Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dead Ever After The Final Sookie Stackhouse Novel Written by: Charlaine Harris

Hello Fellow readers, today I am in a slightly mournful mood and as I type this the sky is beginning to become sunny once more and the trees are in much different than a few minutes ago when it was pouring it is as if Mother Nature knew I was finishing saying goodbye to a very dear friend of a little under a decade. I am of course talking about the latest and Final Sookie Stackhouse book. I must admint it still follows a formula after all in every book since the very first we've come to terms with the fact Sookie will somehow piss people off, usually very bad phycotic people, and they will try to hurt or usually kill her. In this final book it seems that Harris has just thrown down and given every nasty bad bugger out there a "Go get Sookie pass" With how the last book left off we find that Sookie's life is well... still moving but her relationship is just an utter mess. Not to mention what happened between her and Sam in the last book, how can two friends, business partners, and at this point more survive such an ordeal without being changed? It really is too bad that life for Sookie cannot live by the rule of Romance novel principles. The one real stable thing in Sookie's life too is suffering Merlotte's and then in walks one of the worst backstabbers Sookie's ever had in her life... Arlene, and the Snake has the gaul to ask for a job?! Oh hellz no! The story itself just stayed true to its roots, and Sookie is still there all blond hair, ample bosom, shaved legs, and a must do attitude. Arlene is just one character from the past come back to haunt Sookie and the people of Bon Temps. This is a really hectic time for Sookie being accused of murder, possibly losing Eric, and now add in even more people wishing her harm. It's all out there now readers and Sookie is going to learn who is on her side once and for all. She's suffered much readers, and unlike my other heroes and heroines in other books I read Sookie is just a telepathic human who just keeps moving forward as best she can, she has scars, she has a bit of PTSD, but she has a big heart and tries to do right by everyone she meets. I really felt for this poor woman this entire series, because all she wanted was a man who could love her for her and she could love him back. If you're looking for a book that is a complete THE END well this isn't that book, but if you're looking for a story that plops us into the chaos of Sookie Stackhouses life and tries to bring in the older, frequent, and current cast of characters to let each of them give us that last glimpse into their lives to tell us if they just might be okay, that even though we're no longer going to be privy to their lives, they might just get to go on without us, and maybe just maybe Charlaine is telling us it's okay for us to go on too. I'm getting teary eyed just thinking this is it, and readers it is the end. I will miss the vampires, the shifters, the humans, the demons, the fae, the Southern hospitality, oh hell the everything, but that's how a series should be. A good book series should leave you with a feeling of Well, I enjoyed that, I missed that, I can start from the beginning and read again... So readers I know many are unhappy wtih this ending, but somehow with how life is and how Sookie is it was just the right kind of ending bloody, banged up, filled with grit, proper manners, and perhaps just perhaps love. So Thank you Charlaine Harris for gifting me with a series that I really did enjoy.

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