Friday, July 11, 2014

Circus of the Dead Written by: Seth Blackburn

Well, hello there readers! I know it's been a long time, too long, but these days reading books sadly does not take center stage for me, at least not for pure leisure enjoyment. I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer curled up in book rooms, porches, beaches, or lawn chairs with a great book. I'm reading a lot for school now, so I'm still reading, and I try to sneak in a book be it audio or physical here and there, but school is taken up so much time! So, I decided to finally read this book I downloaded from book bub a few months ago and they recommended it is short a novelette, but long enough to entertain. In this world the author Blackburn introduces us to young Gabriel, who lives in a post zombie apocalyptic world. Twenty years ago the dead destroyed the world we knew of, and the survivors scattered in the wake of the Scourge. The town Gabriel lives in is small and is quite sparse area, for Gabriel the walking dead are merely stories and memories to those that survived the undead.  The young of today are more concerned with their hard life's' now in America's desert where they must try to repopulate their providence and keep up with their hard chores and live good religious lives. Sometimes Gabriel is given a reprieve from his current life by delving into books that were stashed beneath the cellar of the town's library, this is his life, that is... until... the Circus comes to town. Though, Gabriel doesn't really know what the circus is, and the town's Reverend sees this as an omen of poor tidings. Readers, this is no ordinary circus this circus has something to fascinate both young and old and to tempt them to enter those faded tent flap doors, this circus has... the undead. This book was okay, it was short like I said, and could have been a full novel I think, but it reminded me of a campfire ghost story or in this case zombie story it is a tale that could be told in one sitting and as time goes on embellished and added to. It was not exactly horrifying or even that scary, but it was entertaining and I think the author could really build upon this especially the journey in the end.