an archivists in the Smithsonian this allows William a vast amount of resources to allow himself the ability to further continue on his mission. Alas, he is an American now, and being an American all things come at a price and William is asked to aid Uncle Sam in a special mission that just so happens is occurring where his mission is taking him, funny how that worked out eh? I'm being coy and a little more mysterious readers than usual, but I just don't want to give the gist of this tale away. The dialogue is fun, the details enjoyable, and the overall tale a bit unique, but at the same time I thought Dr. Jones and friends were going to show up with whip and hat blowing in the wind. It was a good story and knowledge on Christianity and how the world works currently greatly aided me in really becoming engrossed in this tale. I hope you pick it up and read it, because it is a fast and very entertaining read of course forgive yourselves if you end up falling so in love with the Judas character, he's tough to not like.

Monday, May 13, 2013

1984 Written by: George Orwell

Wow, readers, a moment to collect my thoughts... after all "Big Brother is watching" I cannot begin to remember how many times people, media, books, etc.. have alluded to this book or referenced it, and used it in their campaigns for their causes. In all honesty after having finally completed 1984 readers...I have to say I think the people of today are grossly exaggerating most Governments and dictatorships of today are not close to the Dark, grimy, filth, loveless world created by George Orwell in his book 1984. The book itself I found at times quite dull and textbook written, but at the same time this also made the book seem more tangible as if I were reading the history of some dark time in the world. The funny thing is so many people fear this is what our Government at least in the United States (I'm not well versed enough to speak about the rest of the world.) are afraid the Government will (is) becoming, and what I took from this book is that it was fear that helped create the world in which the main character Winston lives in. Anything to make the pain stop right? It is a vicious cycle here in the United States and it is coming up more and more as we advance with technology and become more "informed" People wish to be safe we want to have freedom, but we don't want to suffer or have sacrifice we as the general public will do anything to feel safe and so many demand the Government to protect them, but more protection means more restrictions which means less where does protection become restraint? However, it is the general populace that goes before their local congresses who then demand to take it to their bigger Government who then take action...vicious cycle indeed, and then complain about Big Government, but again every time there's a crisis demands the Government to take care of them.. endless indeed. So many across the country called what Boston and her Suburbs did a few weeks ago a showing of how the Government is taking over and over reaching, but we as a collective group decided for almost 24hrs to leave the streets to hunt down a terrorist (as they were a terrorist as they created terror) but we the people decided that and people who didn't agree were free to be outside, so...was it really so bad? It depends upon where you're looking at it, however that being said 1984 is not from any side it seems remotely good and you won't realize that until you read this entire book. The story itself makes you wonder the entire time...Why and how did this happen? Oceania is the new lead world at least that is what everyone is told and believes they are at war with Eurasia and were never allied with them..there are no loyalties amongst men only loyalty to the Party. The scary thing is as you begin to read I thought to myself right, like this could ever happen, but then as you go along and continue on it makes a sick sense. Winston the main character isn't anyone special he's just a guy right? A 30 something year old guy with no special characteristics nothing overtly special or unique and yet that's the key he could be anyone! The ending of this book was sheer genius and slams home just how good the Party is at what it does. Though, perhaps what was puzzling was the Apendix George Orwell included, what did that mean? Was it a glimmer of hope he wished to leave with us, or am I just being naive? So, for a classic story I must admit again anything people today have told me and referenced our current form of democracy to this book are just a bunch of hog wash as the world of 1984 is so much darker than anything going on today. One comforting thought is the fact that I don't believe Orwell took into his book the possibilities of Internet and the vast data sharing of today versus those of yesterday, but I did enjoy this book a good read if you wish to scare the masses or even the singular.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dead Ever After The Final Sookie Stackhouse Novel Written by: Charlaine Harris

Hello Fellow readers, today I am in a slightly mournful mood and as I type this the sky is beginning to become sunny once more and the trees are in much different than a few minutes ago when it was pouring it is as if Mother Nature knew I was finishing saying goodbye to a very dear friend of a little under a decade. I am of course talking about the latest and Final Sookie Stackhouse book. I must admint it still follows a formula after all in every book since the very first we've come to terms with the fact Sookie will somehow piss people off, usually very bad phycotic people, and they will try to hurt or usually kill her. In this final book it seems that Harris has just thrown down and given every nasty bad bugger out there a "Go get Sookie pass" With how the last book left off we find that Sookie's life is well... still moving but her relationship is just an utter mess. Not to mention what happened between her and Sam in the last book, how can two friends, business partners, and at this point more survive such an ordeal without being changed? It really is too bad that life for Sookie cannot live by the rule of Romance novel principles. The one real stable thing in Sookie's life too is suffering Merlotte's and then in walks one of the worst backstabbers Sookie's ever had in her life... Arlene, and the Snake has the gaul to ask for a job?! Oh hellz no! The story itself just stayed true to its roots, and Sookie is still there all blond hair, ample bosom, shaved legs, and a must do attitude. Arlene is just one character from the past come back to haunt Sookie and the people of Bon Temps. This is a really hectic time for Sookie being accused of murder, possibly losing Eric, and now add in even more people wishing her harm. It's all out there now readers and Sookie is going to learn who is on her side once and for all. She's suffered much readers, and unlike my other heroes and heroines in other books I read Sookie is just a telepathic human who just keeps moving forward as best she can, she has scars, she has a bit of PTSD, but she has a big heart and tries to do right by everyone she meets. I really felt for this poor woman this entire series, because all she wanted was a man who could love her for her and she could love him back. If you're looking for a book that is a complete THE END well this isn't that book, but if you're looking for a story that plops us into the chaos of Sookie Stackhouses life and tries to bring in the older, frequent, and current cast of characters to let each of them give us that last glimpse into their lives to tell us if they just might be okay, that even though we're no longer going to be privy to their lives, they might just get to go on without us, and maybe just maybe Charlaine is telling us it's okay for us to go on too. I'm getting teary eyed just thinking this is it, and readers it is the end. I will miss the vampires, the shifters, the humans, the demons, the fae, the Southern hospitality, oh hell the everything, but that's how a series should be. A good book series should leave you with a feeling of Well, I enjoyed that, I missed that, I can start from the beginning and read again... So readers I know many are unhappy wtih this ending, but somehow with how life is and how Sookie is it was just the right kind of ending bloody, banged up, filled with grit, proper manners, and perhaps just perhaps love. So Thank you Charlaine Harris for gifting me with a series that I really did enjoy.