Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Cades Cove he Curse of Allie Mae Book One: Written by: Aiden James

Hello my fellow readers, well, this book written by Aiden James is the second book I've had the pleasure of reading, and I must say this author really has a knack for creating events that just cause you to go WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? His previous book I read was quite supernatural from the very beginning, but in Cades Cove this story began slowly and kept building up until no one was safe. In this tale we have the Hobbs family specifically in the beginning Miriam and David Hobbs. These two married folk are looking to put the spice back into their marriage of 15 years. And, aint nothing says getting the spice back like going into an old abandoned lovers grove in the middle of no-where Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. The two get that spice back and all actually seems well this is a beautiful October day the two are obviously in love and have a solid marriage, but then things get odd... like a certain object appears where it wasn't before and gives both of them the touch of heebie jeebies and yet...they don't leave said object alone! Instead, David takes the object in question back to their lodgings and things become even weirder such as glasses moving themselves and breaking in the middle of the night. Of course this is just their imagination from a long hike, wine, and lots of love making...r-i-g-h-t. So, instead of leaving the heebie jeebie object they take it back home to their suburban home and family. This just keeps getting better and better as David begins to have weird dreams and their dog Sadie can't even watch her television during the day because she's being scared out of her poor doggy lil mind (Yes, their dog watches television while the family is not at home) I thought that was kind of cute as it felt like a little twist on the Little Girl from Poltergeist, but the story continues to build up momentum meanwhile I'm just shocked that no one seems to know about anything supernatural in this book, I mean in this day and age with all of these great B and A movies from the 1960's to 2012 and 2013 you think that at least one person in this family would have seen some kind of supernatural show, movie, a play even! But, nope, this family is 100% clueless which right of the bat made me think okay maybe they shouldn't make it I mean c'mon who doesn't watch the classic horror movies? At least for survival tips people! Hell, even a Twilight Zone episode would've helped this poor family out. I could not put this tale down it was such an interesting story and plot that I was wondering where the author was taking us and how exactly was this working out as it seems like there's much more to this Smoky Mountain Cove than just one terrible incident... Also, unlike other supernatural tales that I've read/seen this particular one was breaking all kinds of rules and going after everyone and anything that got in its way even traveling was no hard task it seemed for this entity. A very classic tale for around the fire at camp or before drifting off to sleep at a friend’s slumber party I liked this book and it could stand alone or if you want see what else this series has to offer.

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