Thursday, May 16, 2013

Plague of Coins Written by: Aiden James

Happy 16th of May to you, readers, why Happy? Well, no particular reason just thought I'd say Hello and Happy, so let's get this review started. I downloaded five books by Aiden James and I must say I am so glad I finally decided to read one of them. Plague of Coins is just so insanely awesome! Now, the dialogue is quite entertaining though at times it feels a tad mom and pops or son and pops swell lingo, but you can forgive the author as it adds to the charm of the tale. I felt as if I were reading about a modern Puck character plucked from one of Shakespeare's classic tales, but nope. I was reading about someone who is so much different than the Fei Puck. This character does indeed deserve an introduction as he is someone that many know of and many have been taught to loathe, pity, and seek forgiveness for, and yet you won't catch many people naming their sons after him. He is a man who sold out a friend, a confident, a teacher... I'm speaking of course of Judas Iscariot... don't believe me? Well then read for yourself. Judas, or rather William J. Barrow as he now goes by, is a character I absolutely fell in love with during this story, I know right! Were I a religious person I might think I just punched my ticket to hell, but I'm not. Even so this man did sell out one of the so called greatest Peace teachers in history for a mere 30 pieces of Silver coin according to ancient and modern texts. The story itself begins quite well as it just puts you into William's mission and it is written with such detail and precision you are really put inside William's head, then again I'm a wise ass so perhaps wise asses who are also pains in the asses think alike? The Story takes us as I said along with William on his mission he is special seeing as he's been around for over two thousand years and doesn't look a day over... well I'll let you discover just how well preserved Judas has fared these long years. So what does a traitor whose accumulated so many years of life do? He plays chess! (No, I'm kidding), he is a Smithsonian archivist of course in Washington D.C.. Of course, this choice of jobs is no accident as being an archivists in the Smithsonian this allows William a vast amount of resources to allow himself the ability to further continue on his mission. Alas, he is an American now, and being an American all things come at a price and William is asked to aid Uncle Sam in a special mission that just so happens is occurring where his mission is taking him, funny how that worked out eh? I'm being coy and a little more mysterious readers than usual, but I just don't want to give the gist of this tale away. The dialogue is fun, the details enjoyable, and the overall tale a bit unique, but at the same time I thought Dr. Jones and friends were going to show up with whip and hat blowing in the wind. It was a good story and knowledge on Christianity and how the world works currently greatly aided me in really becoming engrossed in this tale. I hope you pick it up and read it, because it is a fast and very entertaining read of course forgive yourselves if you end up falling so in love with the Judas character, he's tough to not like.

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