Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Alice in Wonderland A Novel Written by: Elle Lothlorien

Hello my dear fellow readers, we've all had that moment in our lives where we've gone through a world that is slightly off and continues to be so different from what we're used to that even when we return to our normal world things appear skewed. I had that occur recently to me and it happens at least twice a year to me, but that world of fun is always there waiting for me and this book written by Elle Lothlorien was perfect for my recent journey. This is not the Alice in Wonderland we've come to grow up with and become so familiar with. The author brings a new spin on Lewis Carrolls classic characters and tale with her own modern take. We have a very unique girl Alice Faye Dahl who in the beginning of this tale faces her worst fear and it conquers her right off the bat and a certain Hunky blue eyed blonde called Rabbit who manages to save this damsel in distress from a very unfortunate and yet comedic event in the ocean. This tale is based upon the concept of Faye being in a world she's only slightly familiar with after entering it four months ago. And as she falls further and further into the world of Australia yes, Australia she's an American Girl taking part in a high stakes poker tournament down under and keeps meeting characters by the name of Rabbit, Mouse, Honey, Dodo, Bill the Lizard, Queenie, etc... and to top it off her own family is rather unique as her sibling are Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich, and Marilyn Monroe... the last two being a special kind of sibling that brings a bit of magic to the mix. I do enjoy Faye "Alice's" take on everything that is happening to her and it just might be my new favorite quote "Life isn't about how to survive the storm, it's about how to dance in the rain" I really felt like everyone that was in the world of Alice Faye were in someway trying to live by this motto. This book also makes me somewhat want to actually visit Australia someday (Since I learned so many of the plants, animals, insects etc are poisonous I've been hesitant to ever venture there) I must ask any of my readers from Australia are the signs really so wordy and complex there? There's a lot of twists and verbal banter that just caused me a lot of laugh out loud moments and caused me to shake my head at how this tale played out and all the allusions to the original Alice in Wonderland tale and its many cast of characters. There are also stories within stories in this tale that help along the plot and really add a certain amount of charm and depth to this hilarious and sad tale. The Rabbit character is a tad scary if I do say so myself every time I tried to get a handle on him and his motives in leading and helping Alice Faye I just couldn't get why...what was his motive and was he really so charming and perfect? And, where exactly does he fit into the world Alice has entered? Alice this charming Math teacher will have to learn sometimes when you lose you win and sometimes when you win you lose and then other times you just win or lose. I can't give away much readers as I want you to draw the comparisons for yourself and discover all the little charms Lothlorien gifts us with. A very fun read and it will even help you better understand Poker too, granted I am terrible at both Math and Poker so maybe I'll just be amused and leave poker to the big wigs. And now, back to the real world readers.

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