Monday, May 13, 2013

1984 Written by: George Orwell

Wow, readers, a moment to collect my thoughts... after all "Big Brother is watching" I cannot begin to remember how many times people, media, books, etc.. have alluded to this book or referenced it, and used it in their campaigns for their causes. In all honesty after having finally completed 1984 readers...I have to say I think the people of today are grossly exaggerating most Governments and dictatorships of today are not close to the Dark, grimy, filth, loveless world created by George Orwell in his book 1984. The book itself I found at times quite dull and textbook written, but at the same time this also made the book seem more tangible as if I were reading the history of some dark time in the world. The funny thing is so many people fear this is what our Government at least in the United States (I'm not well versed enough to speak about the rest of the world.) are afraid the Government will (is) becoming, and what I took from this book is that it was fear that helped create the world in which the main character Winston lives in. Anything to make the pain stop right? It is a vicious cycle here in the United States and it is coming up more and more as we advance with technology and become more "informed" People wish to be safe we want to have freedom, but we don't want to suffer or have sacrifice we as the general public will do anything to feel safe and so many demand the Government to protect them, but more protection means more restrictions which means less where does protection become restraint? However, it is the general populace that goes before their local congresses who then demand to take it to their bigger Government who then take action...vicious cycle indeed, and then complain about Big Government, but again every time there's a crisis demands the Government to take care of them.. endless indeed. So many across the country called what Boston and her Suburbs did a few weeks ago a showing of how the Government is taking over and over reaching, but we as a collective group decided for almost 24hrs to leave the streets to hunt down a terrorist (as they were a terrorist as they created terror) but we the people decided that and people who didn't agree were free to be outside, so...was it really so bad? It depends upon where you're looking at it, however that being said 1984 is not from any side it seems remotely good and you won't realize that until you read this entire book. The story itself makes you wonder the entire time...Why and how did this happen? Oceania is the new lead world at least that is what everyone is told and believes they are at war with Eurasia and were never allied with them..there are no loyalties amongst men only loyalty to the Party. The scary thing is as you begin to read I thought to myself right, like this could ever happen, but then as you go along and continue on it makes a sick sense. Winston the main character isn't anyone special he's just a guy right? A 30 something year old guy with no special characteristics nothing overtly special or unique and yet that's the key he could be anyone! The ending of this book was sheer genius and slams home just how good the Party is at what it does. Though, perhaps what was puzzling was the Apendix George Orwell included, what did that mean? Was it a glimmer of hope he wished to leave with us, or am I just being naive? So, for a classic story I must admit again anything people today have told me and referenced our current form of democracy to this book are just a bunch of hog wash as the world of 1984 is so much darker than anything going on today. One comforting thought is the fact that I don't believe Orwell took into his book the possibilities of Internet and the vast data sharing of today versus those of yesterday, but I did enjoy this book a good read if you wish to scare the masses or even the singular.

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